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> Is a channel wall, floor and sides are all bluestone paved! Fan book then walked into the channel, when his toes stepped on a semi-circular bluestone, the wall behind has gradually closed! From the outside, have not see this wall would be any different! Turn the two bends, is a hill, when the line to end of the ramp, the front is a spacious and inviting fine Chinese jade white brick sarcophagus! Suddenly being in here, people will mistakenly think that they accidentally entered the royal palace being! Stone interior walls covered with dozens of glowing pearl, each one glowing pearl colors are different, the kind of dreamy soft light, shone like a dream of the sarcophagus general! To spread the soft texture of thick white wool felt, four stab Phnom Penh Post slow hanging in the lower end walls, a corner with black heart carvings of the bracket, the bracket is set with a purple jade censer, incense burning significantly, such as blue-like fragrance! The sarcophagus is a large middle bed, surrounded by fog covered the general drapery, curtain slowly across the inside can vaguely see a person lying sideways. Since moving punch exquisite curves can see that this is a woman, and is a very good woman. Fan Book smiled. It was a hesitate hesitate ALEX smile. He gently approached the bed, the curtains Longqi. Inside Spring boundless! Sideways clothes woman dressed like Qingshan thin as onion skin, hair like clouds, cicada the first half cover, gown skirt slit office, a pair of slender smooth and elastic ** presented to the eyes. Fanshu Jing Jing stood beside the bed, there is a heart ** slowly rising. He leaned down and quietly, stroking her jade-like Fenjing, and then along the curve of her graceful decline slowly, Feng Ting glide of a woman's breasts, such as switchgrass-like waist, abdomen convex , slender ** ... he felt himself under the palm Jiaoqu suppression has started shaking uncontrollably. It is a technology that allows any man crazy tremble. Obviously, she did not sleep ... Maybe she is to experience Fan Book This pervasive to the touch. Fan Book hugs her from behind Jiaoqu latch onto her earlobe to Tim tongue sucking his hot spray on a woman's ear nest! Then his lips began to decline, down ... women are finally groaned! And her slightly Jiaochuan more to stimulate Fan Book, Fan Book's body has been a significant change. He tightly hugged a woman, seemed to be a woman into their body being! Woman "ah" sound, no longer bear it, she suddenly flipped over. Immediately, her lips were sealed lips Van book! Skilled tongue lovingly explore stir for one, a woman xingmou Weibi, not babble idioms! Fan the book it will **, a woman's body in his arms seemed of little by little, she was almost suffocated kiss! They managed to temporarily divided the open. At this time, can already see her Lianrong it. This is a charming Zhang Meiyan face to the extreme, which own thousands of style, thousands of romantic! She is shocked to laugh junior sister apprentice Park! Fan Book stroked her earlobe and whispered: "Meier, why every time I see you, I thought ..." Here he deliberately stopped, eyebrows and said: "If you want anything?" Fan Book: "The want an eat you! "Then he really plunged down, his face deeply buried Meier melted chest! His eyebrows are thin lips across clothes suck suck suck kiss! Which Meier worthy to endure, and she could not help Jiaoqu twist up. "Well ... Well ... ah ... ah!" Eyebrows suddenly exclaimed aloud, because then Fan Book probe into the hands of already inside her clothes and big events open to the inside! Fan Book removing her belt, pulled her naked clothes, struggled greatly eyebrows gently tease him. ** Tulle faded, such as jade-like crystal body presented in a range of books in front of a translucent as ivory-like skin, slender waist, such as bud-like bloom chest ... everything is so touching and perfect! Fan book finger across every inch of her skin, nostalgia! If Meier is a fine piano, then the book is an excellent musician Van, he demonstrated on the piano in this beautiful melody out! Meier vine generally tightly wrapped like him. "I want you!" She Jiaochuan to light furans forward. Charming style soon staged! Fan book as battlefield brave knights, who ride back and forth in the eyebrows, eyebrows are fully engaged, trying every charm! "Ah" sound screaming, they entered the pinnacle of joy of life! They embraced clothes. * After Meier cheeks bright red, there is a water Meimou general things. Her body felt too lazy eye do not want to open it. Fan book took a deep breath,Outlet Coach 2012 Sale, suddenly said: "Meier, do you remember the first time I met you and your brothers, your brothers saying it?" Idly Meier authentic: "I do not remember." Fan Book said: "At that time, Park is a stunning beauty with a smile you do not know who will be the hero. did not expect just a few months, I got you this' stunning beauty of." Meier stroking his sideburns, Jiao Chen said: " You want to get my aim is to prove that you are a hero do? "Fan Book laughed:" Maybe I've had this idea, but now it is your little goblins to completely fascinated me simply because Love you and love you. "Meier was very pleased, the mouth but said:" You are now Tyrant Santo, who knows how many women you'll possessor? "Fan Book jokingly pinched her round little ass one, said: "There you are a man, I can not cope, where there is energy to deal with someone else?" eyebrows "Kaka Lo" smile. