Cell phones do you audit, the more the better phone number of cores secret errors

September 02 [Wed], 2015, 15:46
Dual-core phones currently on the market use low speed CPU, businesses "faster and better multi-core" as a gimmick to attract consumers ' attention. But many cell phone users in the use of the core or even quad-core mobile phone, still feeling video card and play big game not to force, so consumers could not help questioning: buy multicore cell phones are really good phone? Theoretically the more more powerful the processor, but the processor depends not only on the core also depends on product technology and architecture, so mobile phone core processor not only, it also depends on the structure, frequency and so on, solo is not necessarily worse than dual-core, take a look below.
Is it true, as he says, requires actual performance on mobile phones to test, let us take a look at video from inside out. It is well known that 3D gaming on mobile phones requiring a high level of performance, racing is more focused on back-office operations and dynamic picture. So the PK project is the time required to launch a 3D racing game. PK is equipped with new Intel2.0GHz processors of the respective front Li Mlais M9 MTK6592M Octa Core Mobile Phone, as well as some of the current best selling international brands quad-core flagship machine. PK results were a surprise, quad-core flagship gaming startup speed is slower than 2.0GHz mononuclear cell phone 33%.
Multi-core does not represent an absolute efficiency

Users in actual control of smoothness, and "audit" is not absolute correlation, cell phone run faster is closely related to CPU, CPU speed decided by many factors. Such as: frequency, pipeline architecture, cache design also affects CPU performance. Number of CPU cores only part of the CPU parameters, blindly accepted the nuclear number will only result in the phone user's burden.

Intel single-core chip performance
PK is the protagonist of the previous illustration Intel teamed up with Motorola's upcoming Mlais M9 MTK6592M Octa Core Mobile Phone, its outstanding performance from Intel Atom Processor specifically designed for mobile platforms, clock speed up to 2.0GHz, are the highest in current release smartphones processor clock speed. Move is bound to cause high frequency mobile Chase. In addition to this phone except in the CPU with the highest clock speed, and has the following characteristics:

Classical X86 architecture: Intel classic X86 technology on the PC is successfully ported to mobile phones. Further optimization of the operation execution.

Hyper-Threading technology: enables a single core at the same time the implementation of two directives, designed to make the most effective use of chip area, ultra high performance processor concentration suitable for mobile platforms.

Intel Intelligent core technology: instant acceleration can be achieved, more rapid action experience for users.

Single core and High-K technology to significantly reduce energy consumption: at present, the Smartphone standby battery life problem has become the technological development a challenge. Intel uses High-K as the gate dielectric materials, silica replaced still in use for more than 40 years, successfully reduced the leakage power 10 times more than double electricity consumption reduced by almost 30%, switching speed is about to speed up 20%. Meanwhile, single core itself is also theoretically more energy savings than the multi-core, standby and use extended access.

Mlais M9 MTK6592M Octa Core Mobile Phone experience

Mlais M9 MTK6592M Octa carrying high frequency chip Intel Core Mobile Phone, based on the outstanding performance of the core configuration, will create a great user experience.

Clock speed up to 2.0GHz of smartphones, smooth MT788 browse the Web, 3D game speed, start the program without waiting one second of ten rapid continuous shooting, HDR and 1080P video plays Super Audio visual experience and outstanding performance. Meanwhile, ultra high frequency combined with low consumption gives users a perfect lasting experience.

From this we can see that this cooperation between Intel and Motorola, will lead the mobile phone market for processor performance into new awareness. Believe our multi-core and monocytes have a general idea, nuclear is not necessarily better!