and did not go out and leveling

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 15:55
The flash of white light, I went back to the city, and then straight back to the villa, cold, windy and tell me, and go directly to the villa waiting for him in the coffers of the villa, he is waiting for me! Saw me cold, windy and excited welcome up tense: "Buddy! Your dog small golden fox which went? Fast out!" Face puzzled his hand into the pocket, pinching the back of the neck of the little fox soft wool, mentioning him out Canada Goose Youth Chilliwack Bomber, unhappy little fox writhing limbs, it seems ...... I do not after he agreed to put him out, he was very upset! Then go cold, windy and reach out to the little gold fox, who knows ... saw the cold, windy and hands, small fox turned mouth will bite, cold, windy and hide Had I received fast, fast, really his bite. Cold, windy and no unhappy face the joy of watching the little fox Men's Freestyle Vest Canada Goose, looked for a while, surprise and said: "Ha ha ... developed really nothing wrong with this is the Nine-Tailed Fox king!" Nine Hu Wang? I doubt the little fox turned over, carefully watching his ass part halo ...... where nine tails, obviously only one thing! See my look of confusion, cold, windy and patiently explained: "is such a Nine-Tailed Fox usual king is you now in the hands of this form, only when a state of combat, he will reveal the nine tails can put this can be, this is a sign of the Nine-Tailed Fox Wang ah! "see my look of unbelief, cold, windy and not much to say, pointing to the hall Road:" You do not believe, then try to go to the hall, he absolutely can distinguish nine tail! "staggering looked small hands palm fox, I quickly went to the middle of the hall of the villa, the small fox on the ground Road:" little guy, you conjure up the nine tails let me see see! "little fox nostalgia looked my arms, then shoved it shook the whole body of the Golden Retriever, the next moment ... it began to morph! Palm of a small fox quickly becomes large only the blink of an eye, it turned into a foot by a small palm lion, the height of one foot high, at the same time ... nine long thick golden tail Behind him, suddenly ... the hall is a shiny! Stunned look at the little fox in the hall, I finally believe that the judgment of the cold, windy, really ...... by the display of the radar and detection of eye, and now this guy is the called the Nine-Tailed Fox king! Nothing wrong with. See my mouth fell open, a look of surprise, a small fox proudly looked at me, the body quickly narrow the instant right again restored to the original size, the lightning jump into my arms. Cold, windy and a really true expression faint on me and said: "how? Can conjure nine tails, you believe this?" Before I could answer, cold, windy and quickly turned and walked toward the workshop, while walking: "fast ... with a Nine-Tailed Fox king to my workshop, I just have good Jin!" Although cold, windy and then do not know what is meant, but he told me to go, I can refuse? Holding a small fox hot pursuit of cold, windy and the pace of the rush toward the warehouse. Ground in the vault, a complex Women's Nike Air Max Classic, hundreds of parts machinery is placed on the ground, the most attractive sight, even a small cockpit on this device, but ... I can see not exactly what this device. See I came, cold, windy and schematic and said: "Well ... Nine-Tailed Fox king in that cockpit as it, I will teach you how to do it!" In accordance with the cold, windy and pointing my little fox on the seat in the cockpit, and then follow the pointing of the cold, windy and pressed a lever next to the machinery! Snip! Snip! Rattle ...... burst of sweet, rhythmic sounds, mechanical tile on the ground quickly folded, upright only will the effort, it will become one and I almost exactly the same as pure gold robot In addition to facial ... its shape even exactly the same and I did not see the machinery and equipment it is just a bunch of garbage! Surprising look at the cold, windy and cold, windy and contented said: "how kind? Pretty good ... I follow your body for the mold, specifically for you manufacture wooden heart Jin ah!" Wooden Heart Jin? I'm talking about, puzzled. Nodded, cold, windy and explained: "Yes ... just a wooden heart Jin, his kernel iron wood manufacturing, in addition to play a buffer role, the most important role is to substitute alternative items you substitute surgery, which is ... then you can