Progression through these first five levels is easy

April 29 [Tue], 2014, 14:39
At this point in the game, I'm really enjoying myself. ESO has the main staples you'd look for in an Elder Scrolls game (or Bethesda game in general), including rich storylines, ample quests, and the ability to loot almost everything you see around you. I think the devs really hit that nail on the head because they knew that these are the things we'd be looking for. We play these types of games to find new and exciting challenges, but we play a familiar and comfortable IP like Elder Scrolls because we trust that it will be something we know we'll enjoy.

Progression through these first five levels is easy, and I actually like the fact that I'm still relatively powerless at this point. I have a nice green two-handed sword I found lying in a crate, and I got some new britches from a quest reward, but other than that, I can get my butt handed to me if I venture off into the wrong part of town (or dungeon). And I think that's how a good MMO should be: It should keep us wanting more. Make us think about strategic ways to accomplish challenging goals while we're away from the game.

I've also run into more than a handful of broken quests, which is frustrating considering I'm only level 5 and this game has been in testing for a long time. But luckily, there's still plenty to do, and I haven't encountered anything game-breaking yet.READ MORE: The Elder Scrolls Online Gold
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