Three people obviously ill-prepared

April 12 [Fri], 2013, 15:02
When right yao night. Chen Lang gave a telephone call from Pat department chair. Plaques engraved. Chen Lang after Diao nonsense direct pick Ming said yourself this time something needs to leave for some time, The Head of the Department said nothing, let Chen Lang go now Where is he to take leave, etc. Chen Lang to Head of leave open. Chen Lang smiled and looked at the Head of the Department, a couple of pounds, are some tacit. The when yao night Shen Lang quietly out of their own schools and casually stroll over time to see Zhu South and Kerry two people driving a black Audi 6 near the side of the trunk of Shen Lang stopped. Kerry does not sit in the co-pilot of a set, but sitting in the back, placed inside, too, is more, it is the feeling of some chaotic, Chen Lang did not care directly sitting in the copilot's a set above. "Walking to quadrangles where." Then later turned his head and looked at Kerry specifically asked said: "Kerry, you here should not be any problems, I do not want to have any feeling of disappointment." Kerry shy Shen Lang smiled "As long as they do not spend the satellite of the national institutions, we do not have any problems, all the rest of the electronic signal I can control the finished deliberately Chen Lang gestures his thumb, but it does point to himself. Chen Lang is also put up his thumb, the object is also three of his personal and his party first stroll on the road in a circle, then went to the the Dongcheng District Nianzishan alley before driving, there is a courtyard Chen Lang's original Hart's advice to buy, say Chen Lang really is the first time to before heard it here. less good. yard also big, behind the garage can also direct the car parked in the yard. However, in order to the period of insurance Zhu South still parked in the garage behind some large courtyard, the total area of ​​approximately over seven hundred square meters left to do, catty, week, housekeeping come clean, now looked very neat. general construction is a residential plus three campus-wide. Chen Lang before and did not come, so the number of bit curious. although it was night, but Chen Lang still very interested. , Zhu South alone a person up to check them in the courtyard, Kerry pounds, interest is not alone to find a campus-wide to stay inside. touches Zhu South check finished, some looked worried Shen Lang said : "Shen Haug some big, a hard to keep you safe, and you brought me arranged in a campus-wide set of months, if it is really what's going on, even a reaction time did not . Small. Touches Shen Lang is very understandable nodded. "Notice the Lee grandpa now!" Saw Zhu South nod Chen Lang was next said: "here should not any problem of, say that again I do not is one o'clock self-defense of the surgery is not if I have no way out, even if is to the ear would not be very good results, live children and the line you peace of mind on the whole their goal is to find me, rather than to threaten me. "the next morning, the car of the domestic companies has just opened to door, now originally closed door is already open, but they did not notice you! Puzzled, I saw the door open from the inside, a tall handsome young man came out from the inside. Took a document directly handed over to the person in charge of the domestic companies. Other domestic companies to verify the authenticity of the first call will look at the morning when not a new filing, which was then called the head of the household. Test, began to realize that here now live person. Heard Zhu south explained to them said: "these days, you do not come. Gone will inform you, but still need to sweep the courtyard, or once a week, just like before, I hope you can be on time. "Because of the previous are already paid money. So for such requirements, we also feel quite satisfied, not clean just inside the province is still relatively tired. Four people got out and went inside, followed Zhu South, responsible for the first courtyard inside trimming trees and landscaping, and then detect wires, water pipes, and other home last is the courtyard of the cleaning, the cleaning is completed after holding those who refuse left very happy. Chen Lang touches here leisurely. Morning when boxing and martial arts, and then back to the main hospital room wash, here is a courtyard. Later, after the transformation of Hart, although can not be compared with their own villa, but one should the appliance is not how much difference. As for dinner Ran title, three are more lazy, and direct ordering from the outside, we want to eat what to eat what to drink what to drink what. Boring can also go around the Forbidden City, Beihai, Drum place to stroll. Zhu South and own makeup or have so little versed If this can be people under that really nothing. Chen Lang does not matter in this hide and seek outside touches something like billowing Kaiguo water, Lee Myung-bak know where Chen Lang hiding, so he does not worry. Now that his research is how to warn these little bastards with call yourself a headache a. Ma is network know the news. But it did not move any of the sensual, he is now