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June 24 [Mon], 2013, 17:37
> Two hundred and fifty fifth chapter a new production of honey, peach beauty space on the 4th block, Lee crouched in that small plots leisurely side, watching the last newly planted small rape, leeks and turnips. These kind of crops are already teenagers look, looks pretty good, you can taste the flavor. Lee leisurely few slices of leaves were picked and radish leaves, put the prepared minipots, and then take over a small thermos bottle, pour the hot water evenly blanched. A minute later, with chopsticks, into the mouth tasting. Moment, he shook his head, even the leaves with water splashed out with. And the last of the cabbage, the quality is very common, crops for space, entirely failed products. Do not try, it is estimated species other also a look. Basically it can be concluded, Lot No. 4 unfit to grow vegetables. Spiritedly to accompany the side, eyes blinking bells, curiously watching his every move. Lee leisurely stood up, feeling somewhat depressed, until finally space to upgrade again, but got such a result. But already have prepared in advance, they do not be too disappointed. Kinds of things can not, do not place this half acres warehouses can only use it when? That something is too big, and besides he is not so much the goods need to be stored. His eyes everywhere a sight, when there is a new discovery, I saw beside the earliest planted cabbage, tossed two long mildew leaves. He clearly remember, it was the last time when the taste test breaking down. Hey, even mildew rot, which is really strange child. You know, all along, space is a big plastic boxes, a variety of food stored inside for a long time will not degenerate. Even leaving kinds of vegetables and legumes, is aging and dries up, there is no rotten phenomenon. He approached the cabbage leaves observation, yes, indeed, and the outside world rotten leaves an appearance. This phenomenon can explain what the problem then? According to common sense, food decay, the air in a variety of microorganisms in the work. So, next to a fog across the space can play a role in preservation of natural description of where the airborne microorganisms are very scarce, and fourth place here and the outside world should be similar. But even so, in addition to the loss of eligibility to make crisper, but also did not see what else useless ah. Well, this is not urgent things back in slowly observing and thinking. Lee leisurely decided to defer to the 4th shelved, because today there are more important thing to do. He returned to the stream peach side, all this time already peach blossom, streams, the small road four fallen flowers, like a sea of ​​flowers. "Spiritedly, Diao came to give me a bamboo basket." Lee told leisurely road. Spiritedly uttered a cry of light, ran shelf space at the edges,Oakley Store, picked up the bamboo basket placed there, bobbing all the way to return. Lee leisurely emerged laden down with a long bamboo clip to start collecting falling peach, put in bamboo basket in. Flowers on the branches he did not want to pick, because that is the space of rare beauty, to maintain a few days count days. Moreover bees carnival still ongoing. This job has been done a half-hour, a full three baskets filled with peach, Lee leisurely straightened up, look at the activities, the old bow was indeed some not so awkward. Looked at his labors, my heart can not help but delight Dunsheng, and can produce honey peach beauty, really long absence. Next, he put three bamboo baskets are placed in the stream cleaning something, petals litter absorbs moisture, but also to restore the original appearance, like a general in the branches blooming. The current honey peach beauty, the market price has been completely transformed, so I plan to upgrade the look of raw materials, all of the use of space modulation bell rǔ water, so you can make the quality of the higher level. Lee leisurely thought here, went to go and see stone bell rǔ hole situation. Because the current Tong River Village mass produced vegetable base, Bao Zipu no longer need to make use of space filling bell rǔ enhance the taste of water,Oakley Garage Rock Sunglasses, so all of a sudden surplus up, also for tea and the like, as well as some time ago as ornamental fish The sanatorium. Although still only a day after another metal bucket of water, but rì accumulation over, nor is a small number. Bell rǔ cave, he came to the nursing home opposite ornamental fish, which he found another former child some rì a pit, after cleaning, as the new water in place, then every other metal barrels filled with water after the fall into here, even the high-spirited can do this job. He squat body, holding hands skim a taste flavor, no problem, have not changed a bit. As honey has long been put into pots and placed the edge of the shelf space. Three kind of materials are ready, you can enter the peach honey production program. The next morning, Lee leisurely old trick, he said he has important things today, to stay in the Ming Jade Villa, ate breakfast evacuation Sun Xiaoying to the edge of the South Fourth Ring Road, Bao Zipu so she took a taxi to go to work. Sac off the beep muttering little girl, he was driving home. To the kitchen, the storage space of peach, honey, water eleven bell rǔ remove wash your hands. Oh, love of beauty xìng order to eliminate the world's troubles, many people among a sunny and warm, the Masters climax to personally began making skin care products, gentlemen stay tuned. Lee leisurely said to himself, while noble mission and responsibility spontaneously. Production process or business as usual, is to clean peach petals into the food processor, add a little space bell rǔ water, polished into a very delicate flower syrup, the flower syrup into the glass in the back. Other side, the viscous brown sè honey from the jar in to scoop out, pour candy in space rǔ water pot bell, honey and water ratio of about one to two, then stir with chopsticks. Finally, peach syrup and dilute honey mixed with water and mix well, a new generation of peach beauty honey in this simple saris born. Honey pot still is pink peach-shaped, sè Ze delicate bright, shining brilliantly. And filled with a quiet and sweet smell, Qinru Heart, intoxicating. Lee leisurely with chopsticks head dipped a little wiping his chin, and soon came the surge of cool skin comfortable, familiar feeling moist. Ah, yes, it seems than the previous version of the honey peach beauty is more excellent. Since it is no problem, it can be bottled. He then removed a bunch of bottles, placed in the cabinet table, one by one began filling, capping. The peach blossom honey pot until depleted inventory quantity, this first shipment, a total thirty-eight bottles. Lee leisurely looking countertop jīng beauty products, it is very seductive,Oakley Compulsive Squared Clearance, it has the feeling of love. Watch for a while, and he waved his hand, all incorporated into these bottles shelf space, accessible at any time after. The next thing to do is to sell the new version of peach and honey work, have to think this can not be sloppy. ...... <
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