240,000 physical labor the private send to fix to check to fasten to imitate an article

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:20
13 year agos of Mr. Wang spend 240,000 to purchase of the physical labor private's form, disheveled hair is now an imitation when last year sent to fix.Mr. Wang will sell square the northern Chen shopping center tell into a court and claim twice loss and interest total 671,000.Yesterday, the dynasty sun court Asian Games village law court trailed this case.

the watch send to fix to know a not- original factory product

9:00 A.M., Mr. Wang beats a leave to follow law court under accompanying of person, Wang Hai, in the agent, occupation.

Mr. Wang say, November, 1995, he is in the northern Chen shopping center with 240,000 buy a Switzerland physical labor private's watch.The north Chen shopping center provided Switzerland of the form the really false examination for producing certificate and quality check section at first a report.Last year, he because of the form walked in luck quick slow, sent to the physical labor private's special contract maintain store check fix, the other party calls the form's not- original factory product, refuse maintain.

as one of the evidence of this case, the physical labor private's form is after the indictment produced.This gold color male type watch the dial inset to drill and do work fine, superficially have ROLEX classic sign, its over-wrap box also mark have ROLEX brand logo.

Mr. Wang produced really false consultation of an authority of September, last year report, prove this form for producing a country don't the imitation of not known.

Mr. Wang say, the watch only organic Xin is a physical labor private of, the watch band, dial and precious stones all fasten to haven't yet physical labor the private admits of imitation, "is a piece of fake watch."It according to eliminating a method to ask accused to back a to compensate a, and pay interest loss to add up to 671,000 dollars.

"the physical labor private of same style is 470,000 dollars in the price on the market currently."Mr. Wang says that oneself purchases a form in addition to using, also hope to collect to increase in value, but a cake of imitation like this is affirmative only have price drop of son.

the accused called to once tell is refitted form

"all of machine Xin and case of watches are physical labors private, don't call physical labor what does the private call?"The agency lawyer of the north Chen shopping center says that the external appearance of watch that Mr. Wang buys really has been refitted, but this circumstance has been already told when it buy form, the quality providing with the form checks to report to copy a piece to also mark clearly:The external appearance of the form has been refitted.

Mr. Wang deny he or she knows what happened and call didn't notice the concerning the description for refitting in the quality check's report, but examined a thing while purchasing one column's definitely writing is the physical labor private's watch.The reporter checks to see in the report in this quality, "refit" two words be at the right moment suppressed by the Company's seal, adding it is to copy a piece, a bit misty.

Wang Hai think, the quality in 1995 checks report the external appearance that proves form be modified, but didn't prove a watch existence quality problem, not original package.The plaintiff applies for to law court, the opponent form carries on value valuation, although encounter accused objection, law court still kept agreeing his application.

need value the valuation have result after, this case will continue be in court session.

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physical labor private:Produce form not to do any refit

yesterday, the physical labor private traded(Peking) limited company service center.The staff member said that the physical labor private has never established special contract in the north Chen shopping center currently dealer and counter.

she says, the company can't carry on to physical labor private's watch that has been already produced any refit, can't maintain watch after refitting, either, also forbid special contract at the same time the dealer sold to once refit of the physical labor private's watch.

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