Kanye West Stuns With Twisted Austin City Limits Set

September 27 [Tue], 2011, 15:21

Some rappers need a huge posse onstage to support them, or a 10-piece band and large stage sets. Not Yeezy. Give him some flashing lights, a few dancers and an imposing Greek fresco-type backdrop and he'll do the rest on adrenaline alone.

As the dramatic intro to "H.A.M." swelled over the speakers and some beats kicked in, dancers reminiscent of the "Runaway" video took the stage, diverting attention away from West, who emerged mid-crowd on a crane, soaring 50-plus feet over his fans for "Dark Fantasy." Could he get much higher? It didn't seem like it, but when he made his way to the stage for the insanely hyped triplet of "Power," "Jesus Walks" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing," he commanded the space like a four-star microphone general, working it as the blazing lights turned from blood-red to orange and pink for "Hell of a Life."

Enclosed in two laser pyramids that looked like the phantom zone from "Superman," 'Ye rapped about what he called the "true story" in the song's lyrics, accenting the lines about falling in love with a stripper with primal scream grunts and dragging the microphone stand around as if it were a ball-and-chain one minute, a prehistoric club the next.One of the most recent newcomers to this market is the not-too-originally named WD TV hd media player

The crowd kept whispering about a possible Jay-Z cameo (which didn't happen), and Rick Ross also wasn't able to make it for "Monster," but with the stage bathed in cash-green lights, Kanye held it down just fine alone, backed by a three-piece band that was dressed in Kraftwerk-like white jumpsuits. And, of course, when he got to the line about needing to see some hands at the concert, thousands of pairs went up instantly.Seriously cool spy gadgets and gizmos. All the very latest spy cameras and equipment available with next day delivery