talk of the town do not have any little strange, you know and Shen Lang else is he hiding. Or else he can control the scope of "would be someone with the news to stimulate the Shen Lang's father and mother, intoxicated and the Ma Yunfang two people then reaction seems to be very intense, but it did the indifference, the people suspect, Chen Lang is certainly some contact with them, otherwise they will not do not worry but over and over nets, how Qulao to the Chen Lang big fish? such a big place in Beijing, who knows Shen waves can only get to where they are going. waited a day, two days, one week, two weeks, Chen Lang is faceless, Beijing although did not turn a the end of the air, almost everyone did not find Chen Lang figure, even a hair are not present. now to doubts Shen Lang is not longer, but this burden, the inference immediately overturned, Chen Lang is now definitely in Beijing, is the way to avoid the place may be then something special just this time was proposed to Will Lee grandfather moved inside fooled. otherwise the horse family over there without any movement. Zhao side without any movement, then Chen Lang what can rely? wild speculation in Shen Lang is suddenly appear in the school examination room above. sit half an hour, then hurry to leave, the news we are startled. Chen Lang finally showed up, this can also verify the pound, news, Chen Lang in North However, the number of feedback messages there are so frustrated feeling, Shen Lang final exam because special sake will not participate in other disciplines second after the start of the new semester exams this has been approved. hear this news, we all felt a little annoyed, Chen Lang this appearance is just being told these people, next certainly is not your chance because they've got the message, Shen Lang years ago would not have any action, but the year after that? If Chen Lang once you start the operation of the capital, I will not speak can not talk with Chen Lang Even they deploy their capital, not, Chen Lang really so heartless it? can not find this also takes time, but he is in front of you sway to and fro of this burden, not just being a play you it? Chen Lang is not too arrogant some? feeling him this, but a little play with fire you! "how do I feel a little bit not quite right it! "Ouyang, he is the Ouyang the blue Erbo home children. Regarded Ouyang Lan's cousin last go to Cong Yong Ouyang Lan Shen Nan," Chen Lang everyone know a little bit, the last being in fragrance step cruelly, he is so fast like the pain is forgotten? "What you mean?" "I just think this thing seems a bit strange, I know Shen Lang that he would not eat beans forget what beany, on the contrary, he was very self-discipline contented, you can bully him once, but the second to die. would not be Ouyang book did not speak, only refers to the top. fact, this is a total of a few people did. touches a man with gold spectacles, very handsome young said thoughtfully: "Grandpa Li may seek Ge pounds, things, but definitely not too got the idea, at most, a warning that we do not have much action. If we can to reach a consensus with Chen Lang Grandpa Lee absolutely will not be too difficult for us. Because we are not corrupt state property nor false accounts just to make money for the purpose of indirect participation in the operation of the capital. Straight relying prepared to stand and look out at the scenery man turned his own body, "Su Pei. Why say that? There is no clue what direction? "" On from this Shen Lang was very unexpected appearance can see some clues, Chen Lang exam this thing go or not important? Simply not important, and Shen Lang finally went into hiding. Not worth mentioning examinations braved the risk we are now, this is a little less value when. The only possibility is someone to let him out, while this man who, why let Chen Lang out? The people inside the house at this time to start thinking up Su Pei ask a few questions but previously have specific things analysis is very clear, so we have to start thinking along this idea up to Su Pei useful insights. worthy recognized military counselor. much deliberation still feel that we should now how to do it? "Ouyang" total dry Wait here, we always need to think of other methods is! Continue to find Shen Lang or say died down! Must have a charter. Otherwise, some things have been less easy to handle. Su Pei hand kneading own temple where two before light, said: "Chen Lang is a very smart man, he would not abruptly dodging, I am afraid that his grandfather Lee some scruples, we think about it that line the small position in which he, if he find on us. Lee grandfather think,Oakley Womens Sale? We find him, Grandpa Lee is going to think? So we now have only one purpose, to find out the Shen Lang, we talk to him. "Rely on, this is not or White said, like it? The problem is that we simply can not find Shen Lang where? "No! Su Pei gently smile, "Chen Lang this appeared already to us goals. Or to say he has left us with a clue, a pound of direction, the problem is we have yet to find a clue and public pounds a direction to play intelligence when Dian Chen Lang still live in that courtyard