At that time

July 07 [Thu], 2011, 17:51
When marriage is not recall > >--to look back, just had a WangRan story.

Has the commitment of the set between husband and wife, can be a whole life, can be fleeting.

Noisy but also in the episode of life must be lovers. Whether poor rich, will because a small cause disputes and then expand countless times endless dispute.

She was crying, he kept silent.

Television, the depressing. Electric light, YouJi to shine. Electric fans, repeatedly rotation.

But, her noodles have no facial expression ground asperses full tears from the room, he pretended to come out when, as if nothing has occurredly concentration on the last night of a broken air conditioner.

With television variety show on laughing in the ring, she looked at TV stunned mood, have been disrupted thoughts. Just boundless dream, complain fate of injustice.

She forgot her said to his mother, her life the biggest luck is with him. She DuoNian did not bear, pay attention to children in the environment of the growth but never abandon his met her.

Now, she but want to earn comfort just. She hopes he can say to her, once said whispers.

But after so long, he still remember?

He remained unmoved, he can't understand. So she thought he forget, had assured promise. Vows of eternal love just even a vapour, she said.

She was still believe even a vapour. But now she think he no longer love her, and no longer know romance.

He ultimately refused to budge. She opened the door, she go to the company for the night.

The next day, she came back, the table has a pretty little box. She understood that the box is his wedding anniversary forgot to give the diamond ring.

She seems to know all of the layout of the deliberate, opened the box, is she a rolex, the diamond ring you least expect them to be pushed into side
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