but the aggrieved shouted

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 17:27

Rattus now that a wronged ah! Was facing any day and said: ah! Any day smiled and said: under seventeen to you, do not you grab, this time I take the initiative to point account okay ah! Rattus did not pick up that pack of cigarettes touches just inside the woods to catch ah! Said with a smile: rectify this kid in Rattus own course, need help. Morning when to call the doctor, big brother told him to look at how to restore the body, who knows that said the doctor does not need to be looked at, ten days worth two months of the time of others. really do not know how to restore the body any day so soon. That when Lin Zaishun with the ask is not to smoke, the conclusion is slight bed action can do. At that time still swore that doctors goat it! Now looked like big brother, the doctor said that is ah! After much deliberation out Big Brother recovery so quickly for three reasons. First, it is to take care of the big guys, in particular, sister-in-law in those chicken soup with Liu Yue cook gruel; Second, it is the established policy of the Rattus this kid perform well, called Big Brother in the most serious top live not smoke; Third, it is big brother body has always been tough, estimated to be injured more own system has been used to this. Rattus then go rushing to the woods take the smoke, but have fallen into the the woods hand inside the smoke can Rattus and then grab back that the woods will completely bad home. Did not get the smoke Rattus could only smile in front of any day, said: ! when they are eaten not swallow the main, I really can not afford to be magnanimous. shameless kind is called the Rattus there Nanbian ah! Seems to bear the blame that he set back, do not know when the time any day with what is called own repaid! Just want to ask to that smoke in any place can buy time on any day, then to completely blow to lose confidence. go inside the toilet which he is not, that is dedicated boss and sister. The last time I saw accidentally into the sister on the other side of the underwear, and almost killed by the boss, is killed now do not go. Woods to see that Rattus left pulled out to throw that pack of cigarettes any day one, and then said: accept it! up, his mother does not smoke white smoke. Pumped up than Greater China are interesting,Tory Burch Handbags. again, is it! If so, then this kid in the woods wishful thinking that is wrong, forest butterflies now shrunk, whatever the outcome, trained and say fight forest butterflies assaulting a police officer, counts a great deal! with a little mystery, said,Kids UGG Classic Tall. Your kid now do not give me dumb, quickly said Otherwise that in suffering, and are now secretly carried Rattus That kid is not yet playing toward the forest butterflies report! Once the first casualty in the report it is not that kid's ears, but their own, that time is to see the 25 channels will be able to find a good,Sheepskin Cuff UGGs Boots, remember that this is a province N years ago TV advertisements. Linzai doctor then told any day, then sat side taste smiled, it seems godson will come out ah! Really is unlimited expectations. After listening to the words of the woods any day that took ** expression said: over ten days Bie addiction ah! Rattus come man saw clouds of cigarette butts and the two still on the ground, but the aggrieved shouted: Any day and woods two people that continue pondering looked at the kid, and then threw his cigarette woods,UGG Women's Classic Tall Dylyn. Rattus was polite, anyway, things have been unable to control, they simply do not care, waiting for sister-in-law came back to say it! Say they have no control over. where to send it! Own home is certainly not more strange because for Yang Chen. Some do not know, wanted to ask you, but then you also injured do not want to tell you to distraction, so I put there. not very good ah! They have money, but lonely. about the situation, and then I think of ways to find a place to let them both live together for some time. Woods remember the address, said: significantly better so. I also check it out, the two villas Yang Chen birthday gift to others, simply Yang Tianwei illicit proceeds, are still in the hands of the police, I think that is not called Yang Chen live in there better point it!, after all, it is her own home, life will be more convenient for her condition is better. when the villa transfer, so much the better. Any day in the woods left front also depressed sitting there Rattus said: will help you have Any day was not said, and the Rattus two people eating or Liu month to send over the porridge and some SH famous snack, but the taste is very light, considering the body of the arrival day. I do not promise that is another matter. Rattus kid seeking only to eat did not say anything these days that is to follow any day to eat a lot of good, but it is not long meat really is a strange Is it really inside his stomach worms, time the doctor to look at now own should be the body to eat up, as things can be a powerful momentum.

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