it should not impact .As tension

December 11 [Tue], 2012, 12:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultYue Fei like conjured from thin air ,burst into the air out of the single ring .
With a shake, white man ,should a gun and broken UGG Women'sSparkles I Do. the latest update to make the gun pointed to pick ,perfectness ,carrying Li Xiuyuan belt ,and will Lee Xiuyuan ,pick up his horse after .
Freely flowing style of writing make smooth reading. Allow the gun to kill less than its ,allow the gun to save people who show a gunman .The sudden appearance of Yue Fei ,called Sa Man reaction is patted slow ,after a few seconds before suddenly outbreak .
Kill ! Although a great voice ,tone or dull .Yue Fei !Grab public ! or can not move !Don miss a good chance ! We do not fear !As long as Yue Fei does not go ballistic !We still have a chance ! Ring of encirclement quickly up ,it will Li Yue two people flooded .
The door ! Shi Wenchang ,as heard the thunderous .A gate as appears in Yue Fei horse .Yue Fei hesitated ,rushed to horse .The next second ,appeared in Wenchang on the other side of a door .
This time, in eight of two men ,had collected birds ,on his horse .Needless to say ,hurried north to withdraw .How reinforcements had only been a ? Hero life asked . on the north side was army stopped !I kill a tight encirclement, washed it here ! Yue Fei .
He added : northwest ! The front is a fork in the road ,a road, to the north, a path leading to the northwest .About North heavy enemy encirclement ,it should not impact .As tension ,behind after cries shake day price is still sound, hero life didn thought what ,see Yue Fei carrying Li Xiuyuan to the northwest path ,will also follow .
Four of the three ride ,ran a ,don to escape into a valley .Life of a hero at the front form, groaning under the secret heart .In front of the valley, even a bad is the Golden Army camp ,stationed in the army .
Precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on both sides ,no possible escape. ,before the enemy ,have after chase after arms ,and the two men ,sandwiched together ,will they stuck to the center .
?Myna. If trapped ! Hero life cried . The door ! Eight saying ,and in front of a door ,make a hurried journey without stop ,breaking the door : remember the deceleration ! Life with the hero behind Yue Fei ,rushed to .
In front of the flower, appeared in another place .Very strange, like some of the darkness ,some small ,only in the front, with a ray of light . Gee ! See Yue two people ,in the front have stopped down ,also pay no heed to rein back to life .
Is a bit slower ,suddenly broke out in a cold sweat .Even in the imperceptibly ,walked to the edge of the cliff .Then some steps forward, should the horse break the front foot ,into the fall .
Quickly dismounted ,bent over the probe in the following circumstances .Line of sight ,the opposite is a rock ,there is a wild rock valley, on both sides ,it is just to see the two soldiers .
Looking back, looking around for four case .It is a cliff cave .I do not know how to open here .Just be eight see ,just in the Tianshan escape door reach, will exert an escape ,escape here .
Hero life into insight ,found that there is not big, soon saw the bottom .It can help them four .Moreover, the drive so high ,and in such a steep cliff ,the following people want to deal with them ,was afraid what good way .
However ,they want to go out ,but it is difficult thing . What do we do now Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Sale? Hero life question eight .In eight from just now ,every step is very very stable way ,using two Tianshan escape door ,a Yue Fei Li Xiuyuan from the tight encirclement of escape ,once made them four from the sandwich Dun ,performance is reliable ,very reliable .
So the hero life then subconsciously looking for him to make up his mind .But when the eight again no matter is not responsible for the attitude of soy sauce .Take things as they come. Patient !Anyway Shanhaiguan is so close ,Shanhaiguan generals of the Yang family ,certainly not let us fall without save .
We have a good day is good here !You wait ,I call support ! After a eight call ,have a look at end of life support ,who hastened to ask : Yuejia army by numerous army ,joined the siege ,the situation is grim, not strength to save us .
Bad !The enemy a meter ! Yue Fei listened to the news ,to face all red .Punched Zhongshan wall : in the camp took command !The Shanhaiguan generals of the Yang family ,if against the enemy !I will not become a traitor through the ages !Bad bad !Must go out to !We can !Shi Shuzu.
Please open the escape door ,let us fight our way out ! No way. In eight head, easy to say: maybe they just besieging reinforcements ,we go out ,can be immersed in the ocean of people .
It is truly become a hate eternal ! Shi Shuzu ! Yue Fei head skeleton : if the big industry be destroyed on one day to save the nation !I can live in the world of Yue Mou even ,what face to see Chinese elders !Please Shi Shuzu must fulfill ! Yue Fei ,speak in excitement emotion Canada Goose Trillium Outlet,extremely elegant and valuable ,even a quarter were infected ,advised in eight : starling !We really can wait here !We fight with them !Even as much as span ,but also to Yue marshal and go back ! No way.
The enemy force ,and senior boss company, we have no chance ! In eight shook his head . Alas ! Yue Fei once again to hit on the rock ,so his fist in blood : unfortunately ,splash me the most important two Jin Ling ,in plunder ,knocked out ,disappear without a trace !Otherwise ,if the Jin Ling here, I wreck a life element ,can also go ballistic with blood ,it can break through a tight encirclement ! Oh.
What a pity .Eight but authentic . Shi Shuzu !Listen to the morning patrol patrol soldier said ,in the end ,see a golden sky ,from Shanhaiguan ,direct to their patrol area .As a golden light ,not be progenitors can be seen ? Oh ,that such a thing ?I don ah .
The gold is what baby ?Or something else ?What a pity !If I see, must take them to check !It really is !What soldiers so slow !To see such a strange day, even do not inform me and Gao Niu generals ! In eight deploring the tunnel .
If I guess wrong ,the golden rays ,is I was knocked off the Jin Ling ,there are a pair of bling ,looks very bright wings Jin Ling ,than the general feathers are more robust than, the Jin Ling ,Shishu father really have not seen ? No.
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