the emperor make Uncooperative they palm

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 15:59
Loose Mans praise this little guy, I know, the old, however-year-old fell to the malicious role of hands side is almost the same compared to the fate of the year Hanxiandi want to come. Gar you minister sectarianism tailor new master young, the premature exposure Songtsan the death is bound to cause confusion jointly ordered a blockade of the message on the ground, even the guards, are all replaced several collusion minister slain, banning the palace all contact with the outside world. However, Songtsan wife text into expensive for me Her Royal Highness Princess of the Tang Empire, Gar naturally not do too far, but will be placed under house arrest, but fortunately our princess around, so directly pigeon release from the palace, otherwise, we are afraid that there is no way to know the major events. Although on the surface a harmony within the palace, you Minister very surmount, in fact, afraid of each make a abacus If the message can vent out, or leakage to of Songtsan two king brother knowing that Tubo inevitably External and internal. Datang this time to engage in the action of some speculation, even temporarily take no less than Tubo, also allows the original barbarian kingdom of Datang harbor different ambitions become fragmented. More thinking, more excited heart, the Songtsan really is dead too timely, dead rival, excitedly almost ran the Tubo grip The good comrades hand to his three bows. Think about or forget, we but honorable men, we can not go Tubo cliff on top of the skeleton with The the Tu Fan countries master the talk on the ground? This time, Uncle Lee with your big brothers to discuss the increasingly to seem intense. Cheng Shushu group of militants led by a strong requirement to Uncle Lee. To take this opportunity. First is located in Datang southeast corner of land the Tubo sites to swallow. There are two reasons, one. Datang army has infiltrated to the Lut deliver the city, and has been made in the Tibetan princes trust, if they can bring opportunity to swallow. That at least Tubo great loss of strength. Can be pressed on westward through this the Tubo States base. Second. Tibetan princes who as early as the Tubo minister's heart, and Tubo country phase known as the implacable, was dispatched army. Help their to become Tubo country main. So. The Datang get considerable interest. Thus play an control the Tibetan effect. The ------------------------------------------------ however. Cheng Shushu et al proposal was that the results Uncle Lee et al against fecal urgency at the moment steaming to kill in the past, it is easy to cause the Tibetan national antipathy from top to bottom. In addition. But allow the Tubo people in this very period. Unity to side Gar et al. Make the country one mind. But not easy to win the Tubo, another. Tibetan princes who pull the cloth to get praise and always have been, an indecisive person Nirvana praise Mans praise, his son is a personal matter. But too much ambition, and this person is not easy to control. That time to help him. Maybe and other the country potential established after. Him ten ** will be turned on. I the Datang instead caught in an embarrassing situation. As for Li Jingbo parent insists that now is not the conquest of the best time of the Tubo Tubo temporarily suppressed the country main Songtsan uh fart to the message. Must be in order to compete for power. Datang if we send troops. It is too early. Should wait and see the the Tubo ground inside to see if there is not an opportunity. If you do not. , By the hands of two Tibetan princes, let friction. Try to weaken the strength of the Tubo ground. Contention bother to go to ground. Entire general staff hospital almost became a vegetable market, Cheng Shushu with Li Ji Uncle top to a spittle flying, fishing sleeves rolled clothes, as if whoever momentum weak, this conquest Tubo's task will be from their hands The inside slip away generally. Uncle Lee headache bitter face, edge, gratefully bunch Xingzailehuo ground to see him fail. The son is one of them, I wish Both of these in the hall outside Guangzhuobangzi pinch on one that was lively. However, Uncle Lee finally stand out and pleaded field, Unfortunately, we can only put away the theater in mind, watching Uncle Lee who Datang His Majesty the Emperor of how to dispose of this matter. "Well, two Aiqing to national affairs worried this is a good thing, but in this noisy Whatever next, if people look to not joke the Haier As-court minister of state, do not know a decent, ah I think, several Aiqing said are justified, but each has its own length, the Tubo country main Songtsan killed. actually I Datang the opportunity, how to grasp, you have to look at let's own, grasp well, Tubo I Datang's vassal is not a bad idea, if mishandled, the loss of soldiers off will not say, but also easy to fall into the Other Fan vassal Eye, think I Datang Hing nonsense division and cutting damage my Datang's eminence. "Uncle Lee relieved two hands