even if the body is not damaged

July 01 [Mon], 2013, 16:05
> An approximation enclosed space, over the top, a dense mass of billowing black beneath the hurricane vortex formed one after another, the throughput of the indigo lightning. WWw! QUAnBen! Com vaguely more visible in the dark-edged handle Revenge of the golden sword dance. But all this atmosphere are bound by a mysterious force with. In that Below, a dark blue dragon like body is sleeping, lazy from time to time under the retractable claws, turning the tail. In this dragon airflow around the body with a blue circle, even loss of consciousness, deep sleep, but in fact has not diminished the strength of its defense. Xiao easy to conduct in the clouds above, although seemingly with the dragon, but one thousand meters away, but yet so far away on the use of the law must, in fact, one person, one Long enough to have thousands of miles between, separated by too close, Xiao is not easy not guaranteed disturb Tiamat only to pass to a Denon wear in mind. "Do you have a way?" After a moment, only an echo, said: "It is too familiar to my breath,Christian Louboutin, once I anything leaks, he will perceive, and to you for the repair, even if this matrix , I'm afraid it can not be seriously injured, if you are called to Tien-foot body, might be able to make full power, as well as ....... "Dragon Soul Here, suddenly is silent, a few moments, and only said:" I will pay attention, if you can spend half a second in it around the time I would be sufficient to control the situation. "Then they made no sound. Xiao easy to always feel this Dragon Soul changed a lot, because it does the silver? Shaw is also very easy to curiosity in the end what it is. This breath enough to drown artifact Denon wear arrogant as arrogance, but even in God millions of years of refining that time, did not discover the prospect, if Xiao easy really close, still can not escape the whole soul are sucked in and then after numerous world perish rebirth, dizzy, and then was thrown out the results of terror. Fortunately, it does not hurt Xiao easy intentions. Otherwise, I'm afraid soul has long been destroyed countless times. But hear the words Dragon Soul, Xiao is easy smile, half a second, kidding, how fast it Tiamat, how much power. Even when other characters that Heaven Holiness did not dare get too close to it from time to time than in the past, in just came out, not only the large loss of strength, but also because millions of years of being enchantment seal, even move are somewhat stiff, but it took so long time to get around, not to mention half a second, I'm afraid not stop. Alondra was a shoot out. But even hard, Xiao easy to have to try. Moreover, there are tactical deployment of assistance, but also there is a glimmer of winning. Instant. Xiao hearts have been easy to care about. Above the clouds piled up more and more thick, looked out at the universe, and that the place had disappeared as if into a black hole that will absorb the surrounding land vitality crazy over, the power lies in the matrix has the power to promote the dozens times, or even thousands of times in their own strength. Billowing clouds stacked between the forces had been shoved to one edge of the wood fire, water and soil. These five forces, the power of the wind and thunder and under the moon and stars. Soul of India by virtue of the power to drive, yet there are subtle changes between the origin of the most chaotic state. Xiao easy body trembling, which seem to have the strength to withstand the fast, he will not only be maintained by Mana which changes, but also to their own ground forces these huge breath hidden so as not to disturb the body Shimoji Tiamat. Clouds in space have the slightest fissure,Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses, as if this space can no longer carry such a large cohesive force. Able to absorb all things space crack in the face of this approximation under the power of chaos but did not play the role of these forces huddled with each other, there is a rock. Such a large force and finally could no longer hide, though the soul has been in India under the hypnotic power of Tiamat instinctively felt the danger from the outside world. It is huge to head shaking a bit, and then suddenly the eyes among Baoshe out blue light, and then the whole body ** are tightened up, Lombok, a hint of panic among the transmission, and then swing the tail, like the cosine Arrow rushed out. Seeing Tiamat woke up, Xiao is no longer easy to hide, and that huge, destroy all the breath instantly covered the entire light-raised, and firmly pressed down toward the middle, Tiamat just from the start, they feel the space around seemed to be frozen, time seems to be stuck in a moment, and then a huge breath all the weight of his body seemed to diminish the 1st. But the body of Tiamat really powerful, just smell it roar around the barrier broken, his body starts again. Xiao easy cold smile, palms down grip imaginary, they saw that the chaos-like force into a larger hands, straight down to catch, Tiamat is fast, dodge several times, but eventually it did not escape, That huge palms Tiamat's tail in my hand, the above forces suddenly burst out with an instant, a hurricane can rip space among Skyfire water Kwai power of fire attack, hot and cold phase clamp force With hurricane casually attached to the shuttle's Revenge golden sword above the constant thorn cut with Tiamat scutes, even take to the civil power, as allelopathy of the elephant, with the power of lightning, the power to increase geometrically. Leighton time, scream,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, was holding the scales on the tail aside squished sound, and then broke a group Xue Wu, to feel as if Tiamat exposure and then again into the Void God of Thunder, this time The Tiamat strength than get up when the God of Thunder in the Void not Know difference, even if the body is not damaged, but lost more than half of the source of power is not concise short time together. Several struggled, but failed to escape Tiamat turned his head, gave his tail still to come, is a mind Lung inflammation sprayed out. Lung inflammation really overbearing to the extreme, the approximate strength in the face of this chaos after Lung inflammation, have been frozen, as if to go directly to the absolute zero, all the material and strength are the most primitive into ions, whereas the tail above scales in both staggered under the hegemonic power, even cracked a channel hole, Tiamat and then a struggle, though larger hands out of the shackles, but it has been badly mutilated on the tail. Vapid Tiamat a break from the shackles of loss after they panicked and ran outside. Xiao easy moves in the same time, eyebrows already prepared a long time in Denon wear shine, dragon emblem on a blue light emission, followed by four weeks of the water element of the gas quickly cohesion, only a moment in that between they crazy enough to fly Tiamat grow into a size ice dragon, ice dragon Tiamat looks like exactly the same with this, just look is different, a mania like magic, full of four kill meaning, such as a majestic king, Everything between pride and surrender! <
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