You are brothers of the disciples

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 18:28
"Ah, with the same name of a person I know, he also named Li Chang."

"Oh, this thing, when uncle introduced me know."

"I have not seen him." Ding Weiping did not expect such a coincidence thing.

"Ding Bobo Could it be that the old man has a relationship with Levy throughout that Lee Chang?" Lee Chang Road.

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"Yes ah! You ..." Ding Weiping suddenly sat up the body.

"I was that Lee Chang."

"You are brothers of the disciples?" Ding Weiping stood up.

"I am not." Lee Chang shook his head. "I think Ding Bobo is the Young Lee presented him a."

"Yes, yes, I'm the guy rod, spoil the Young." Ding Weiping said excitedly.

"How small your name? Mr. Li Lao told me that he called Li Weiping Young."

"I am an orphan, Lee is a master of the gifts last name. To leave the master, I joined the army, happened to see me Qinshu Shu, also changed back the name, but the name did not change it."

"I have to give you a letter, but I first need a proof that your old man's environment is the Levi Young, please forgive me seriously."

"The evidence? I have evidence? Me ..." Ding Weiping, after walking a few steps, said: "I know the Master's last wish, to know the master's life, which only we know the fellow. Should be regarded as evidence of it."
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