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something, and said: "so long in the past, you have not put that thing around this woman?" Fan book that she said was he who said: "things can not be rushed, otherwise it may come to naught! "Meier Duqi small mouth, and said:" I think it is better to kill her easy. thought of you with this ugly commensurate with spouses, but I can not see the sun must be obtained as wildly hidden in here, I'll unbearable ! you in the end let me wait long? "Fan Book voice suddenly turned cold, he said:" for the past, you may not be more beautiful than her! how to do things, I have my own sense of propriety. remember, my favorite Enchanting is a woman, not a counselor! "Meier mind is wronged is sad, but there is a fear, though the book seems now Fan loved her, indulged her glamorous charming, but she felt never not read him, his mind is always so elusive! In her opinion, as a man, Fan book is undoubtedly extremely well, and he has an extremely profound resourcefulness and ambition, but also looks nor where, joyous time is to let her ** osteoclasts, but Fan book together, She always had a feeling of not practical. She wanted this man with tenderness bondage forever, so she posted her own body again in the past, quietly touching her hand on his features, along the lines of his handsome to decline, caress fondle, extremely provocative ! Fan touch authentic book: "You have not fun?" Meier in his ear and said: "This time, let me serve you ..." Few men in such a tone before but also to maintain sanity. But Fan book was pushed gently but firmly Meier, got out of bed. Meier looked at him in surprise. Fan book was dressing aside and said: "I can not go back too late." His expression told Meier, if this was not good grace, then is knocked up. So she sighs loudly, leaned over. Fan Book Meier felt emotions, he walked around eyebrows and gently patted her Xiangjian, said: "Meier, a couple of days, I can make you justifiably become Mrs. Santo . "He spoke so sure, people can not believe his words must be able to become a reality. ※ ※ ※ Fan Book bedroom. Frost is waiting for the return of Van book. Fan of the book transaction is always busy, so often belated. Frost did not resent, regardless Fan more books come back later, will see frost in the light awaiting him. Who could have imagined a short time ago, this Shuxian gentle wife will be extremely cold, and arrogant girl? Door "squeak" to a rang. Rushuang pleasantly surprised to look up, look, no one! The original intention was puzzled people wind. She pulled pull lantern wick room brighter. I do not know how much time has finally footsteps were heard outside. Then, he appeared at the door of her long-awaited figure. Rushuang Mangying forward to the Fan book jacket off the hook, and then handed him a bowl of warm lotus soup. Fan Book drinking done soon ... he is naturally somewhat thirsty. Rushuang see him drink so fast, I thought: "He is my craft given quite satisfied with it?" Help secretly pleased. At this time, Fan book noticed the house and usually somewhat different. Because a small table, put a few exquisite dishes. And a pot of warm good wine. Fan book surprised authentic: "Today is not what wedding?" Frost laughed: "You'd make a guess in the." So saying, she has been filling up a glass of wine, both hands to Fan Book, and then poured a small shallow mouth in another cup, his end up on the Fan book: "The Fan Brother, you did me the cup, and how?" Fan book somewhat confused look frost, frost things always do not like publicity, Today is how? So he said: "I still do not know what is pleasure?" Frost said: "drank the cup, I tell you!" She was the first time in Fan written before so spoiled. Probably due to their beauty no longer exists, therefore, although Van book good care of her, but she is still cautious, like a man holding many beloved as it is also fragile thing. Fan Book laughed: "Well, I according to you." In fact, he almost every one of the things are in accordance with the frost, but frost rarely ask him anything. Two cups lightly touched, "boom" to