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July 11 [Thu], 2013, 12:45
> WwW, QunabEN, coM Juan Shiyi Magic Pro Cap 323 Close your eyes, see your horizon a rainbow, rainbow rhyme Sacred nostalgia continent in turmoil, and even the whole world will celebrate the vast upheaval of the occasion, far away rainbow in the sky Celestine, still quiet and serene sunset bathed in colorful rainbow under Celestine, like a mirage-like ethereal fantasy, there is no sort of ability of people, even happened to see a rainbow Celestine, it is impossible to be able to get in the herd as Many people have seen the rainbow, but few people can really go over the rainbow frolic? Today, however, there is a look about thirty Mei Fu, pedal all the way to the rainbow, rainbow around the guard door Celestine colorful dragon and went straight away to the center of the rainbow Celestine two colorful dragon standing guard outside the gate, but Mei Fu turned a blind eye to this rude behavior, and even a slight bend both hands far more colorful dragon outside, and even inside the colorful rainbow Sacred Dragon, all the way met Mei Fu, and also have to salute Meifu apparently urgent, no time to return, however arrogant colorful dragons, but no-one should feel angry, it seems that all acts Meifu are naturally colorful dragon Claes Nicky personally welcome out, surprised and said: " Hanbi, how do you come? "Meifu expression apparently did Colorful dragon is so kind, she just faint:" You can Tuo Li continent come back,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, I will not be able to see my daughter? "carat Disney Qi has come to the mouth of a thousand words, a sentence directly Meifu cold blocking back, only Samsam said: "uh ...... of course ...... welcome ... welcome" and not seen in a year I do not know where exquisite rushed out, like a gust of wind to fly Meifu arms: "Mother, you may be coming, woo woo ...... ...... they all bully baby ..." "He ... well he ......" exquisite refers first live Colorful Dragon , and followed her pointing comes Kale Er, so colorful dragon and his son have been caught unprepared, had endless smile "Ok, while you slowly come to the Mother Road, Mother sure you call the shots," Jade Dragon voice full of exquisite jade dragon doting ........................ cast a few spells around, convinced even the colorful dragon can never expect to overhear anything at after fishes daughter and said: "Now, you can do exactly the Tell a mother of? "has always been somewhat daring exquisite even coy, she devastate clothes:" The ... real ...... have nothing to say "" Well, you do not tell a mother, father and son really colorful dragon that right to bully you? "Mei Fu grabbed exquisite palm, an extremely pure verdant Lucida slowly penetrate into the body Meifu exquisite body suddenly startled, quickly release the exquisite hand and said:" Long children, you actually have succeeded ... After a rite of passage? "exquisite pale red, Nono said:" That ... that ... uh ...... "Meifu exclaimed:" It's really incredible incredible ...... "Jade Dragon green dragon force this test, but Jade Dragon peculiar to a stunt, to verify the accuracy of the Jade Dragon status quo but it looks, Meifu exquisite virginity on the issue and do not care, because Maronite low reproductive capacity level, coupled with a long life, and the word for chastity No too seriously, especially for those of infertility Maronite, like belly twins case and by the kind children are commonplace Jade Dragon King himself was on the outer somehow lost the first time, of course,Christian Louboutin Pumps Sale, exquisite absurd disagree but she Delicate somehow crossed on rite surprised inexplicable jade dragon rite is not trivial, not casually read a few words on the can into a jade dragon year with adult strength has a very huge gap between an ordinary jade dragon, Perhaps only eleven two years ago into a magician's level, adulthood, you can instant reach twenty or more, directly across the sanctuary, known as shenzhilingyu into a rite of passage in the 20 + club jade dragon obtained tremendous energy, naturally not come out of thin air, it takes at least four strength absolutely Jade Dragon, spend a great mana, continuous non-stop over the altar cast 49 days to be successful as a rite of magic Jade Dragon inevitable repair generals, frequently require years to recover from Meifu really did not expect, even inexplicable exquisite pass by rite, but look at her current state, not only did the spirit of magic apathetic, but the body full of vitality, it seems Delicate rite flies quite perfect, but also for the future development of space wide on Jade Dragon curious, what people can offer such a huge amount of the rite exquisite consume it? "He ... is a very powerful human? Sanctuary?" Meifu tentatively asked exquisite shook his head: "No, no, in accordance with the division of human strength, he probably only fourteen five martial art" "This ah ... a puny humans Warrior ...... very unusual, Well ...... I want to see him, "Mei Fu muses," No, you can not see him "exquisite strongly opposes" the other dragons are on you can not "" Why? "Delicate Jade Dragon puzzled:" You are so young, so long and so much like me, and he remembered the case, will you think I'm wrong or my sister how to do? "" how could it, you do not have to use against him yesterday lost magic yet? admit Long time to wonder, perhaps in the human mind, we can all look a like Dragon mile "" No, or not "exquisite reason is very straightforward, but almost so Jade Dragon syncope:" You chest and ass than I am, when I can fight, but you "jade dragon rage speechless: This ...... is what the daughter ah Meifu thought:" Long child, does it mean that you really do not want what he now flies ? "exquisite exclaimed:" If you want, my daughter would certainly want but ...... how can like it? "to see her daughter for a man so obsessed,Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage Online, jade dragon's interest concentrated, and laughed:" As long as you want for your mother on There are ways to see to see his "exquisite surprised a moment, Hei said:" Mother, you say, but the magic fairy treasure Dragon's Eye? You with me? "Jade Dragon