One click save a life 

November 30 [Fri], 2007, 5:46

We can save people and the earth just our "ONE CLICK."

This acivity is really touched me.
When I have a time to use a computer for a long time
I click to help people.
It's not dream or lie.
This is true things which has been happened on the earth.
We most not leave it.

From NZ 

November 30 [Fri], 2007, 5:25
no one help me

don't forget me

i'm yukiko

i have been living with you

a manth longer than her

just a month


longer than her


why do you call me her name?

did you forget me?

i wanna go back to japan soon

i can say it just on my this blog


even if i say i miss my friends

i don't say i miss japan or i miss my family

you know why?

i don't wanna be weak

actually i miss japan

i wanna go to a lot of shop

i wanna meet my friends

i wanna meet my family

but i don't say


if i said it

i might cry

because of lonely

Bgata ha Himitsu syugi nandayo


November 26 [Mon], 2007, 7:12
nz is about 11:15 now.
long time no see.
well, i'll go back to japan the rest of 19days later.
time passes quickly, doesn't it?
i can't believe.
nz is geeting hotter and hotter because of summer.
but japan is getting colder and colder, isn't it?

well, after i went back to japan, what do i want to go.
i want to get my hair cut on sunday and go to shopping.
on monday is holiday just for us so i'll go to shopping.
i want to go to the Fes.
and i want to go to book shops, Sakae, Oosu, conveniencestores,
100kin, aeon, and wherever i want.
and what do i want to do.
i want to meet my friends.
i want to touch my pet.
i want to talk with my friends.
i want to hit my boy friend. seriously.
oh recently i deleted all of his emails.
at first i deleted it as read.
but soon i started to delete it without read because i got mad.
do you know why?
he is lacking patience.
he is like a girl.
always he is crying crying crying...
even if i want to cry i kept back my tears.
even if i want to tell my life in nz when i had something sad, hard or happy,
i was just keep listening.
do you know why?
he always said to me he is hard, he is hard, he is bad human.
so what?
i'm hard too, ain't i?
a person who is hard is not only him, isn't it?
when my friend or someone told me that person is hard or that
person's worry, i don't tell my thing.
so i couldn't tell.
why... why can't you understand?
i remembered a lot of sad memories with him.
therefore i got mad.
do you understand?
now i really want to hit him.
even my friends say they want to kill you.
but i don't want to be a murder so i don't kill you, but hit, ok?
i'll do it seruly.
oh i don't want to remember anymore.
i might start to cry.

see you in japan.

From NZ 

August 27 [Mon], 2007, 14:54
Now NZ is about 6:00

I got a Fes article from my friend!
I could see some my friends.
My senior, my friend's friend...
I was so happy and felt sad.
I really love Fes but I was not there.
After I came back to Japan,
I'll certainly come back to Fes even if
nobody wait for me.

From NZ 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 9:49
Now NZ is about 1:00

I have an exam from today but I don't have it
today and day after tomorrow so I don't have to
go to school.
So I went to shopping mall and buy a notebook for
R.E. and a English Bible for my English study.
Nothing to do so I'm very boring now.

To Akira
Thank you very much.
Now we are just friend.
If you have some troubles or if you need someone's help,
I'll help you but it's just one of your friend.
From Yukko

From NZ 

August 06 [Mon], 2007, 20:19
Now NZ is about 11:20

I got other friend's phone number.
Tomorrow I'll school finish early because of PTA meeting.
So I'll go to her house with other friends!!!
I'm really really happy.
Maybe I was laughing all day long today.
A girl who doesn't like me spoek to me.
I was surprised.
But I behaved normaly.
But after we finished talk, her friend and
she were laughing.
I thought maybe she is kidding me.
I don't mind.
Do as you like.
When we went to her house,
first we'll study!
Then maybe we'll watch the movie.
Then we'll go to the libraly then study!
Actually I don't know.
But maybe... I would study many times...;

After I went to her house,
I'll go to my real house to take some
my things.
Because I have a Ball on Friday.
Ball is a kind of Dance Party.
All school has this party.
We call it "School Ball".
All guys dress up very beautiful.
I have to wear dress...
BUT I don't have it!
So I'll borrow it from my friend.
This Ball is one of activity of church.
(So it's not school)
So cost is not expensive.
If it was School Ball,
I would have to pay about $80.
This is Ball of church therefore
I should pay only $15.
How lucky!!!*:D

A girl who taught me her number is
also kind.
All my friends are very very kind.
She speak to me quite slowly.
And when she sent me a text,
she used only 2 short words.
"u(you)" and "2morrow(tomorrow)"
If I was real English speaker or Kiwi,
she would use a lot of short words.
But she knows my English.
Therefore she didin't use it.
I felt very happy.

At house, I called my Japanese family.
First when I called them,
my sister answered!!!
I thought meybe my motehr is working now
but my sister might be at home.
It was true.
i could speak to my sister!!!
I really like my sister.
At night, I called again.
Then my motehr answered.
First I called them with my cellphone.
But it didn't have enough credit so
the phone died on me soon.
So I called again with my host family's phone.
Then we spoke about 30minutes.
I spoke many things.
Now my phone card has rest about $7.
So I can talk to Japan rest about 60minutes.
I have to buy new one when I meet my
Japanese adviser.