cry, and then they are drained. Fan Book That said: "Now you can tell me what wedding right?" Frost shy looked at him and whispered: "I ... have." Fan Book togethers, blankly and said: "What's up? "frost smaller voice, almost inaudible fine, she said:" Nature ... is ... pregnant the natural. "Fan book suddenly shocked, it seems like the brain response, however. Soon, he would wake up, surprised authentic: "Really?" Frost nodded hard. Fan Book a hugs frost, murmured: "You're my good wife!" He kisses constantly falls frost head occasion, lips, neck! Frost is one kind of boundless happiness that surrounded her feel physically and mentally have melted in the ethereal to fly, fly ... finally, Fanshu Song opened her, facing her face, gazing fondly, he said : "I want to feel the presence of our children." light frost bit his lip and nodded. Fan book hand into her abdomen, permanently stop there. In fact, they get married only a month,Oakley Sunglasses UK, how can they feel it? But they believe Fan Book Rushuang certainly feel it, because she is not relying on one kind of strange feeling feelings clear to this point. That's not vision, not a smell, not tactile, auditory ... not that people are not often feel the outside usual way of things, but from a spiritual force. Perhaps, it is a family, a kind of love. Fan concentrate all book, said: "Starting today, you should not be for my soup, not allowed to make clothes for the children, but also not allowed to stay up late waiting for me, your task is to keep good health, and then we give birth to a vain fat fat son! "frost nodded hard, she is tearful! Are tears of happiness. Fan Book: "The hour is late, we rest now." Lying in bed, frost is still immersed in the kind of happiness, rather Fan Book is silent, just over and over again, how it is difficult to fall asleep. Rushuang pending phase Q, but understand Fan Book gently sigh, there seems full of sadness. Frost heart, "thump" a bit, whispered: "Fan Big Brother, how do you?" "Nothing." Fan Calligraphy. "Then why do you sigh?" Frost road. "I ... do not sigh ah." Fan of the book is not resolute tone, which makes the heart called the frost was very upset, she said: "We have a couple, do you have any words you can say to me?" Fan Book silent for a while, Fang said: "I say, you do not refer the matter in my heart." frost hearts of some apprehension, but she said: "You say." Fan book it in a low voice, to her recounted his childhood experiences most unfortunate how and why to do everything possible to obtain the tyrant lord the position. Frost did not expect their men there is such a tragic life experience, and thus thought of his personal life, feel the same boat, burst into tears! Finally, the book sings Van contingent exclaimed: "Although now I have made the Castellan, bit statue weights, but I was not pursued these worldly possessions, I just hope one day to report the families have gone, they retired forest, and You blind dependency, living a happy life like an immortal leisure. However, to achieve this, which is what's difficult! "Speaking of which, he was a silence. Frost touched authentic: "I thought of the place you want to get Castellan, because you wanted to stand out, but did not expect otherwise intention. Actually, I tired of the bloody arena fight! Hurt me just because you love me, I will did not go to take into account other, is willing to be with you at the tyrant city if true one day, we can put aside all the complicated world of dust, living the lives of ordinary people, and that I would be the happiest woman in the world. "Fan Book Qingwo her hand, and said: "Fool, in my eyes, the world is more important there than you do? But the house vendetta, but can not report!" frost said: "If your enemy is Death Valley Yin Cang, died Google now has become a target of public criticism, Taoist martial arts white people for enriching the vocal. Tyrant city if we can do this out of a force, an enemy may be at home, two can let the world know that the city is no longer the former tyrant The demons of the earth. Thus, once extinguished after Death Valley, the city will not become a martial arts tyrant the next target of the right way. "This is something which can show she is not just a virtuous wife, and keep things in perspective views and analysis is also unique. After all, she used to be a lot of money fame "ice double brilliant" one! Fan book and said: "Today the wind came Tyrant Muslim city, which aims precisely to the matter,Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather Bags, he said the hero floor ready to occupy 'Death Road', but in order to prevent the Death Valley when they were devastating counterattack, they want someone to be their After the response, the wind will find a Tyrant Muslim city. "frost said:" You promised