use this Jin as your substitute! "mysterious smile, cold, windy road:" originally ...... organs I am the only usable, but ... I think, if you use Jin When the substitute, but also can be triggered by the authorities not you kill the opponent when the opponent attacks Jin, Jin must fight back! "I still see one do not understand like, cold, windy and can only be patient said: "originally ...... Jin is the only organ division can be used, even if you get Jin can not make it to fight for you!" paused, cold, windy and continued: "But ... if you use Jin ironwood heart as a substitute, your opponent will attack on Jin Meanwhile ... after being attacked, Jin is automatically counterattack right, so ... change to mean that you can also use the Jin out! "see my look of surprise, cold, windy and continued:" You can go to Xingkuang try, in fact ... the organs of people and mousetrap, although you may not use, but others take the initiative to step up he still action, you go to try it under a try, you understood everything! "Xing hastily running down the hall got the Xingkuang try really ... Xingkuang attack I , as long as a substitute surgery, Jin will appear, and instead I accept Xingkuang attack, and then attack, launched an attack on Xingkuang! Jin forces of terror, inextricably and Xingkuang fight, not kill Xingkuang, but Xingkuang but there is no way to get rid of the pursuit of Jin, Jin is simply like a sticky candy, which ones with which, and how rejection also throw off, if not Xingkuang have a point of experience, has long been of Jin to kill. Xingkuang this back fresh, and where to be able to find such a good opponent? Daily in the villa, and my opponent's Jin exercises! A few days off, Xingkuang course progress, but not small 6 Jin progress, always account for less than the slightest cheap Xingkuang, full hall being chased parades around! Cold, windy and asked to know, the original ...... manipulated by the Nine-Tailed Fox Wang Jin and Jin manipulated by other Warcraft is completely different, manipulated by the Nine-Tailed Fox Wang Jin can upgrade! And ...... fighting to learn strategy and tactics! Even skills! Jin can do, as long as there is gold on it, but the Nine-Tailed Fox Wang is a sacred animal, the animal is only, that is ... I Jin also has a uniqueness! To say it, but ...... I can not bear forever the little fox locked up in the Jin inside, asked after a cold, windy and I did not know, I can always come up with a small fox from Jin to recapture go just before the battle . But ...... makes me a little uncomfortable, this little guy in Nine-Tailed Fox Wang Meng Sheng crossing the narrow-Su Um bell snail penalty kill properly b Wong the Gao \ quail die Zheng Q youngster beard ret quail tear prop strong garment banana penalty Q bad mortgage Huan and bream Look Otsuka o Strong hit Wong Chu Ah ア ditch pry T acres allow to playing t veranda 〖a revolution Lai Ji Huan Tan illness Huan Xia oxime \ quail wantonly raise negative playing? lt; br> the cloud large see the little guy is so powerful, progressive so fast, the reigning play big heart, and hit the little guy, but under a dozen large cloud was sad discovery, this little guy is a disgust magic metal, not thrown for magic did not swing first round killed the appalling, since then, a large cloud resolutely aside and the little guy a test of things! Time is too fast, and finally went to the game when, this time 30 into 15 games so far eliminated, and abstained, a total of only 30 people! The General Assembly to consider the rest of the people is too small, so I decided one day to two games, which is 30 into 15, and 15 into 8 produces the top eight! A week later, cold white finally rushed to 0, the last game he in fact was rushed to the 121, has not rushed to 0, a week after the second week of practice, and finally to 0, but ...... speed, cold white very satisfied with his words, if he is looking for a place to practice, and now have 80 lucky! As for Xingkuang and awe-inspiring, turns led the Jagged wild ride out robbery brothers the 3000 Jagged crazy ride are now became a millionaire each are a warehouse baby! Everybody grab crazy! But ...... the day of the race, the whole bunch of people did not go out robbery, and did not go out and leveling, because ...... the game and finally to the critical moment, and ... in the days Jagged Church, recruited and Vice recruited turn came to fight, they have to refuel is in the audience! -
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