Kuban kick out beat them

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 17:26
> Two inexplicable Chun Correctional ball to Howard's years! , Then the congregation equally Wuerttemberg, into the big man with an exaggerated exaggeration to no longer Tomahawk dunk from the obvious lack of preparation Nowitzki basket ball fly overhead. wWw, QuANBEn, Com-site all the people are shocked, who moved did not understand exactly how things happened, that ye, basketball how went to Howard's hand. On the sidelines of the two teams coach, once in two well-known arena Zhao hardcore guard. Is incredible eyes widened, mouth open enough to put in two eggs, but also to ensure no one next to whom. Nowitzki even forget also lost in the basket on the metamorphosis of Howard, the big Tieqiang almost poked his forehead, like ghosts looked like awe watching North Face Gore Clearance Keller. Fortunately, this era of science and technology sophisticated enough to fully satisfy people's curiosity, live on the big screen will be a continuous playback of a scene just after five times. People finally figured out exactly what happened. Keller did most of the body untouched, moving only his ball of four fingers, just gently wave, just as long as the eyes basketball and accurate from Josh? Howard's crotch through, to the Howard's hand. "Oh! God, ah." Bill 7 board after Dayton and other truth, his face still with a look of disbelief, "That ye Keller, asshole exactly how to come out, my God! That he will pass Biji De Bi Jide will pass the ball over the home that can be sent any part of the body assists Kidd will pass, just like this evaluation is to say more than Wilt Chamberlain scored Biluodeman better rebounding. flying is better than Michael Jordan Keller in his eyes has been completely demonized. already on the basketball court as if nothing is impossible Keller, of course, in addition to defense away. some players can be used to influence the performance of the entire field game, some players are just playing ten minutes, but some players, he only needs a moment is enough, it is clear that Keller is such a player into the game now, just from the situation in the field to Look. Dallas Mavericks may have no chance. But sometimes, when the morale of some of the thousands of miles later, and then want them to perk up. then it is too difficult. Thomas stood Field struggling waving arms, shouted the players We strengthen the attack, while the other side of Johnson at this time in addition to frequent substitutions, hoping to use this method to save the game away. already powerless. "I never thought that the Dallas Mavericks actually so weak, they originally thought in a timely manner can not create a loud noise. New era, but the comrades still no problem for some time, but now it looks like they want to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is difficult to say what a great way to build a dynasty of the Dallas Mavericks, and the Knicks stand comparison, they really see the situation in the field sucks Wharton has been set, nor the beginning of the leak * point, the rest of the time he has to be expected, the pot boiled veal which has been cooked, picked up the knife and fork Knicks , of course, is the next meal time. Nowitzki also want to play against, want to strive to spell it again, but unfortunately with his one man, there is no way to give the Knicks making too much trouble. There is no way to stop the Knicks swept them in China. "Call Yao looked Arena height hanging electronic scoring device, just above the chimney records seemed so dazzling, Nowitzki exhaled breath, shook his head helplessly. Still lost, but finally lost Even his best effort, but ultimately failed., turned around and looked and looked indifferent Women's North Face Gore Tex Clearance Keller, he seems to care about this game is not how, after the game, and his teammates just hit the next palm , and then went straight on into the players tunnel. seems to win the game for him is a trivial thing. "Dirk." Johnson came over, patted the shoulder and said Nowitzki, "Well! We lost the left, you want revenge, then just Mens North Face Apex Bionic Outlet wait until the regular season above say it. "Johnson Although the lips saying. Fact, my heart is full of bitterness, and now the league knows that the New York Knicks is the hardest together nut to crack, Dallas Mavericks want to create their own era, then it must be over the Knicks this off, but now it seems, it all seems too difficult when the Dallas Mavericks with confidence when the Chinese expedition , their arrogant think they will be able to teach in a foreign country severely scraping Knicks meal, and then to prove to everybody Dallas Bull is the best, then they can announce the coming of age Peng Dallas, but the reality is merciless