Modern Spring Festival travel season will be

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 17:11
Modern Spring Festival travel season will be spent on all the capacity, in order to ensure the transport of the festival is also ancient. China in the past,
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government-run, commercial office, the private three types of traffic system, but no matter what kind are to be charged. Chatting away with the festival, the passenger

and logistics costs will be more expensive than usual, but it is relatively stable. As in the Tang Dynasty, commercial transportation, there will be a unified national

price, with the highest and lowest limit, even mileage speed has detailed provisions.

According to Don Six Code "is written in terms of speed and mileage standard is this: if land transport, horse line every day 70 miles; walking and donkey line is 50

miles; 30 miles dealers. Waterways, cargo inverse (Yellow) River, about 30 miles up; inverse (long) river about 40 miles up; 45 in the other river against the current

upstream. Other river 70 miles. Special circumstances can be reported to the department of water administration discretion to drop less.

Costs, if the car 1000 kg, 100 miles away, freight is 900 Wen; l00 pounds per pack to go 100 miles, freight is 100 Wen; walking hillside road freight 120 text. But

even walking are all within the Ridge Road, Zhongshan Road, the asking price is the highest nor more than 150 text; take the flat roads, again low cost can not be less

than 80 text. People back, carry, lift, two of the top pack charges. The Yellow River and the Yangtze River, and from You state (now Beijing) to the state level (now

Hebei lulong) Sheung Shui 16 Wen, water 6 text. Sheung Shui, 15 the rest of the river, the water 5 text.

The above is the price of day-to-day logistics, Spring Festival, should usually more busy, the price will be floating, but basically stable. The shipping fee is high?

To open the first year, for example, was equivalent to the primary shares-level cadres Nine official the January wages for 3817 text, daily income of about 127 text.

Two of the top pack carrying 100 things to go 100 miles, each 50-Man day is 50 miles away, the daily income of 25, which at the time to buy Doo 2 meters (about 25

pounds), so the time freight is not high. If you take the water, cheaper "boat to go home," the first choice when the ancients during Spring Festival.jordan sc 1 for sale

Finally, it is worth mentioning that modern during the spring someone will do charity, Free to send migrant workers home for the Chinese New Year, in ancient times

there will be a good man to do so, to send the money for the journey, so that the poor Chinese New Year with their families.
Five the casually Chinese season, after the most glorious hero was undoubtedly Yancheng Wu emperor Murong Chui. The Murong Xianbei person has established before such

as Yan Houyan the Nanyan North Yan bunch of Yan State. "Dragon" when inside Murong Bo education Murong Fu, I used to get Murong Chui when the positive energy: "Your

ancestors Murong Huang, Murong Ke, Murong Chui what hero ......" Murong family "white Krupp water white rich handsome children, not only all of them are handsome, but

also in particular can play. Murong Chui 13-year-old debut, the 71-year-old soldier. The lifetime calendar seven hundred war unbeaten generation "God of War.

Murong Chui contention accustomed to war is not only reflected in the battlefield, under the bed between versa, so the students a lot son. The son inherited Daddy's

good genes, the overall quality is very good. Results dad dead who also refused to accept, for the throne playing riotings kill all comes to jordan for salean end the children, the

last only a minority carrier Murong Hee.
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