liquid to lower blood pressure.

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 16:21
Section two hundred and thirty to netbsp; "long-term lie in netg, food y ù not vibration caused by malnutrition; long-term lie in netg caused by lung infection, the final cold cause pneumonia?; hypertension caused by dizziness, dizziness,oakley sunglasses store, J ī ng God depressed" Niao Ren looked casually said, "he must have constipation.?" "Yes," liu... First,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, "look, is it right? Hospital consultation organization? In his home not filming cannot test. Is his family refused to hospital......" "We don't need to come to the hospital consultation. Liu Dalin's condition is complex, but not refractory." When the doctor said, "did not have our limits. Treatment of ideas you are right." "I also have to pay attention to nutrition, the Liu Jinshi looked very old, poor nutrition to the detriment of his illness." Gastrointestinal Department of internal medicine, Lan Yangyang said, "he's arguably not poor." "The landlord eat is very poor, is a little flour and rice can." Liu San to the countryside to all the "Ministry of health and the rich hall clinic visits by" the seen so-called landlord lives, eating is not much better than the farmers, is nothing more than eat,Air Jordan 7 Sale, rice was slightly higher, a little bit of fish consumption of Rou -- the general farmers, eat fish 1 ù shrimp paste even meat. A serious shortage of protein intake. They made a study in the medical records of Liu Dalin, Liu Jinshi's disease etiology is obviously. The treatment is not complicated. Treatment discussion down is: first note sh è antibiotics for pulmonary infection. Also note sh è Danshen injection sh è liquid to lower blood pressure. And then to strengthen nutrition, glycerine laxative. Guide the Liu family by nurses to master brush, turning back, clean mouth, imparting bedsore prevention knowledge, improve the level of life care, Master Liu state j ī ng God can a good many. To arrange a certain rehabilitation activities. With the Yao conditioning and acupuncture, the whole health level will be greatly improved. We believe that the use of antibiotics, the high real estate oxytetracycline, net ray mycin of pneumonia bacteria infection is not symptomatic, and direct infusion may have too much side effect, penicillin note sh è agent or the use of inventory appropriate comparison "don't forget to let Zhang Ziyi do a skin test" Niao Ren reminded Liu three. "This is the practice, say no more about it." "We now work rough many, many there should be steps are now saved." Shi Niaoren said. Liu San took Niao Ren opened when Yao single, received several control yao. And then installed in the Yao box dedicated in bringing the. Zhang Ziyi in the Liu San m é n, already with the practice nurse helped Liu Dalin to scrub the body, oral - her nothing wrong clean floss, because of the long-term action inconvenience, Liu Jinshi has made her sign bedsore, all one one are cleaning, disinfection and application yao. The whole process she not only practical, but also from time to time to guide practice nurses, the nursing process is supple and soft body, let the nurse and wait in the room maid stayed to see, the NV service sh ì play really care a skill of Zhang Ziyi and then master Liu J ī ng God a slight recovery the news soon > patients
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