Dortmund out of the Real Madrid

May 03 [Fri], 2013, 11:55
Dortmund out of the Real Madrid Champions League finals barred, questions about Mourinho's future, has also become nike free 5.0 womens increasingly clear. Under the United Kingdom and Spain media messages, Mourinho return to Chelsea's strong probability, but not officially announced to Chelsea or Mourinho himself recognized the moment, often leaves the suspense. After the end of the game in Dortmund and Real Madrid, Mourinho might be spelt right away to his next stop, let all the rumors around for so many days is settled, but because the broadcast signal was suddenly cut off, only one minute, Mourinho left in the mouth have to tail off.
In the Hummels was a controversial figure. The 13 minutes of the game, Real Madrid's players asked referee for a penalty because Hummels down Yi Guayin within a restricted area. Real Madrid also put pressure nike huarache uk on the Referee Webb House fans, but Webber unmoved, in his view, suspicion fell on purpose, contacts between the two sides is not enough to get Argentina who fell. The 76 minute, Defender Ronaldo at the top of the closed area to pick each other out, Real Madrid's players to the referee motioned Hummels on hand, but Referee Webb still had not been ignored. Jose Mourinho to the fourth official to protest.
SINA sports news after being eliminated from Champions League Dortmund, Mourinho looked desolate accepted the United Kingdom ITV independent television journalist Clark interview, Clark asked Mourinho: "next year will be at Real Madrid? "Mourinho replied:" probably not. Me I want to go, and where people wanted me to go to places. ”
Trophy Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid in recent years related to the King's Cup Championships relying on Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in the final take, La Liga last season, not only did he break into the 46 balls, into the winning score in a critical game in the Camp Nou, helped La Liga Real Madrid locked. This season, Spain Super Cup, Ronaldo two rounds are scored.

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