Shenghuang is it and you bet on a time to lose it all

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 9:53
In fact the Lan-dimensional weathered Shenghuang before coming here it has long been heard Hu Tian knife strength. Therefore, this man has long been soliciting the psychological after all. To sanctuary powerful do not want the strength of a powerful but very strong growth potential for unlimited time only powerful potential. To become a real strong! Hu Tian knife as nine perverted, weathered Shenghuang, Lan-dimensional actually do not see the other side of the spirit of the real eight spirit even some free feel this makes the start the weathered Shenghuang of Lan-dimensional derivative count Hu Tian knife psychological do not want to work out the people in mind rap collision the Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang burst good gas and funny. Of course. Also know that through the spirit-the special induction Lan-dimensional weathered Sheng Huang Hu big potential is likely to be very large therefore more with meaning close embrace, but first is naturally to each other is a little dull temper each upper mentality just do not want to actually dying unyielding Hu Tian knife threatened. So people saw some let the Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang high. The hearts of some to appreciate and like. Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang face but did not show anything. The seems Rises general. However ruthless or if you want to put a few words how are Shenghuang gives public refuted a natural sort of disgrace. Fortunately, the strength of Shenghuang and powerful majesty. Is an imposing field quiet down became silent. Zhang is no wind to see "rest assured that I changed my mind now I have decided if you wish to participate in every battle, but once the final I win I hope Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx women's winter jacket the weathered Shenghuang unconditional promise me a request! forward the Lan-dimensional weathered Sheng Huang some subtle changes in his face seems a sudden want to understand what general. But hearts dared not show anything only when the do not know no wind suddenly so said. "Ah? This kid not to eat the wrong medicine. Possessed by the devil, right?" "This is a silly kid." Stupid bastard! "" Crazy actually and Shenghuang precondition Canada Goose Mountaineer... "countless an instant no wind, along with Zhang ground then suddenly pass out But while we all watch a movie generally is all with one look forward to the eyes staring at the hall. Seem to wait to see what the general is, after all, in addition to gloat that they really want to know hinted. Sheng Huang angry these lecher will be denied on the spot. Conditions? Hum you the strength to get the final victory I'm afraid is also a fantasy But since you dare to challenge the Shenghuang Why did not dare to accept? As long as the afford. Shenghuang is it and you bet on a time to lose it all depends on the Shenghuang disposal to stop! "" If I am lucky enough to win that require Shenghuang but are not allowed to go back! "said Zhang no wind awe-inspiring. "Victor without failure. The Shenghuang not require you to be too high as long as the number of losers, but three times. Ranking is not lower than the first three on the line! Course, the premise must be your own defeat can guarantee that you also live afloat. "Lan-dimensional weathered Shenghuang with a smile said it seems she win the general. "Do not need to be too much trouble did not get first place, it is considered I lost!" No wind Zhang proudly said Gong, but are unwilling to accept this step. Get expert free to increase its strength with the the double Holy Spirit is not afraid of strength instability Zhang windless naturally not to worry about the skill instability Mens Canada Goose Ontario. So this moment if there were no breakthroughs. No wind, decided to accept the Gong. Anyway. Once the family top three there is the chance of success from! Of course, these things sheets no wind is not directly in mind and just thinking through the Holy Spirit the not convey to the heart. Good that the Shenghuang will wait for your good news But before you or the effort is not in the next battle is to kill the ground is good! "The Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang sweetly smile looked black robe a will say no more. The black robe sank his face did not speak. Obviously. The black robe known Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang to mean also know the other side of the psychological know. Therefore hearts to have some fear. But a closer analysis of this discourse mean black robes suddenly some cheerful Ceremonial Dress. Also killed as long as the other strength of the bad. That is probably deserve what conditions naturally, does not exist. Strength difference was killed did not have much to say only count he deserved it! But this Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang seems this kid have a good impression will this kid has been harboring? Ah matter anyway Oi children pre-emptive strong shot that time they fully hands. He now lower the strength of the God Emperor. With the top grade to really the Lingling treasure Heihe knife. Should be able to move to that kid kill the ground! Even the undead. Well behind the median God Tweedy Several enough of him by. My black robe need not be so worried. Everything is still calculating! The black robes hearts lightning thinking about eyes resumed all after a moment of deep black slightest intention to kill room suddenly disappear invisible. And at the moment. The Lan-dimensional weathered Shenghuang only in the heart sneer: "so easy you design to kill then it is a pity that such a qualification and strength but was really so easily killed what use is that you want to not just All in all, this the combat test it look how specific strength! into the sanctuary inside is not so easy! but this kid dare I mention conditions evidently he fell not take me Shenghuang but when I viewed as hum a woman a woman many years I have not thought of the word seems to own ignored but others can not be ignored but do not neglect the people will always know how ridiculous I Lan-dimensional weathered deemed a woman the decision! the Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang hearts is also true thinking looked Zhang windless the confident smile Lan dimension weathered Shenghuang own heart is shiver I do not know why at this moment, she suddenly found that confident smile seems to be quite lethal. moment Some scared think of the once seriously the other to get the victory he proposed terms and conditions are a bit too much, then it can do? the immediate the Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang also some anxious moment to turn a blind eye to begin derivative to count past, present and future. course. in the derivative operator Hu Tian knife past present and future. smile to see Zhang windless worries revere hearts is also heaved a breath. Hu Tian knife Men's Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka. still too young not know forbear. "and Shenghuang bet is really not too lose Cana Shenghuang knower worse than their own strength, past, present, future strength gap the greater you know, the more detailed the she and so far-reaching different realm. Slightly derivative operator you all know that you'll get naturally able to grasp in her hands really find lost ah! The "worry revere sigh shook his head and a look of frustration, of course, he considered Hu Tian knife to impulse and proudly due but do not know because this condition is no wind learned the Lan-dimensional the weathered Shenghuang not really kill him insisted on adding to the mean after the course is that sacred core ten the Yunhai Huoyanshan Kirin quit now all these horoscopes are not yet a glimpse but have prepared better than nothing good and so made it a condition of unexpected but positive and knife Hu Tian reckless and bizarre personality consistent, after all, some special ability is always some special personality that Where are all the same.. Zhang no wind, so calculations anyway, a test had than then the way earn stuff is also good to know that he will not be the woman killed was also optimistic about the woman Zhang no wind how not to get more benefits then pretend? here is not the site of the soaring cheap is not accounted for is the son of a bitch! Zhang wind ponder calm hearts, it is to keep the so ethereal mood not afraid derivative operator is also not afraid to spy with his deep insights and profound philosophical discourse that is: "I do not know where my heart is hum ye derivative operator. The sentiment if able to know I have you! The "This ethereal the state of mind of course the manifestation of a realm is Zhang no wind in the embodiment of dragon and tiger ring space of one kind of perception of most is to be able taboo of others peep and derivative operator. Even if at the general because the sheets no wind completely of and Hu days knife life produce a fusion derivative operator Hu Tian knife natural derivative operator to the Hu-day knife's in the past now and the future instead of Zhang windless therefore will derivative operator error. force derivative operator also suffered bite them. But now Zhang no wind and invisibly set a ethereal mood. the Shenghuang time that Lan-dimensional weathered derivatives must register even Hu days in front of the screen gray one eye surrounded by a gray knife derivative does not count out really she is angry and helpless. successive speechless looked no wind, a derivative calculations are three or four times so results Lan-dimensional weathered Shenghuang in hearts angrily denounced the sentence: "this kid! "Suddenly had to give the rest a moment, waved at the scene to quiet down Lan dimensional weathered Shenghuang announced the start of a test will be implemented in three days of life and death playoff.
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