toward fiercely on their heads called a pot of cold water, two games, concave total score, although only a small insignificant but they do preseason opponents swept "Everyone can see that. Public two games both parties are doing the position in force, a fall in the finals, when met, I am afraid that is the case. Despite the sadness of an extremely reluctant to admit it, but Johnson knows that the Dallas Mavericks want to create their own era, they have a very long way to go, at least not right now. After the press conference, as the loser Johnson seems to be a bachelor than the last lot, since it has been lost hard mouth and then just disgrace. Congratulations to the Knicks his first victory. Then it is pointed out that the Mavericks magnanimous many existing deficiencies, and finally obscure expressed his team in the summer transfer market inaction dissatisfaction. In fact, not just him, everyone who can look out. The game is not so much the Mavericks lost in Keller's hands, as it is lost in the gap between the two teams on the bench strength. When Thomas frequently of their plans. United fielded a player can quickly realize their value, when Johnson was only robbing Peter to pay Paul, hands over and over again is so few cards, which he did not have the guts to not enable the new, but simply Newcomers can not let him use. Team in addition to those few absolute main, and twelve main substitute Nadechushou outside, are some coolies. And goof old guy, this team might be able to relying on luck Zhao arena rock small but long period of time it seems, they are simply digging its own grave. Knicks look here, although they are in the summer went Payton, Hardaway these two seasoned veteran, and David? Li the main players last season, but added the exact number of incoming unlimited potential of young people. And like Blake, Wang Zhiguo faction role players such strength. Strength did not fall, perhaps because they lack of experience, a brief panic, but the future of the Knicks dynasty, has become an accepted fact basketball circles. And compared with the Knicks, the Dallas Mavericks still far from creating brilliant, had already started to rest on our laurels it. Still thinking like standing still create their dynasty, it is simply nonsense. "I might put them in the championship this season as a competitor!" Keller's words, although very no sensibilities, but it puts Dallas unable to refute the results of these two games has proven that he does have such arrogance qualifications. "I think they are compared to last season and nothing has changed, or those people, or that kind of play, perhaps they play without any problems. After all, they are last season's championship., But their lineup is really horrible , I do not want to describe in their boss just reminds me of those in the hard work to get a bit small success, they begin arrogant, pleasure-seeking black sheep, they would have a good chance, only Unfortunately, they failed to grasp, and now they want will probably already too late. want to establish their reign this sentence has now become a big joke this league nobody will be waiting for them to catch up to, but Germany g? Nowitzki did in the game surprised me, if he can carry on like this, then I will not prompt the Dallas Mavericks looked down on, but I regard him as one of my opponents, then Keller Let Johnson's face become somewhat purple, and he now Zhenhen not to make their boss, Mr. Kuban kick out beat them in the summer, he repeatedly stressed the need to strengthen the squad, but is indifferent Kuban , also boasted of what to say, he was not in order to contribute to the team's veteran too cold. damn! This is Akira, a commercial alliance, what is there to tell human, want to succeed and do not want to spend money to strengthen the squad, this world How can there be kind of a good thing. now Johnson really kinda miss the glorious past that to Dallas, big bucks will not frown Kuban it. ended the game. evening will fly back to New York Knicks, their time is running out. then there a few days, the new season will be started the regular season Chao at the airport and other aircraft when Keller hesitated a long time, or pulls out to buy a new phone. give Ferrero made a Information. "I'm leaving! Take care! When the All-Star Game Goodbye! "SMS sent out, waited a long time Keller did not get a reply, disappointed shook his head, to keep up with a large force into the boarding gate in not far behind a marble pillar, Ferrero Rocher head secretly explore the out, Keller looked out the back, already in tears, although already made up his attention not goodbye Keller she still could not come just to watch one, look at a gently waving waving, Ferrero Rocher also disappeared in the hall. <
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