From NZ 

August 05 [Sun], 2007, 20:07
Now NZ is about 11:10

I went to church with my host family.
It was so noisy and boring...
And I like other church better that this one.
If I went to this church all the time,
I would like it.
But I like more silent and people in
other church.
Because other church is smaller that this one
therefore there are few people.
We can know more each other.

My favorite foreign friend sent me a text!
But the first I couldn't understand...
Because she used many short words.
E.g. 2mrw(tomorrow) Swt(sweet) wud(would)
So I depended on my host mother.
Then I replied to her.
Then she replied to me.
When she replied to me,
she didn't use short words.
Maybe she knows that I'm poor at English.
I felt her kindness of heart.
And I was so happy about that.
I really love her.
My feeling is like I'm in love with her*haha

By the way,as far as I know, one girl doesn't like me.
So her behaviour is a little bit cool.
And once when we stayed same place,
casually she pointed me and spoke under
her breath with her friend.
Actually I don't mind.
Because I can't understand English.
Because I think I did something bad things.
But I don't know what did I do.
Suddenly her behaviour became cool.
So I'm very afraid of that if all of students
hate me.
If my favorite friend disliked me.
I really love her.
Therefore I'm really really scared of it.
Sometimes I want to cry.
But I'm keeping back my tears.
All the day I'm thinking about it.
If she doesn't like me
If they don't like me
If if if
I'll try to speak more English from tomorow.
I have very nice friends.
I want to be more friendly with them.
I have to change my behaviour.
I'll do my best.

From NZ 

August 05 [Sun], 2007, 10:49
Now NZ is about 2:10

Last Monday I made friends with many students.
Maybe... it's about 10 people.
When I was taking the train,
a girl who is same may form class
rode on the same train and sat down
opposite to me.
We said to each other "Hi!"
Then when we got off the train,
she was walking in front of me.
I spoke to her.
Then I asked her "can I eat lunch with you guys?"
Then she said "yes sure!"
When we arrived at school she asked me
where will I go now.
I didn't have any idea so I couldn't reply.
Then she said "do you want to come with me?"
I said "yes!!!"
Then she introduced me to her friends.
Some of students were same my form class.
They are really kind.
I was so happy.
And after school when I went back home on foot,
someone waved its hand.
They were that my new friends!
We went back home together.
Now everyday we spend the morning time and
lunch time together.
And go back home together.

One day, when my friend and I went back home,
she said to me "I lived in Samoa when I was 7.
I couldn't speak English so everyday I spoke Enligsh.
So if you keep speak English with me, you have
improve in speaking English!"
She was very kind beforeI spoke to her.
I thought that's why she is kind to me.

I have to speak more English.

From NZ 

July 24 [Tue], 2007, 20:05
Now NZ is about 11:30

My host family became really nice.
I'm happy.
I don't think: I don't wanna go back home.
I wanna go back home.
Now I don't wanna go back to Japan.
I wanna study more English.
I love New Zealand people.
I don't wanna say "good bye".
So I wanna stay here more long time.
If I can, I wana go back about 2months ago.
Actually I already bored.
But I wanna stay here.
I don't hope long time.
So I wanna go back 2months ago.

I made a new friend.
She lives in close to my house but it's about
2km away.
Now I go back home by walk.
It takes about an hour.
But I think it's quite good for my health.
And when I lived in my real house,
everyday I walked about an hour with my friend.
(Go to school and go back from school)
So it's not too hard.
And I found a lot of shops and churchs.
Chinese shops, Daily...
I like look around.
I'll go each shops when I have time.

My left knee is still sore.
The doctor said "I think it's just burse.
You don't need mind but if you feel fear, you should
get X-ray".
My Japanese parents said " you should get X-ray".
So I'll get it on Friday and go to see a doctor
about my bite.
I got more bite on my body.
It's really ichy.
I'm taking some medicine but I think it doesn't work.
I don't wanna get anymore.

I'm writing Japanese school report.
I wanna send it until July 26th.
Now I wrote about 5 papers.
I might write more 4papers.
Every report I wrote a lot of pages because
I wanna tell it to my friends and parents.
I have to write it.

From NZ 

July 19 [Thu], 2007, 17:03
Now NZ is about 8:00

I live in other house mow because
my host parents went traveling for 4weeks
from last Friday.
So I live in their friend's house.
They have 2children...
I don't like child.
Child is tough to deal with.
Now I'm like air.
Nobody speak to me.
Of course, someone speak to me
but it's just sometimes.
I don't know how to behave to them.
Because I'm too accutomed to my life
at me real home.
I think my behaviour is rude and cool.
Host mother often speaks to my host mate.
One day when host mother , host mate and I
stayed in living room, host mother said to host mate
"My parents said you are 14years old,though
you can speak English very well!"
I know that she can speak English very well
and I know it doesn't on purpose.
But I felt very sad.
Actually I don't wanna stay in living room but
I wanna speak English and I wanna
communicate with them so I stay there.
I don't wanna go back home.
I wanna go back my real home.
I really miss my real host parents.
I'm not like air.
I'm stay here.
I don't want them to ignore me.
I had already talked to our Japanese adviser and
school's Japanese teacher but
I was still hard.
When I talked to our adviser I cried in
front of host mother.
But After call, I was laughing
because I don't like cry in front of someone.
So I talked to our home stay coordinatour today.
Because every Thursday she will come to our school.
I talked to her with a paper which I wrote
all of my feeling.
After she read it, she huged me.
I cried.
Then she called my host motehr about it.
Now I feel quite comfortable.
I think my new home stay life will be better.
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