inside. Wait until the third day, when someone finally sounded the door of the courtyard, Zhu south to open the door to the courtyard of the glanced Wangwaimian, but they did not speak, and so these come look after hand one please, walked with a man entered, and the main hospital. But Shadow Gate Zhu Nanming obvious pause down, standing outside the hospital attracted people smiled, touches Su Pei seems to understand the Zhu South, gently hand point to go in front of Liu Tao and walk in a home of their own behind Xue Guiren couple of pounds, people all of a sudden you understand over. However, the heart is slightly some anger, Chen Lang this spectrum is not pendulum also too? However, Su Pei did not think so? He knew Chen Lang in the courtyard, he was careful investigation, the origin of this courtyard. Why start there Shen Lang choose here the reason. The beginning points belonging to four heads of households, means you want this courtyard intact scored to, you would turn all four people gave settle settle a person to know it is a very easy thing , but the guy you look to settle four similar thorn would cost some effort. Investigation on its own point of view, Chen Lang of the courtyard is not later cost as much as sixty million yuan, you just bought the courtyard. Equivalent to a square million, this figure in Botchan own eye inside probably not be considered a small number. From the present situation, Shen Lang just put this as a place of such pursuits. When they come in on the current While watching the light, but its placement there layout reveal the slightest dignity and elegance, and even have some feeling of shock from the fine at the focus. Own method to look at the issue to see the world, from the exquisite place. From this point of view simply Shen Lang is not a simple figure, the depths of its meaning is a pound, very terrible person. Chen Lang did not come out to greet the three of them, but also went to the side of the door, listening to the introduction of three people, and Shen Lang stretched out his hand, and then turn around and sit a gesture of invitation, invite them into the room inside. Chen Lang invited three of them inside in the living room and sat down, and then himself did not give them tea, then sat down directly. "I feel stunned that we need to use the so-called prologue, what to say and I think everyone is so!" Three people obviously ill-prepared the words of Chen Lang, although they also are younger than Shen Lang top many also large late this, negotiations are also experienced countless times, even participated in the negotiations between the countries, but have never seen and experienced such direct negotiations. Up what the words are not a direct straight to the point. Saw them three distinct lack of preparation, Shen Lang and directly spoke and said: "negotiations are nothing more than both conditions to reach a consensus and unity, since I can not listen to open up what you can give me?" saw some dominant trend in Shen Lang Tao touches spoke and said: "do not know the condition of what you need, as long as we can accept all things can be discussed. approximately equal to say anything, Shen Lang directly took from the optical amplifier to a body, but basically still the answer, Shen Lang directly put eyes direction that took gold spectacles Su Pei, who this time also understand the Su Pei Chen Lang now they want a pounds answer,Nike Jordan Melo M8, instead of a vague answer, if the answer is in line with Chen Lang appetite, then this thing is only next to talk about the possibility, but Su Pei, or look at the Tao Although you can tell the condition but must first obtain the consent of the Tao, everyone gathered together for the benefit of, or beneficial, this has nothing to do now, but Tao is now regarded as the pound, the leader, he was just seeking a Ge role, he still can not replace him to lead this small groups. "at our expense, Twenty-two per cent of the profits. The rest of the conditions you drive! Chen Lang deeply looked Su Pei then hand percussion desktop, "It appears you here know very detailed! Even 30 per cent of the share have made inquiries. All right! Finally, I asked a question, If you can make me feel satisfied this burden, things are even negotiate,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, I do not need you to ensure that other conditions had finished after this sentence, Chen Lang again look at the Su Pei face, looked straight into his eyes, "Do you think I can mention this burden, the problem?" did not understand the Tao and next Xuegui Ren Shen Lang play in the end is what tricks, but Su Pei's face suddenly reddened up, the body is a little shiver of watching Shen Lang quite a while the time did not spit out the breath, and then stubbornly staring at Long waves, "Why do you want to do this? this as if you do not benefit. did not wait and see the finished etc. Tao and Xue Guiren, direct, stood up, touches Chen Lang grunted, "I went to block you out. Just give you a reminder when you leave, what would like to see to can come to me. Are welcome at any time, do not send! '
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