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2005年08月20日(土) 17時30分
Now I'm working at Japanese restaurant and I'm loving it ButYesterday, I got one shock・・・ I was told by the owner that the restaurant will be closed by the end of this month I have been getting used to working there and learned how to serve I was really sad. Then, it will be the last day for me to work there tomorrow, because I 'm going to take some holidays... for attending internship Fortunatelly, I have passed the selection of internship, so I will be in Tokyo and Nagoya from 23rd of August to 2nd of September
I 'm really excited about the program of the internship. I was hoping to get an experience to work as sales person. Then in this internship I can follow with one older sales person for a day , and learn how he/she behave at the business situation and what kind of things will happen thereMoreover, we(more 9 students will attend this internship except me) can go to see one big exhibition of building materials. So, I will be able to get more deep knowledge and understandings for this industry
From this autumn, I'm starting to find future job. I have really big dream, and I hope the dream will be come true by many ways.
I wanna get job for coming true the dream and I think there are many choices for it. So, now I wanna know what kind of jobs are there in the world,what I want to, and which suits me
Of course I have hopes, but at the same time I have worry about getting job. Because it will be not so easy to get job...
Anyway, I will do my best and enjoy now
How about you Do you have dream



2005年08月12日(金) 22時25分

Do you love somebody・・・



2005年08月11日(木) 23時02分
銚子商業、みごと7対1で勝ちましたっナインにはありがとう次もがんばってっって気持ちですいやぁ〜なんか、もお、高校生のさわやかさに感動。ちょっとしたことにも涙腺緩んじゃってけっこー泣いてました。w とりあえず、次は15日なんで、この勢いでがんがん、勝ち進んでいってほしいです


2005年08月09日(火) 14時33分
How are you doing these daysToday, I have been to one interview for internship on this summer. It was kind of group interview. Two interviewers and three interviewees. I t was the first time for me to take this kind of interview, so I was really nervous, but I could tell what I wanted to, so I am satisfied with today's interiew. But, to tell the truth, I have feelings as worry and hope for the resultThey told us that we will have result in one week, so I hope I can have good result soon By the way, have you ever heard the word 'KO SHI EN'This is a big baseball tournament for high-school students in Japan. Every year, 49teams from every 47 prefectures play at KO SHI EN in Hyogo-prefecure. And it is the high time for this tournament. Moreover, this year, my cousin will be one of this players, so I am much more interested in this tournament than usual Some of you know already, but I am a big fan of football, but this tournament is exceptionI am going to watch game on 11th Now, two of my friends are coming to Japan from Germany/PolandThey started their trip from last month, and will arrive at Japan in NovemberHow great journeyI hope they have great time on their way, and waitinf for them here


2005年08月08日(月) 22時22分
明日は、某企業のインターンシップ面接なんですインターンシップしたいので、頑張ってきますっということで、今日は靴とバッグを探しに行ってきました。靴は100%気に入ったものが見つかって満足バッグは・・・とりあえず、OKってことで。w あとはしっかり、自分をアピールできるように作戦を練って寝ることにします寝るといえば・・・昨日はびっくり。なんと16時間強、寝続けてしまいました前日思いっきり楽しんだからかなぁ〜でも、たっぷり寝たおかげで、なんだかお肌の調子がすごくよくなりましたお肌は寝てる間に作られたわけですねあっ最後にちょっと告知を・・・皆さん甲子園見てますか普段なら、断然サッカー派の私ですが、今年は違いますっというのも、今年は私のいとこが甲子園球児なんですなので、初めて甲子園に応援行っちゃいますっということで、11日は16時から、千葉県代表、銚子商業の応援をよろしくお願いしますっちなみに、背番号9番の子が私のいとこです。と、なんだか、今までの更新の遅れを一気に取り戻すかのように、たくさん書いてきてしまいましたそういう狙いもあったのですがwそれでは、思いっきり夏を楽しみましょぉ〜おやすみなさい

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2005年08月05日(金) 7時10分
Hi, my friends!! I 'm going to have blog from today I 'm going to talk about my days, so come to check it oftenand leave messagesI hope here will be a kind of Meeting Point for all of my friends 

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