Bright and beautiful spring day glow fluorescent let you wear a confidence

April 08 [Mon], 2013, 16:25
Spring recovery in all things, flowers in full bloom, everywhere is full of vitality and color. If the colour to wear in the body is the most appropriate, then the fluorescent color is good choice, which conform to the popular colors, and can attract the eye, and confidence.

Tie-in Tips: phosphor printed chiffon jacket + pencil pants
Pink is a typical representative of female charm, phosphors such bright colors show a more romantic breath, deserve to go up a printed with color pencil pants, walking in the street will undoubtedly become the focus of people.

Tie-in Tips: fluorescent green scales coat + yellow feet pants
Is gorgeous color, green and yellow collocation are together with the spring green willow reel off raw silk from cocoons, miss yan yan scenery and clinking. If put on it a walk in the street, then all show youth and vigor.

Tie-in Tips: fluorescent blue sweater + denim shorts
Fluorescent blue has a kind of elegant, noble temperament, whether it is a sweater or chiffon material item, as long as there is electric blue will pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, simple with a pair of shorts or other Jimmy Choo beige pants will make people feel bright eye.

Tie-in Tips: white silk short sleeve + fluorescence Huang Zhui pants legs
Fluorescent yellow is the color is very fresh, with a white shirt, a whole won't be too make public, concise and easy and can show out unique taste.

Tie-in Tips: fluorescent purple sweater + broken beautiful pencil pants
Purple, purple has always been a dream, the symbol of fluorescence is added to the dream of a layer of mysterious veil, a fluorescent purple sweater with a printing pencil pants and Jimmy Choo Orange Pumps, artistic breath.

Tie-in Tips: the fluorescent red coat + hollow out a skirt
Fluorescent red and spring day in safflower, decorate scenery beautiful, red and green grass, shade hand in photograph reflect, again appears people look particularly good.

Tie-in Tips: phosphor coat + phosphors thin leg pants
Full set of phosphor powder delicate and charming be about to drip like a bud, but also show girl feelings and great charm, and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes also add a bright spot to spring.
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