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June 06 [Thu], 2013, 17:08
> "Little bastard, which ye wash clothes, you can pay to get out? White dog that he found the child bilk ah?" "You Can puppy day long in acting? Eat some losses Zala? Disadvantage is a blessing. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM eat something small thanks to the lessons learned, the next encounter quickly to hide, or you'll suffer a great deal it! "" No matter how tough on him a few years, so we have money, and went That place where few people buy a few pieces of land ...... this American land cheap ah! how we can buy a few acres, this place home, that is the big landlords! By that time, we also employed whites Give us work children, no longer bullied by others it! "...... hut was packed, a little light also does not come through. Originally piled two dirty wooden bed quilt group of people standing around, silent. Side of the bed stood Guo Zhang, is also not at all sound. Everybody looked at the man lying on the bed! Guo Changyi, Guo Zhang incumbent uncle. If not because of some accident, two nephew in the United States had been living together for five years. Five years ago, Guo Zhang's hometown trouble famine, had fairly good day immediately plummeted,oakley outlet store, then, but also because of illness and other reasons, the family left him a. Seeing he should walk on the footsteps of other relatives, distant uncle Guo Changyi in the United States but to the letter, along with an up, as well as one hundred U.S. dollars remittances. One hundred U.S. dollars, equivalent to the Qing state several hundred ounces of silver, had, according to Guo Changyi mean, is to help the family with these one hundred U.S. dollars more than the purchase of a few acres of land loved ones, so that we can live better. May Guo Zhang was only thirteen years old, this young can think what? He only thought of this one hundred U.S. dollars is difficult for many farmers to earn a lifetime large sum of money, more than many small landowners' houses village more than ...... So young excessive Guo Zhang resolutely with this hundred dollars for of a ticket, boarded a legendary ship Citi country. At that time the little guy does not know that this one hundred U.S. dollars, in fact, Guo Changyi nearly a decade in the United States all their savings. After a small island in California was forcibly detained for two weeks, suffered bullying, and was robbed carry all "property", the Guo Zhang fortunately met his uncle ...... is very lucky. With him because many people from the Mainland were eventually returned to their home, and even angered the people because of immigration of people and somehow disappeared! And if not for Guo Changyi was just in San Francisco, and Guo Zhang also asked before leaving the village, Mr. literacy someone wrote a letter and sent it to Guo Changyi lucky hands,air jordan store, two nephew can meet or two to say , and if not see the face, then, had lost all, even the letters of the alphabet will not say Guo Zhang can live in the United States are hard to say. However, all are difficult to cover up another unfortunate luck: Guo Changyi already overturned the idea of ​​returning to the original is no longer decided to return home to see, and with the help of the workers scrape together a ticket for money, because the nephew Guo Zhang The sudden arrival of the trip had to return home because of a ferry ran aground ...... can not let two people get on a steamboat. After that, everything will return to the original "right path"! Has no one at home, and it is now a mess Qing China, the people very sad day, but also often starved to death ...... So, also back doing? Guo Changyi again made up the original idea of ​​living in the United States forget! Originally, Guo Changyi clothes to help people in San Francisco, which is the Chinese in America's most popular works. However, with the advent of the economic crisis, as well as when he was governor of California, as well as those fueled by politicians, the Chinese in San Francisco, California, and the whole exclusion suffered more serious, desperation, some of the laborers decided marching to the east, in the hope where to find a good bit of life and work opportunities. In this case, Zhang Guo Guo Zhangyi and left San Francisco to Denver! Of course, these are the deeds of the former Guo Zhang. Incumbent Guo Zhang, which is boastful opened CNC machine tools, made over the nuclear power plant is more than a year ago suddenly "come" in! On that occasion, the former Guo Zhang send clothes to the customer at the time, unfortunately, encountered a group of whites, clutching braids being played out in the process, because of the courage to resist and was beaten unconscious ...... after incumbent Guo Zhang came ! Also known as soul-style cross. Guo Zhang opened his eyes the first time in this world, you can see that Guo Changyi intertwined with tension and concern goes face ...... after more than a year, they had each other, Guo Zhang also deeply felt from Guo Changyi care. In the U.S., food laborers who are generally enough to be a hard stone black bread, this is the higher price may come,Air Jordan UK, because whites simply do not want to sell food to the laborers, to sell them, only this worst kind of thing. In order to make a speedy recovery Guo Zhang, Guo Changyi those days often spare any efforts to meet family on one side, one side, it is going to kowtow to those whites on the market, all kinds of humiliation teasing, the meat is to be able to get a little fishy, Good to Guo Zhang Bubu body ...... "what's a good cry, Tate's husband children, bleeding without tears. ...... again, not that knock heads, was hit twice you? did your uncle in the Sierra Nevada mountain railway repair time On several occasions, almost face to face with the king of hell are children, is not still survive? Compared to this, knock heads and two children Suansha? "Guo Zhang thought of the original situation ...... This sentence is there to listen from his co-workers said Guo Changyi kneel for themselves to whites, just for the sake of a little something Roumo nearly two decades without a back tears flowing beneath it could not rushing, Guo Changyi persuade him said. "Besides, we left with the old Guo Shu Zhiliang children matter, I do not take care of you, who take care of you?" "But you can not learn your uncle me your uncle my bones strong, was hit twice does not matter You can not, can be obtained after yourself, no longer a hot head just like those white people doing battle ...... This is the site of children, we no match ah! "...... words still ringing in our ears! People have suddenly gone! Knelt on the bed, Guo Zhang slowly raised his head, Guo Changyi Heishou goes covered with bloodstained face in front, is so real and distant ...... not that being punched you? Not Suansha! It is not Suansha? "How is it children? I want to know that in the end is how children -" Guo Zhang teeth, try not to let the tears flow out, but no matter how hard they try, or the irrepressible tears welling up ...... along, He felt himself with Guo Changyi how deep feelings should not be considered, even, he thought one day wake up and have it all disappear, he is still sleeping in the verge of collapse or auto repair shop, for his second career brains about to fail. But now, suddenly Guo Changyi really did not, he only felt waves of heartbreaking pain! He had thought, if this is not a dream, then one day the money, and never let go whimsical Guo Changyi what to buy, the local host, but to dig gold in Alaska, to the time, to make this good for him uncle was shocked, then a better life ...... the western United States ranked China, there is the eastern part of the state can not so serious, have money, they can go there to live a prosperous life, but also entrepreneurship, one day, and then look good to aid Sun Yat-sen, can certainly get hold League veteran's seat, and then and then ...... presumably Guo Changyi undreamed of, one day, he was the authentic Qing Ni Tuizi born laborers actually will become the Republic of the upper crust. But not necessarily just upstream of the Republic who, maybe you can become America's upper crust too! After all, this is just a pecuniary interest in the supremacy of the state, as long as the money, sows can run for president, let alone humans? However, today, it's all become a bubble! Guo Changyi suddenly gone! How he would be gone? ...... "You'd say, ah -" angry roar almost knocked the whole house, Guo Zhang blushed, stud protruding neck veins, as if a earthworms ...... see him like this, around Everyone felt a sudden inexplicable bouts of chilling! "Gold, you listen to me ......" Hou Nan came up two steps, you want to persuade the two, however, to see that Guo Zhang red eyes, but he could not say how, "said? Say what? My uncle died friends - "Guo Zhang suddenly buried sobbing again. <
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