Anthropology Class 

September 09 [Thu], 2004, 22:00
I went to my first Anthropology class this afternoon.

Even though this is intro class, the amount of work is like 300 level.

But I can't drop this class anymore because I have already decided
to drop my Women's Study class.

What am I going to do?

Seems like I have to go to Lincoln Park Zoo once a week to
do my weekly assinment in this class.

It should be fun!!!!

I haven't been to zoon since elementary school.

I don't like zoo so much because they are stinks.

I heard this zoo is free.

How can they manage to feed animals in the zoo?

Are there many animals in the zoo?

We did little introduction of ourselves.

I've never done this before but seems like it's a kind of first day of
school ritual here.

I talked with a girl sitting next to me.

Surprisingly, she is 30 years old and married.

I don't have married classmates in Japan.

This is a kind of surprising.

It's good to have classmates like her because I can learn some
different point of views.

It's so good to have classmates with many diversitis such as their
age, culture, mother tongue, background, and even gender.

When I was in Japan, majority of my classmates are girls
at high school and college.

First Day of School☆☆☆ 

September 08 [Wed], 2004, 22:00
Today was my first day @DePaul.

I had two classes.

1. Introduction to Sociology

2. Women's Study

I liked my Sociology class a lot.

I talked with my professor after class.

She seems so nice and kind.

I've already came along with my new group members.

I didn't like my Women's Study class at all.

I think I'm gonna drop this class.

This class is so hard for me. We did discussion in our first day.

My classmates seem feminist. I was amazed by their

I also surprised at 8-page long syllabus full of lists of assignments.

I have to write response paper every weekend.

I really have to drop this class.

I have to go to my professor's office tomorrow to talk about this.

I still can't use my internet in my room.

I don't know what's wrong with this.

I wanna chat with my friends in Japanese so bad.

I asked one of my friend who is good at computer to look at it so I
hope he fixes this.

Napoleon Dynamite 

September 07 [Tue], 2004, 11:00

I went to see Napoleon Dynamite last night with my roomies and
thier friends.

It should be pretty funny movie but I couldn't get all the humors
and jokes.

I heard this movie was really big hit in the U.S. this summer.

It's so sad that I can't share laugh with other people.

When can I understand American's sense of humor and jokes?

I think this is much more harder than learning slangs or getting
used to American portion of food.

I hope the day comes when I can share jokes with my roomies.

Dinner @Flat Top 

September 06 [Mon], 2004, 23:00
I went to Flat Top Grill with my roomies.

It is Asian food restaurant.

I don't know what country exactly they are.

It's all mixed. Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food.

You can make your own stir-fry whatever you want.

It's much easier to visit thier website than my poor explanation.

Here's their official website.

The food is really good.

Especially, someone who is fussy and very hungry cuz you can
choose and put whatever ingredients you like and all-you -can-eat

IKEA and college party#1 

September 05 [Sun], 2004, 23:50
I went to IKEA with my roommates.

I love IKEA so much!!!

They have nice design and very cheap stuff.

I hope there is IKEA in Japan, too.

I saw special escalator only for shopping carts.

I bought a desk lamp.

It was only $4.99.

I couldn't believe it!!!!

It's gonna be $20.00 if I buy in Japan.

we had to assemble the bathroom cabinet by ourselves with
screwdriver and stuff.

That was a pain in the neck but we made it!!!

After dinner, I met up with students who studied in Japan last year.

I stayed one of their home with other Japanese exchange students
for a couple of hours.

And then, I went back to my dorm and went to house party.

Before we went to the party, we had a pre-gaming at upstaris.

I really felt that I am college student in the U.S.

I didn't drink so much cuz I didn't eat enough food.

After coming back from the party, I watched "Lost in Translation"
with my roommates.

I was the only who could finish the whole movie.

My roommates went to bed before the movie finished.

I wanted to watch this movie so much.

I watched a part of the movie in my communication class but it was just a part of the scene.

Some of the scenes seemed little stereotyped but it was worth
watching at least once as a Japanese.

Dorm Move-In (My first night@college) 

September 04 [Sat], 2004, 22:00
I moved to dorm at college.

I finally met 2 of my 3 roommates.

YES!!! I have 3 roommates.

BUT, I do have my own bedroom.

I went to TARGET to get my bed stuff with my roommates.

So lucky to have a roommate who takes me to shopping.

I had no idea how I survived the first night without pillow, sheets
and blanket.

My dorm room is nicer thatn I expected.

There are clean bathroom and kitchen.

There even have big oven, refrigerator, and
in our kitchen.

I like our kitchen very much.

It's way too nicer than my old apartment kitchen in Osaka.

Architectural Lake Cruise 

September 02 [Thu], 2004, 22:00
Went to the Lake Cruise sponsored by Int'l Student Office.

It was a little chilly but amazing views.

John Hancock Observatory 

September 01 [Wed], 2004, 23:30
Woke up @8 am to go to Orientation for Int'l students.

Didn't really pay attention cuz all the information seems important
for only degree-seeking students.

I only paid attention to the part about traveling outside of the U.S.

I need a letter from an office even going to Canada.

Went to John Hancock after dinner with my roommates at hostel.

She is Argentine who is going to study at Uni. of Ottawa.

We talked a lot about Canada and our home countries on the way.

We finally got to John Hancock just hour before they closed.

I was too lucky to get in with student discount even though I didn't have an int'l student card.

The nightview from the observatory much more beautiful than
nightview in Tokyo.

I'm so glad to be here.

I feel so lucky to be in Chicago.

Dinner@Cheesecake Factory 

August 31 [Tue], 2004, 22:00
went to Cheesecake Factory at Michigan Ave.

ordered Lemon Rasberry Cheesecake and Key Lime Cheesecake.

all the chocolate-decorated cheesecake looked too sweet.

even though 3 of us shared 2 cheesecakes, we couldn't finish them.

what a big cheesecakes!!!

BUT, they were delicious!!!

we were supposed to eat real food but our dinner was

Lemon Rasberry (left), Key Lime (right)

Nightview in downtown. 

August 30 [Mon], 2004, 22:00
I went to Harold Washington Library Center near the hostel.

This library is really big and nice.

I had to wait for half an hour to use free internet though.

After supper, we went to Grant Park and
Millenium Park

It was just a 5 min walk from the hostel.

Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park was awesome.

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