Woodworkers Drill Down on Latest Boring Technology

February 08 [Wed], 2012, 10:16
Drilling panels, solid wood and composites are fundamental requirements for manufacturing wood products, while boring and dowel insertion equipment is necessary for all casework applications using dowel construction.

RedBookonline.com has compiled factors that need to be considered when purchasing a boring or drilling machine, including quality, reliability, product support, productivity, reliability, how user-friendly it is to operate, setup time and floor space.The machine’s composition and configuration can also play a part in the decision-making process. Consider the weight of the base, the quality of the steel, the type of table, the brand of electronics, the presence of a PC front end, the quality of the documentation for parts and the electrical schematic.

Also consider the machine’s ability to communicate with design software, its flexibility and the ability to provide vertical and horizontal drilling.Users should also look for multiple reference systems for part placement flexibility. The choice of an overhead CNC working center vs. a stationary single-side CNC drill and dowel machine vs. a feed-through CNC drilling machine, depend on a host of factors, including lot size, part characteristics, degree of automation and production rate.

Today’s machines are used for everything from simple drilling to complex three-, four- and five-axis routing. Advances are continually being made to the drill spindles and user guides to assist in setting up the vacuum pods and rails. Another area that continues to improve is the speed of operation of both flat table as well as pod and rail machines.
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