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August 08 [Thu], 2013, 16:01
; the message from Lee Sooman, Li Jingyuan to call the MBC, confirm the true then again came to MBC television, he did not go to the management department of North Face Outlet the variety show, but went directly to the management of TV drama production department. Welcome welcome, Li Jingyuan xi. He was greeted by a year 4O middle-aged person, this person is responsible for the television script audit supervisor, an important member of Jindong Law Department of MBC tv. Hello, golden director. Li Jingyuan attitude in front of others is very polite, bowing to greet. Come here, come here, we are waiting for you. Although Jin Donglv is a character in the drama department, but his relationship with Liu Zaishi is good, then get a lot of information about Li Jingyuan from Liu Zaishi and variety department minister Li there, is a preliminary understanding of the Li Jingyuan capacity, will not take him as an ordinary junior, but just as general the writers carefully. In South Korea the TV circle, writer's identity is very high, because the competition is very fierce TV series Ji, so a good script appears more important, as a result, a good writer status has been greatly improved, it is no exaggeration to say, a TV series, in addition to the director, is the highest position of the writer, this is the major suit star again how also cannot ratio. To introduce, this is the "Palace" writer Mr. Li Jingyuan. Then took Li Jingyuan to the meeting room to sit, Jindong law to the people in the room to introduce: you may think he is familiar, not wrong, there are fixed in him in our television new a variety show "infinite challenge", is our own people. Although Jindong law was introduced by Mr. Li Jingyuan in the south is very respectful appellations, but Li Ching North Face Scythe Clearance Sale Yuang oneself can't be arrogant defiant. He stood up in front of people around the modest and not humble greeting: Hello, my name is Li Jingyuan, you are my predecessors, please don't treat me as what Mr., or call me king now, don't read it, call me boy no relationship if the use of honorifics, words, I really don't fit. Li Jingyuan humble and not to lose the humorous self introduction to all the conference room has a good first impression on him, but also for the next jio talk to lay a good foundation. Jing Yuan ah, if you say so, I'll call you. Close relationship with Jindong law and Men's North Face Ski Sale Liu Zaishi, first to the mouth: you play the first two sets we have seen, feel very fit into the TV series, you here today, is to discuss the matter. As the script writers, have you got the script of the original copyright? Sure enough the first Jindong law that Lee Sooman has asked. Oh, I did not think so much, just changed, so did not get the copyright. Li Jingyuan here, the meeting room will appear some whispered talk, but Li Jingyuan's words turn continued: "we do not worry, I did not take the copyright to change money, as long as you are shooting the film left me a writer's name on the line, as for!
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