the separation of the so many points the soul

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 18:26
"Join hands to fight with me?" The ghost sorrowful Zhaoao yīn, laughed, "the soul of my points, just nine low-level when you can play you dare to face in my (,Nike Jordan Melo M8.) Now, my sub soul all advanced to nine in order you what the power of resistance? "Tangying Yao, you're smart, you know, I will leave Qizheng Tao a life, but it will not let you go, even if you can pull up Qizheng Tao together, and never will be my opponent! "With the ghost in Ao's Jiejie yīn laugh, one a ghost, Since bones floating out Qizheng Tao, and Tang Yingyao two stunned and cold hands and feet, completely speechless! This quantity is too amazing! ! ! One hundred of the soul, which is the Qizheng Tao and Tang Yingyao past to know the number in their view, the separation of the so many points the soul, and to ensure that the divided soul does not bite them, which is very scary, to conform his soul Timor appellation but steady stream of sub soul the moment, it has more than three hundred! ! ! The face of the soul of the one hundred and ninety-order sub, the two sides together, yet it does not know can be unbeatable is now more than three hundred, even hundreds of sub-soul also may be more, where they can to enemy? If you are in the space outside of these countries strong, perhaps also each Cheng Wei energy, scattered to escape even if the soul of Emperor ghost Ao no matter how powerful, the divided soul no matter how special, after all, is he could not accomplish the fairy realm,Nike Kobe VI UK, where there is likely to catch so many nine peak of nine high-end strong? However, here, in this place even walking strenuous flying ghost Ao, not only occupied the absolute advantage but also very calm, kill all of the front of dozens of strong! Now, no one doubts, ghost Zhaoao kill himself as to kill a chicken, but no one is willing to yield the strong survive here are indomitable presence (.) And even that Qizheng Tao face twitching, also not in considering whether to surrender, but to consider how to keep the greatest degree of Qijia Jiang even though weak, but also hard work! ! ! The face of a steady stream gushed ghost Zhaoao points soul, Qizheng Tao never, ever understand their thinking "Tang Yingyao your speed back, I'll hold him!!!" Two bright white tibia and impressively Qi Zhengtao escapement in in the hands of two alone, I do not know what the strong legacy of the tibia you want alone retaining the soul of Emperor ghost Zhaoao? Tang Yingyao while stunned, however,Oakley Limited Sale, she was smart she is relying on the smart, just in the case of its qualifications were very general, managed the forces of Cham Dragon Court has been saved, inherited, and not fall into the easy home and so strong dying fancy bullying miserable point where "we go!" Tang Yingyao no longer preserve the strength, I saw her the Qijia all the walking that's strong strokes hurricane field waving own physical surroundings spoke shè to go out, going to Cham Dragon Court you strong all involved how violent hurricanes even if it is by strong pressure from the Maronite Fam let Ye Pengfei suddenly thrust moved even outside her hurricane roll, I'm afraid to be out of their wits! !! "If you said Qiu old, white maple China, no angel Timor, these people's fields Viagra can, go the purely strange route then, Tang Yingyao the field of Viagra can, go of is pure power of routes can be swept through everything, destroy everything the power! Seemingly slim and weak Tangying Yao, turned out to have such a pure force-field Vaillant, which makes Ye Pengfei may no longer re-analysis of the Cham Dragon Court side of the strong. "It would appear that, although Apart from that thank two However, they seem not pure strength type of strong, in fact their fields Vaillant, taking the pure force type route! "is the so-called one soil to support a party who practice grew up strong in this Fam, regardless what type past, now are into force type of existence, of course, the key lies Qizheng Tao if he can not block the soul of Emperor ghost Ao, not to mention other Qijia strong no time ran Tangying Yao, even has been the Tang Yingyao coerced into hurricanes field Cham the dragon Court congregation strong, I am afraid it is escape ............ ghost Ao derided "Qizheng Tao Qi Zhengtao loss I also look at your first-line high, I did not expect, you actually foolish" number Road Ghost, each to issue a secluded green sè beam to saw these beams bring together, hit several breathing Qizheng Tao In fact, the ghost Ao distance that Qi Zhengtao But tens of thousands of miles from such a short distance, do not said nine existence of the peak of the man of God, even if it is a mere fairy environment, of the strong level of God, the attack can also be moments Jizhi special Uncharted space, and even the speed of the beam also been reduced slow to the staggering degree so pengfei ye However, let Ye Pengfei more staggering is that, after several breathing time, this beam to the shè to the Qizheng Tao before that Qi Zhengtao actually could not escape! Not only failed to escape, his chest, is this the quiet green sè the beam ripped out a Wankou size hole! Look at the gurgle of flowing blood, unlike under What illusionist surprised pengfei ye also despite soul here is limited, hurriedly stretching soul, good confirmation click "Yes, Qi Zhengtao serious injury" to the realm of Ye Pengfei, all his soul peep under, the Qi Zhengtao Mami Magic body, clear evidence that he clearly saw this not only survived Qizheng Tao is a true real positive Qi Zhengtao, not the slightest bit fake soul in the neighborhood search Search no findings that this Qi Zhengtao not only did not escape, did not use any illusion flac, did not leave! It is incredible, previously Qijia Jiang, to Cham Dragon Court side raid from the speed, the number of interest within and escaped that road a quiet green sè beam even everywhere Anfu Shazhao, no problem "Qi Zhengtao This is how?" pengfei ye noticed side swiftly towards Cham Long Court the Qi Jiaqiang, a cheeky surprised "Is that the soul of Emperor the ghost Zhaoao the Arcane?" pengfei ye suddenly come to understand not Qizheng Tao did not want to hide, but he was bound by what unknown force, there is no way to to hide not Qizheng Tao do not want to Anfu Shazhao, but he was what unknown force to the lock, simply can not do anything! "Rely on, which also hit what hit ah, is entirely to die Well a" Ye Pengfei can not help but widened his eyes, looked at the second beam the quiet green sè beam straight toward the that Qi Zhengtao, disease shè over! (To be continued)
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