I will not dare to promise to you that

October 28 [Mon], 2013, 16:46
That day I picked up a young man read the book, and I do not know that the Japanese people write Tingquan the last one leaves, and shed tears. one day, a year, for life to do so in the past? Bored Chennai, I walked in the street, the city has seen a small flower peony development is not very good, I give everything to buy it home, I finally had my time, finally has its own Peony . I was determined to take it bred the most beautiful flowers. peony, it really is the king of flowers in my careful cultivation, the thin technology lush leaves gradually up, attitude is also fully extended maturity. Maybe it is the flowering of the launch, her exceptionally well up. Flowering is approaching ... I always put it in the sun, the light is too strong to hold it back, careful care, and finally one day blossom, it was the most beautiful moment of my mind, but also the happiest moments. In arrogance brilliant open flower, I like to see their own lost childhood and youth can not go back. I would like to extend its flowering. one day, two days my careful observation, that flower slowly fade, I do not care to arrange their own flowers hand torn, a few drops of blood falling petals, I hurriedly Soon I found out he visits peony has released exotic colors. One night, I do not know how much with the needle under the blood painted on the petals bloom watched it again and again, and we need more and more blood, my blood seemed drained, who also seems very tired ... see the flowers fell to the ground holding. do nhl jerseys china not know when his son came back rescued me, and I looked around the withered petals scattered all over the floor, the heart seems to have gone, I can afford to think about: Do not wait for it to live for the next flowering.days, dark, lonely slowly cut, the heart began to hurt. How many night, alone in the night walk through the city streets, watching the lights of the street on both sides of the shadow of his lonely road together with extended forward. Autumn wind is icy cold, in this season, the usual leafy plane trees, as dusk of the elderly, the lifeless. Whose tears are flying?

Along with autumn leaves Indus Falling from branches sky flying. tonight; came to the plane-tree, I put on the cold cheek snapping tree trunk, plane trees in the rustle of the leaves whisper, like a voice asked me:; What commitment do you want? is, in such a late autumn season, when your voice through space, through a long and arduous journey, in order to show the form of the text in front of me, I looked at the window of the plane trees, quietly ask myself,:; your commitment, I can want to do? perhaps because there are too many novelty, and in that day, and I am like an elf, like, came to your paradise, frolicking in the halls you play, see your text in the downtown, and your article in whispers dialogue. Those articles read chapters China, Millennium voice drowning in those years, kept changing the listening mode. Masterpieces in such modesty, my tireless and from the Indus to tree. Perhaps too eager, and come back when they shut the shadow carry in your fingers, so you live in my plane-tree. Perhaps, you have too much desire to conquer it! Inadvertently let you climb up my heart, quietly, there is a feeling, slowly grew into plane trees! Sycamore trees grew only in the spring to the bustling leaves, also broken foot, plane trees paradise for many years to weave a dream ...... I know, you're just a steal into my ethereal shadow, knowing only for the night, condensing my expectations. And I, in order to be able to come with you, quietly waiting for that moonlight, I try to make their own, opening into a masterpiece Allure of flowers, cliffs, deep your watch. give me a promise now! I know that with commitment, there is a wait of hope, with reason to wait,mlb jerseys wholesale with spiritual sustenance, with the strength to survive the torment of Acacia. However, I will not dare to promise to you that, it is not easy for this commitment, I am wasting every day, every day haggard. So keep looking, keep looking at the cold autumn wind, keep looking in my heart many times dreaming your shadow, keep looking at the daily heart to heart communication with you, keep looking, one day, plane trees, etc. to rest of the Phoenix , keep looking, you give me that promise. However, I did not wait for your plane trees on a promise, but, other become, a hard training ......
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