"A ticket is hard to find" phenomenon

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 11:36
11:00 sharp, and sure enough, the bottom right of the screen pops up a ticket window. Miss Chang to switch off the micro-Bo nike air amx ltd trainers outlet on the Go the prior log into 12,306 pages. I

saw the votes remain of the trips are marked in orange, the different seats do not also showing a bright green. Miss Chang eye grassland to choose a 2:10 PM issued by

the Guangzhou South G546 second-class seat ticket. Submit orders online banking login, payment, after the end of the entire purchase process, the reporter watches just

point 11:02.

Suspected hype "halt"

To "MIIT halt to grab votes Software," one said, Jinshan company responded that has not yet received the Ministry of Industry and halt grab votes plug notice. 360

Maxthon browser also denied receiving the MIIT halt to grab votes Software notice. To grab votes from the actual experience of the users point of view, the software can

still use.
Yesterday, Sogou browser also said publicly that pass grab votes plugin stopped by authorities, but so far, Sogou company has never been "interviews" never "halt".

Was stopped to grab votes software issue, "Beijing Times" reporter Li Bin revealed microblogging individual browser vendors said that night in fact, just received the

the MIIT phone, good products and technologies optimized hello requirements, do not give the railway bring pressure on the Ministry of booking sites, simply did not say

halt regarding like Jinshan and other nike air max 2013 uk sale browser vendors did not receive the the MIIT phone. said grab votes Software grab votes voided is nonsense. "

Another industry analysts who think Cheng-Dong Li, the Ministry of Industry and halt of software to grab votes "The hype is so obvious.

Nine adults think

Ministry of Railways fault than grab votes Software

Sina microblogging a survey of nearly 8,000 people, 87.2% of people believe that the Ministry of Railways to do is upgrade their website. Only about 10 of the people

believe that this force through a network software "stopper" of the act, in essence, on the contrary to fair.

The platform actually can not stand the huge Ministry of Railways to spend about $ 300 million to build a small network plug-in shock! Even more puzzling is that they

are not a good patch Bug, was busy with "interviews" and "halt", the use of executive powers to prevent market behavior. Reporters seems that the idea of ​​"Iron boss"

You ought to go.

"A ticket is hard to find" phenomenon, in the final analysis, the contradiction between the exuberant Spring Festival travel demand and insufficient capacity. Grab

votes software instructions, turned out the market unstoppable R & D to be filled. Ministry of Railways, the Ministry can not "own silly to blame others too clever". In

fact, grab votes Software is "stroke cheap nike air max 2012 uk ticket" family helpless selection. In essence, it is just the manual process of buying tickets through the software to achieve a

technical means of automation - like it was a pen arithmetic, while someone with a calculator.
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