ordinary people have Xing no wind waves

May 24 [Fri], 2013, 12:17
Luxury villas lie nearly 100 with mutilated bodies soaked by the rain, with dyed the large tracts of land, many villas, there are still many living in the trembling,Coach Online Store, but Li Jiayu did not bother to spare none, but those ordinary people have Xing no wind waves. Out of the villa, Li Jiayu holding her sister in Yanzisu walked over, the most exciting is Li Donglin, his sons and daughters came to see, all over shiver, red eyes is also cannot stop falling tears, three two went to the front of the son, so kindly glanced at Li Banyue, hasty track: "she, half of what happened to her! No, not hurt......" "Dad, don't worry. Just in a coma, half of it, it's no big deal." "Really? Are you sure she is not their......" Li Donglin is not to entertain imaginary or groundless fears, but Daming hunting group sleaze, waste in their hands is not uncommon in women. "OK, Dad, we walked half she said, God blesses., which is so easy to be dogs that calf advantage?" Li Jiayu smiled, a little proud, also some lucky. All is well. Yanzisu later confirmed that Li Banyue, with Li Donglin looked at each other, don't look very natural to say: "the good jade, you leave it, something here......" "Huh?" Li Jiayu tip of brow pick, heart bad feeling, and he looked away, but see hanging in the underworld horses neck bag gone! Backpack filled with dark magic, but the insect larvae crystal, precious unimaginable! See Li Jiayu don't look too good, Yanzisu low head, a little ashamed softly: "just now...... There's a shadow to drill out from the ground, scared me and East uncle hurriedly retreating, but he said to me...... Said by insect crystal with and then directly to the backpack rob in hand, I and horses, detonation hammer dragon want to resist, he gently raised his hand, there are strange whip black around us, can't move, we only watched him march off, oh yes, he said no against you if all goes well, ten days later will worm crystal hands back......" Li Jiayu heart in a sudden, hurriedly down Yan Zisu's body,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, she has been under a curse what sinister evil,oakley sunglasses, to be sure she really fine, and then Li Jiayu put down the pressure in the heart of stone. "Jiayu...... You, you're not angry? So precious treasure robbed of crystal,......" Yan Zisu, Liu Mei lightly she, apologetic whispers. Li Jiayu smiled and shook his head: "black evil insect larvae crystal was taken away, really a pity...... However, buy peace, as long as you and daddy didn't hurt it, insect crystal what is outside the body, the future is the opportunity to get, but you are not the same, if you encounter unexpected things would be unable to recall." For Li Jiayu the black Prince of insect larvae crystal but also more than Hall's a finger, even if such a precious insect crystal can be worth one hundred three low order of crystal, also nothing. "Jiayu, sorry...... I didn't use......" Although Li Jiayu said don't care, but Yan Zisu is still very remorse. Li Jiayu shook his head, advised the hall sister-in-law >
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