Diablo 3 Barbarian the level and the skills guide

May 19 [Mon], 2014, 14:48
The Barbarian is usually a melee bruiser, built to withstand the rigors of front line combat. Alternatively of use long-range attacks, the Barbarian is about wading in to the enemy ranks and taking them on in hand-to-hand combat.
Due to his close-range focus, the Barbarian requires higher statistics in Strength and Vitality, to keep him hurting his enemies with fundamental weapon attacks, and Vitality to keep him alive. More at diablo 3 barbarian skills guide.

His reduce Dexterity and Intelligence suggests he will take much more hits, as most attacks would not be dodged, and his resistance to elemental attacks, poisons, and magic is low. Enemy magic-users will causes issues for the Barbarian if he can?ˉt close in for the kill immediately, fortunately the Barbarian is equipped to have in close with his Leap ability.

The Barbarian requires to survive lengthy adequate alone, coming with quite couple of personally defensive abilities early on. Sprint and Leap are very good for escaping swarms of enemies or reaching a certain target, however they would not do something to buff your defenses. You will must wait till Level 22 to unlock Ignore Discomfort to boost your defenses.
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