when it will undershoot

July 26 [Fri], 2013, 12:24
> Looked around and did not see a pleasing to the eye without coming directly look to harm him, Liu Wei, he can be sure this person is not Taishi's men, but must be his hostile people, otherwise! Liu Wei Huang Ming Tak will not be helped to deal with their own, and now in the form of so let him know that if more than a few people take the surgery, all these people are afraid of when he was a paper tiger. "Ladies and gentlemen adults! There are no Events to deal with,Oakley Fast Jacket Clearance, on the first left." Pulled Sikong Wen Qing, no to the mysterious smile, the princes from the house to the first impulse received the news, he began a chase step by step Jin, purpose is to old and confused over, so that the first impulse more chaos, now he wants to come, where there is not going to work their own truth. None ever looked weird, a little into the early Ling fail to see what he'll do? The only way to understand is that they, and no to the war between the dark will be transformed into next fight. Some tension into the early Ling Huang Ming Tak was angry, he had plenty of infinite worry, no arrivals can control anyone's mood, according to what he meant to do things, he was a bit worried about the people around him would fall into the trap set. So anxious to see without leaving Sikong Wen Qing curious. "Messire! Where we are now." Mounted up without a horse to ride with her. "You know? Room princes come, you say that we are not going to see him, by the way, and his cricket fighting, gambling play." Laughing to see which Sikong Wen Qing, no, it's very easy, but for Sikong Man Green seems to certainly not looking for this old fool to discuss things, and she was not coming in the end do not understand what it is. No to mention whip seize the hand Sikong Wen Qing want to bother him. "You see a good old house, I went home waiting for you." Such a serious situation, you can not come so easily, Sikong Wen Qing some peace of mind, she clearly no means come, the time when he was more relaxed, Others will be more bad luck in the fire she saw no ability to do things, she believes the person must be able to resolve everything. Understand the meaning Sikong Wen Qing shook his head no to laugh, "This time you have to go with me! Even if do not like to gamble, but also in watching and we have more important things to do,Oakley Sports Sunglasses, young children! Messire around the most people that you can trust, so they give you the most important thing is, you and I go together! "so much money, he is the most trusted arms baby, even if human arena fight like this, I'm afraid do not have this capability. These people have come, then he had better hold it a chance. None ever seen the mysterious smile, sigh Sikong Wen Qing arms against him, no matter what happens, she will always know where a safe haven. Beat the whip, no to let the horse run fast, but also to some inappropriate Sikong Wen Qing rely more intensified. "Good! Still bear with me." Arms baby will hold a more intensified, no to hope that she will not be the slightest injury. Nod, Sikong Wen Qing will hold no more to intensify, to drill without arms, looking for a comfortable place to rest. Women feel his arms peristalsis, no to a gentle laugh. "Green children! Your martial arts but who can not afford even that, how you used them wherever they went." Shake their heads, no to really do not know how to take care of her the Sun Nianyun apprentice. Grumbles, Sikong Wen Qing to a non-glare, "said it! Where previously used to run so fast, say you can also use dodge, follow you, you do not make your home, solve the case, when there are other people not in you? "an arena for a woman for no such words, he really is no way to get a common phenomenon Wen Qing. "Green children! Are you sure you are human arena." Sikong Wen Qing will hold dismount, no doubt to some unparalleled, when Asgard make disciples so feminine. None ever watched a long time, Sikong Wen Qing was looked down. "The teacher said ... that I did not eligible to enter Asgard, only fit to be Miss guanjia, so teach me martial arts is the most basic, but I know! These powers to meet those of ordinary human arena more than enough, from start to finish, I have been a useless man. "She knows no meaning to Asgard as a representative of the lakes, there is a certain sense it, there will not be a disciple is more like her like this, so bad. The sad woman in his arms, no blame to some incomparable, since Sun Nianyun received her as a disciple, why not teach her everything Asgard, let her so no experience. "Well! Since you do not teach you to master, Messire teach hello,Oakley Active Sunglasses, but eat a lot but bitter." No to blink on the front of the woman, I hope she can feel better. Hear no effort to teach her, Sikong Wen Qing happy hugged him. "That's great! I knew Messire best of." Kiss No, they did not see the house at all the big teams imperial princes and all the people come, and his wife looked nothing stopped at the former imperial riding adult affectionate. Housing princes out to see such intimate scenes laughed, "I said your kid really is laid-back, the first impulse had such a big thing, so you actually have leisure to bother." Everyone knows this room Royal Highness without coming to the investigation, but do not know, no relation to him so well. Crickets out of bamboo barrels, no princes to come and room were both laughing. "Or not to understand the meaning of princes, hold for so long, I was really tired." "Well! Ado, we went to play in a good chair, green girl, you sit on the wronged You Messire arms well, but the old lady's chair Oh great! "ambiguous words, let Sikong Wen Qing to a non-glare, and no unexpected room princes will come as rogue extreme. Oh laugh the next, no to disregard so many guards, Sikong Wen Qing directly into his arm, sat down on the chair inside the same room princes. "Start slightly!" Down crickets, two people immediately keen to fight again. "Royal Highness! Without first impulse to want to know what people can suppress those pesky writers." Since the old man is willing to be informed, it means there must be ways to quell the storm scholar, he is this. Toggle the crickets, no room to one of the princes laughing. "You kid, things still so seriously, do not play with the old lady to accompany into ah! Know the name written dry man? If you could ask him coming out, then! Taishi whether text or someone else, no one not afraid of him. "No mysterious looking, the room princes laughed, and he believed it was not to have this capability. Never heard of such a person without coming, weird looking room princes, dragon people are so powerful, why make the text Taishi so rampant. "But the holiness of his teacher, no to bad you think he does." Chuckle out of that room reminds princes and holiness in Chodo fight stubborn old man, an individual two years and does not know whether he is still so strange temper. No to eyebrow looked confused old man, holiness mentor, when it will undershoot earlier. See he did not care, no to laugh, a good one old fool, than he is powerful, actually wanted him to convince written dry out, not only can calm the storm literati, but also allows him again out of the country for the black dragon force . "Well! I'd handled, young children! Tomorrow you and Lu went to the mountains in the secret transfer of the money, go to the bell inside the King's treasure. Since even incense month are on our side, and she knew the treasures of structure, I you can easily act, so all of the blame back Zhong Jing, treasure all the money I want, so that the first impulse comprehensive full up. "heard Zhoubang Cheng Huang names mentioned Germany plundered, no come to know, respect these bell who for many years everything. No one heard the important thing is, Sikong Wen Qing did not think the first impulse will not come all the economic lifeline of the people to her to deal with, serious nod, she would definitely handled properly. "In fact, you do not worry, there Laolv them, I do not worry about anything about the situation, but suddenly ran out of the human arena, so I had to wonder if they move." No to brows look the owner, he felt some trouble, these people are friends or foes he did not know <
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