King laughed and said:" Yes, all these years it has been a mother treasures with me, "she emerged out of the hands of a litchi size beads, beads Jidao faint black lines removed flows constantly looked like a remote control is an exquisite four eyes staring magic eye, kept a low voice remembered Jade Dragon unique spell, then closed his eyes slowly close your eyes in the exquisite moment, eyes cast a bunch of magic light, exquisite countless points of light divergence in front of the air, like a circle shaped projection screens, gradually forming constantly changing points of light, and soon began to form a clear image, not long before, Shen breaking figure appeared on the screens being broken brother looks suffered light injuries, still unconscious, the situation is also bad way, seemingly is in prison somewhere within the exquisite eyes still closed, but she was able to clearly see the Shen breaking the current situation, this is just magic eye magic , even with magic eye to help, we can only see the moment only for exquisite jade dragon said: "Long child, you pick this man, does not seem anything special?" Delicate have no desire to Dali, only said: "Mother, you Where you can see that he caught? "Mei Fu said:" specific locations can not see, but here is quite dark, I feel it should be somewhere underground danger "does not support the exquisite magic magic eye for too long, light screen while shaking under to nothing magic eye has gradually resumed as usual, exquisitely opened his eyes and said: "Mother, I beg you, immediately find Shen break, help him" because of the oath, exquisitely does not really leave alone go and sink broken, have resorted to the mother Jade Dragon also want to personally meet exactly what this magical future son, although in the eyes of the magic of what she can not see Shen breaking magic, but it can be a rite of passage for her daughter's degree Young people like to say there is no magic dragon would not believe if you do not see does not mean no broken Shen Jade Dragon able to hang on until he found the moment, the mother-adult naturally do not mind helping hand extended ..................... ... dim light, empty room, drifting smoke ring, yellowed photos ...... Shen is not the first break in a dream to see this familiar picture legend, similar to the picture, there is a very conception of the term , [miss] miss? Broken brother who will be missed in a dream? Of course, is that old photographs if the camera zooms in, the alignment goes yellowed photos, you can see that it is really a very old photos, enough to enter the museum's photos, of course, in the photo Beauty, though vivid and moving, but no doubt her dress, than the picture itself is old it was one hundred years ago, had a snowy forest idle boredom, at the beginning of "photographic" This door tech born, a seasonal leaving only a photograph was found on her dress, but it is two hundred years ago, the style, the natural than the photo itself has historical value and vicissitudes although only the first time to face the camera, then still show a snowy forest Her exquisite charm, silly two tiny dimples difficile, reveals a little naive; bright and clever eyes, then showed just the right thing for fresh curiosity; slightly upturned mouth, is charming with abnormal curvature tell when a snowy forest with a bit headstrong yet, at least, someone spoil her right, then pawn Beijing agent Xiaqi Wen jiu very pampered snowy forest, so this summer sister unprecedented picture into framed up , hanging in the closet within a hundred years until the sink is hanging breaking occurs after that, this chamber has become the first choice whenever Shen break retreat close my eyes and sink broken brain is still able to clearly emerge out of a snowy forest flowery smile and graceful posture, even those very small, or Xu Lianlin snowfields have long forgotten the details of the broken brother was back years ago, Beijing, jiu among pawnshops, looking at photographs Beauty daze; photographs The beauty was gently smile, into a faint smoke and disappeared without a trace; Shen breaking rushed out his hand, want to grab something, yet as in the endless abyss like that, nothing can catch the last stay a picture is a quiet summer, quiet little village outside; a clear stream beside sat a sixteen-year-old beautiful girl, is happy to let smooth stream, rinse with soft pale pair foot, the mouth is also a pleasant humming what; she was not hum songs, is lonely because she is no sound coming ...... she was just a dumb Wind Whispers, breaking his brother suddenly dawned on me, this looks very familiar beauty Girls, it is the original village girl, Wan language ah in the Underworld for a long time, it is this dumb girl, replacing the snowy forest, broken hearts become Shen who care most and then the next one picture a hot legs , but slightly conservative dress tall girl, was standing within time pawn shop, professional and skilled as between guests and she explained the details of pawn inadvertently glanced occasionally broken sink in the eyes of people both love and always hidden pity the hazy, even to read minds Shen breaking opinionated, but also did not see the clues do not know when the wind phrase also appears in the time pawn shop and started a help to Xiaer Mi along the way, though busy, but very enjoyable ...... melting ...... Xiaer Mi language with the wind, even gradually blend into a person into another person Shen breaking not see this man's face, I just feel, somewhat vaguely snowy forest Shen faces can not wait to break stepped forward, Kangezixi that person was turned into a smoke, disappear Shen breaking chase the less, could not help screaming, but it is in reality, wake up from a dream come even in dreams, breaking his brother have also obviously have a feeling of being peeping, this frightened born soon awoke alert prompted him to break his brother looked rough surroundings, confident in the dark taught Tianlao , he was not an accident, but just think of the dreams and the dreams she had not seen a snowy forest, only sighed softly: "Oh ...... always close my eyes before they can see you" [] (full The Novel Network <
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