behind leisurely in the hall marched in step, side eloquent. "His Majesty said even the minister thought, the matter is really a great opportunity to opportunity to grasp how we could both make me Datang obtain the maximum benefit, but also weaken the Tubo, can we was the neighboring country of not hostile eyes look at us, this is to head deliberations. "Father also came and Road. Well Mens Polo Coats Sale, let him to my heart, and most of the people present were nodded to show their identity, course, the shameless old rogue Chengshu Shu, Zhang Liang, and they whispered madness not let's pretend not to hear it. Telling the truth, and the machinations of playing on the battlefield, we do not in the affairs of state above, I more than Father their opponent. But in this country-to-country interests to the collusion calculating the other strokes, the son see a lot more in the future generations, but also to see much more. Of course there is a reason Canada Goose Mens Lodge Vest Sale, I do not want me to leave Changan, let others forget my presence, so I stood up: "Your Majesty, the servant would think that, at present, certainly not with the timing of the Tubo positive tactically reason no different with Li Jing adult said, Wei Chen also think that we can take advantage of the internal friction of the Tubo internal ... "I then just said it the Cheng Shushu stood out:" Xian Xu small epigenetic usually Seeing you feel very clever, how you current take people Li Lao adults overnight rice fried play. "Cheng Shushu words suddenly let the presence of Morohito ridiculous, harm to the son station is not sitting is not . Fortunately, Uncle Lee, I am more care. Cheng Qing sit down, have you talking like this? Xian Xu, you have something just bluntly is ignore those idlers. "Ah It clearly is against a person, but a person only turned two The white of the eye, the thick-skinned real face to get back on the couch, it seems that Uncle Lee had said on air, without any relationship with his muddy. - "However, Wei Chen felt that we can not look at the hands, but need to make a few hand ready If the Tubo no civil unrest, then we let them mess up, if they are in turmoil, we have to allow them to become more chaos, it is best nationwide disintegration disorder, "I have not chipped the impact by Cheng Shushu, the most important have been accustomed to, began calmly analyze up somewhat noisy as my topic in depth, originally The General Staff nosocomial gradually become silently together. ------------------------------------------------ First Tubo of these three forces, the strongest, is naturally the emperor to make vassal to Gar of this school to concentrate the majority of the Tibetan nobility. Second forces is dark compliment us of Nirvana praise Mans praise the strength in these three forces which can only be regarded as a minimum ground Nirvana praise Mans praise this person, but not so good control too ambitious But precisely because of his forces, he for our Datang attachment tighter. A force, is the younger brother of Songtsen: Mans Jacobsson praise, this person is a handsome before running the army rigorous military training have the law, then that is his campaign Quartet Songtsan conquests, can be considered on Tubo several of the famous, but he also has shortcomings, is a man too outspoken, easily considered dead, do not hit the wall Do not look back master. Because of this, his personality Gar and other sleek, officialdom old sons very not bear watching, often conflict, Songtsan seriously ill before their tune north strong command tens of thousands of troops Yu Shou boundary both to the tranquility of the Tubo preparedness Datang eyeing to letting this King brother shop and go to the thing he does best: leader Xu side also free in their own ability to suppress brother and Gar conflict occurs greater misfortune and conflict, is a good way to say that, unfortunately, which gave us use of a breakthrough. Because of this person's character too outspoken, cranked it, but also happens to be our favorite, because we can take advantage of its character, to do a big article. As for Gar and others, the emperor make Uncooperative they palm of a righteous cause, However, Both of these princes naughty together, with his brother's identity and prestige of the country the main, it is definitely not a small glimpse of, say, pine Tsan dry cloth in his death, Bong Little Lord came to the throne, Gar and others do not bother to say, the edge here, naturally people have a lot of Lenovo not even notice, if the news leaked out, people provoke, it does not fire to be strange. Spoke, my side ghoulishly smile, try to use the expression with the language with the view to increase the convincing, Father, Shilian horse weeks civilian hear mesmerized, ah, because of the machinations has been literati eventually love. The other side, enraptured the Li Ji uncle Canada Goose Youth Freestyle Vest, Jiang Xiawang, Li Daozong, Li Jingbo parent and others is an entirely different story.
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