no? Mu Wu Si extermination when the wind is gracious to us, not to mention this matter to our city is a tyrant but no harm, do After the risk should not be great, and we just pay a small price, they can win the goodwill of martial arts the right way. "Fan Book heart filled with authentic:" In the strategy on her eyebrows are much stronger than! "mouth but said: "This is something I have promised down." frost one, could not help him a kiss, happy authentic: "This is the right step to go too." At this point they had blown turned out the light in the darkness, each only by tactile sensations. The dark frost or very tempting, her plump body fragrance Jiaoqu and attractive enough to make the mind fascinated. Fan Yongjin her book, and almost close to her ear: "But I can not let Yin Cang died at the hands of others, I want to personally kill him! Revenge for my family! But Yin Cang be far in my martial arts above, in order to realize my old dream of the past two decades, easier said than done? can not hand edge Yin Cang, my parents passed away, what is face to face? "His voice sad guns, anger, depression. Rushuang felt a hot stuff drops on his neck, that man never flick tears! Frost heart very painful! She bit his lip was silent for a moment, suddenly said: "I have a thing, will be able to help you find!" Fan book eyes lit up ... but in the darkness, no one can look out for. Fan Book scrape a bit frost nose, deliberately and said: "You're teasing me happy." Frost solemnly authentic: "No, this is my master left things. Master seen it almost more than life also important, and we Amidst the deputy doors doors main season Huo attack us, as the matter is that, when you send in a timely manner if it is rushed, maybe they will be succeeded. "Fan Book surprised authentic:" What is it worth to It is a fight? "frost said:" Yes a martial arts classic, although I only had a rough look, but they have been known to divine powers set out in this book, if the essence of all of its taste, will be able to become a masterpiece master! "Fan Book brow suddenly jump! Then he said: "Since this is your master pass you, how can I love wins?" Frost pinched him one, and said: "What you and I now also points? I have no intention of rivers and lakes rivalry, so it did not go on the classic martial arts practitioners. ago I wonder if you scramble the bits Santo purpose, nature can not give it to you, I'm afraid your martial arts leaps and bounds after the more ambitious, more difficult extricate themselves! Now Now that you understand the intention, how can I not give it to you? let it help you find one! "Speaking of which, she opened the quilt, got out of bed. Fanshu Jing Jing lay, although invisible frost move, but he knew that she must pick up the martial arts classic! Hard in pursuit of their own stuff, and finally at hand, there are all sorts Fan Book hearts taste! The house has "hissing hissing" sound, apparently to take things in frost. In fact, the book has long been known frost in the hands of Van have this martial classic, otherwise he would not send someone to help her beat the quarter Ceremonial Dress up. He was rescued from the water first red armbands, frost, frost until married, he has done everything, its ultimate aim is to this classic martial arts, he was inadvertently heard from the city where water armbands Beth Master where there is this thing, but at that time did not know the book is a range of classic martial arts, only knew this thing at stake. Water, the tea master's death, the city did Peter from his corpse to find what he wants something, so they let Fan Book Attention Amidst the remaining power door action! Amidst the door then, is their last legs, if not there is any special reason, why would the city be it primary care? Whenever possible, the book will not miss any fan can take advantage of people ... It is based on this, the book will be in the range Amidst the door in the end is not yet clear what the city were attracted by the case of Peter, quietly rescued water armbands and frost. As he had said Makino calm wind, water the tea master is his savior, this is purely a lie, but he has to hide from the Makino calm wind. Later proved that he rescued water armbands and frost is saved on it. City of Bo's death, Fan book from his possession of the "flat day six surgery" on a knife that part of him from the book "flat day six technique", "six" character seen this classic martial just one part, and immediately think of the city of Bo and Amidst war between the main gate door, he concluded with this "flat day six patients" associated. So he began to fight step by step to win the goodwill of frost, until finally she married into the Tyrant City! For all this, frost and how to know it? <
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