Liu Tao suddenly to interest

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--------- .. Tao to see everyone nodded in agreement, so a pedestrian left Asia Hotel, ready to find a place to sing. "Master, you have to sing it, I will not go." Until coming out from Asia, summer Longshan said. "Ah." Tao nodded, for summer Longshan age, singing is indeed a thing means nothing. "I Sinovel send you back." Tao suggested. "Do not make a car back on the line." Summer Longshan shook his head, said. "Can do it?" Tao bit worried. "Okay you say I'm old?" Summer Longshan take a look at him. "How can I! You always still very young!" Tao smiled, waving to help him and stopped a taxi. Wait until the boarded summer Longshan, Liu Tao account with the master driver a few words, and then waved his hand directed at summer Longshan. Xueqing sister, around here we are not familiar with, you looked arrange points karaoke room. "Said Liu Tao directed at Xia Xueqing. "Ah on the car, I'll take you to a place." Xia Xueqing tender waved his hand, and we have got on. Soon, they came to a karaoke room called the midnight time. Singing Tao has always been not interested, so the package, he was just chatting with Xia Xueqing where they allow Sinovel special sing sing. This time Liu Tao phone rang. The phone is Shuiling call. Her parents dined at home with nothing to do, so we are looking for them to play. Liu Tao told her about the location. And then hang up the phone. Then, he seemed to think of what to like and phoned home. The telephone care plum pick the Tao Road, the sound of a happy holiday with them. Then asked the home. Liu Guangming, has now returned to the original unit to work, positions or leadership drivers. As for the director of the office, because the competition is more fierce, everyone secretly straining. Liu Guangming, originally wanted to talk about the situation to the Tao, but considering he now report first came to the University, many things may not be so adapt and prepare for a few days and then call him. Now that Tao had a telephone call over, and he became difficult to talk about that. "Dad. Director of the Office of the things you do not control, and I'll take care of your heart will be on the stomach." Tao said, smiling. His big boy has been parents for themselves worry about fatigue, he finally return the ability of the parents, there is naturally much effort so much effort! A little director of the Office of Science and Technology Commission considered a ball! "Well." Liu Guangming, nodded his head. Until hang up the phone. Liu Tao began to wonder who to call better. Few good cards in his hand, the biggest one master Lin Father the next Shuiling father water Tiejun, and then again Cui Ying's father. It seems that this matter Cui Ying's father, we have to find the job. However, he told the party secretary does not have much of a friendship, if so rashly call probably is not very good. Xia Xueqing to see him to concentrate on thinking like sitting next to him, and could not help but shook his head, concern asked: "Taoge you are not experiencing difficult?" Is nothing difficult, but I am not ready yet how to solve. "Tao smiled. Said. "I just heard you say that the director of the Office is not your side of the director of the Office of offended your father?" Xia Xueqing guessed. Not. Was my dad a director of the Office of the places vacated units. "Tao shook his head, said. "Your father wanted to be a director of this office?" Xia Xueqing then asked. "Ah my dad when the driver of a lifetime. Now finally have a chance, so he wanted to fight." Tao said. "Do you want me to help you do this thing?" Xia Xueqing volunteered. "You'll help me do it?" Tao froze for a moment, immediately asked: "My family is Riverside, not Nancheng" "I know." Xia Xueqing nodded and said: "I have a friend who is your Riverside and work in the Organization Department of the Riverside City "" is not it? your friend relationship with you how to? "Liu Tao suddenly to interest. "Okay If I had to give him a call, he will help this busy," said Xia Xueqing. "What should this favor? If you spoke up the other side and then help when the time is more than embarrassing," Tao said. "Embarrassing embarrassing, as long as it can help you." Xia Xueqing face red, said. "You! I see it I or directly to the major points of the official can just give my dad a long face lest he became director of the Office on when we do not take him seriously!" Tao thought for a moment, under the determination. "Big point of the officer? How much?" Xia Xueqing could not help but ask. "1 Dongshan province, figures, you say how much?" Tao take a look at her and smiles. Ah? "Is not it? You mean is you're looking for a secretary of the provincial party committee to help?" Xia Xueqing shocked. He knew that Liu Tao some skill, but I did not expect the skill could be so Babel even know Dongshan Province provincial party secretary Canada Goose Baby Reversible Vest, it is too scary! "Yes!" Tao nodded, said: "Anyway, while water that old girl to come, waiting for her to say." Said the devil! His voice has just landed, Shuiling came in and opened the door between the package. The Sinovel and flower the shadowless are understanding Shuiling to each other smiled regarded greeted. "Taoge, how do you so few people? Instead of a class?" Some wonder Shuiling asked. "The rest of those who follow other people to dinner." Tao smiled and said. "Cut! They are not blind!" The Shuiling scolded. "Closer to home, I just find something." Tao said. "Well." Shuiling straighten the attitude. "Your dad at home at night, right? I want to go with him to do something." Tao asked. "At home! You're looking Banshenmeshi? If I could do, so do not trouble my dad." Shuiling said. It find you are useless. Although you are the eldest of water home, but I am afraid that the people below know you very few people I was going to find your dad work to mobilize my dad. "Tao smiles . "Cut! I thought how much something! Your dad do?" Asked Shuiling great interest. "He is now the driver of the Science and Technology Commission. Their units empty now a director of the Office of the position, so I am looking for someone to do us a favor." Tao replied. "But is broken director of the Office, and I thought that is what great posts on such a trivial matter, you have the nerve to find my dad? As I say, if you met my dad not to mention what the director of the Office to find a big point. Officer! "Shuiling said nonchalantly. "My eldest water, a look you not mix officialdom bureaucratic pay attention to is one step at a Man Manao Lianshengsanji such a thing in modern officialdom basically can not see. My dad just now a driver can be when a director of the Office has been very good. "Tao said with some frustration. "Is it? But then again, Taoge so you have the ability, why did your dad have to go to the unit to work? Might as well take your mother to travel next to walk around and look at each of the local customs. "Shuiling suggested. "My mother was not willing to go out! Main figure easily my dad back at work, of course, there is a very important reason, is just my dad, he always could not understand those messy things, so he Want to own hands-on, see if you can do something, I was his son, naturally want to help him achieve this aspiration. "Tao explains a lot. "Was such" Shuiling thoughtfully nodded his head and asked, "When are you going to go to my house? Now?" You do not sing it? "Tao asked. "You mean my dad Law? If you act, I will not sing, anyway, after plenty of opportunity." Shuiling said. "I just keep forgetting to introduce you to this is Xia Xueqing,, Guangyu Group Vice president, you call her directly Xueqing sister on the line." Tao Road. Xue Qing sister, hello. "Shuiling very polite fight say hello. "Xue Qing sister, who is water secretary baby daughter Shuiling the school told me a school." Tao went on. "Water can not think Miss long so beautiful! Very pleased to meet you." Xia Xueqing say hello with a smile. "Xueqing sister you long to be called beautiful it!" Very happy Shuiling said canada goose sale. "You two do not each other here touted it! Xueqing sister Nike Air Max 87 Mens, I'm going to water house things, if you do nothing, then, come with me, and I sooner you happen I get back." Tao thought , said. "Line we walk them how to do?" Xia Xueqing nodded, people pointing huarui said. "They are living, there must be a way!" Liu Tao, then a finish, came to the side of the Sinovel said a few words, and then left the package with Xia Xueqing and Shuiling. Soon they came to the provincial compound. The guards on duty stopped the car down Shuiling shake the windows down, one directed at the guard said, and then release the car. Xia Xueqing the car to find your seat park, then go to the water line of three home. "Mom and Dad, you look who" Shuiling one foot just ahead of the house could not help but yell up. "Who!" Water Tiejun from the study to go out. When he see to who is Liu Tao, and quickly called: "I thought who, the original Liu Tao ah!, Take a seat here this time mother Shuiling walk from the bedroom out. "Taoge, this is my mother." The Shuiling approached arm around the neck of the mother introduced. The "Auntie hello." The Tao say hello. "Hello." Shuiling mother smiled and nodded his head. Delicate mother, he is I tell you the Tao! Lin Father received the apprentice! "Water Tiejun complement one. . . ) P ---------
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