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August 31 [Sat], 2013, 19:18
SHEN things will be solved quickly and Fang Fang is the school is giving thrust out of the capital, SHEN to face is the same thing, but the party school is so behind the times, if it continues to stay in the capital, is bound to give bring other family scourge, let alone to do so is to give SHEN a face, although others did not say any words, but Fang have to put this thing to do bit, can not allow others to speak out a concourse. Things quickly spread in four NINE, everyone SHEN made out of choice are very different, the feeling is very difficult to understand, this is still the impression among SHEN do? SHEN how did it? Would not be out what went wrong with the military thing it previously had feels wrong, and now such a big thing, could Alberta Vest Men Sale take I can say it may be very nice, but the actual top how about? That is another matter, and this sort of thing can choose forbear down, that means that other people can not do the same? Although this matter is gradually subsided, but the thing is about SHEN caused greater controversy come to everyone, may be like this, SHEN Wen's attitude or not allowed, and still is so one way, for Outside things without any bother, but more like this, the more arouse curiosity. But curiosity curious return, but not many people dare to go to trial SHEN it. After all, things can be repeated two, can not be Time and again, when we had many still feel able to SHEN mō some pulse, now you? Is completely míhuò because SHEN library as a fully let everyone have not read, and who do not know what the inside SHEN brain wants some something, this even includes the Qinghua , willow curtain China and the Soviet Union the same person. We are also considering with, SHEN is not because the last time the military will suffer too much, so that his thoughts and opinions, etc., are out of the question, and even spiritual aspects also appeared moving dàng, If it is really the reasons, this relationship may go big, but this loss is all unbearable, SHEN value is not money or other things that can be invaluable, really out of this if the What is the problem, then, how to explain? But now you want to appease SHEN emotions, will have so few belated feeling it? How much is everyone's face surface there are some embarrassing, after all this time now to go comfort SHEN, has missed the best opportunity, we always look upon SHEN old, always thought SHEN is a child, always thought SHEN bustling downtown might like, but did not think SHEN do not trouble now, choosing instead to sit on the sidelines. Erupted in the crowd began to turn dumbfounded, and even do not know how to do that as well, because they are completely not anticipated this situation from happening. But to sit down and think about it carefully, and nothing can be strange, the previous time table lù SHEN already signs of this aspect, but we are all selected xìng forget, now SHEN changed, suddenly to come up such a hand, now look something like rubber, but how should we sit together to discuss solutions for a very long period of time, did not think of what should be how to solve this thing, then we do not want, after all, this is also not a national matter, not to mention books〗 〖Young people do not remember the speaker does not have to follow someone else worry about it, see Young〗 〖book deal in mind how it wants to deal with a good little luck everyone, we also deal with a lot of sit on the sidelines, surely someone will come to clean up the situation. Yang Qinghua For this thing is very troublesome, if SHEN cry twice, but also easy to handle some of the things, but never of SHEN not cry, they also uttered before, but also enough to appease the two, but This time, SHEN quietly so one of the things that get out, how do you say it? Now appease already so bad, and with SHEN talk about? Looks like there will not be any effect, clearance north face at this point in time SHEN definitely give this guy in front of you behind the set, this thing looks like this really is their own responsibilities with regard to the time prior to the use of the SHEN too hard, run out on the run, and did not appease any actual xìng, and this not once or twice, so SHEN been saddled with so many things, this is indeed there are some excessive. How to how to appease SHEN, if that is common to appease certainly not, SHEN this guy is now like a child just like gas, the problem is that children in this gas is significantly more than people thought a lot of the above, you are difficulty in this matter top to fool his past. Not to mention the heart of which is now shut SHEN make life difficult, how to heal the hearts of the ravines SHEN cross in front of the main problems. However, in the immediate pleasure of seeing SHEN Yang Qinghua decided to see whether he is how to think, only know SHEN exactly how to think, how to determine the next step to do. But though it is so to say, but his heart is somewhat complicated, in fact, SHEN this child himself or understand, let alone what he himself can give, money or power, looks like these two are not too many SHEN requirements. Not to say that no yù SHEN really no demand, but at least in these two areas is not too much to ask, but also to understand their own, this time to appease SHEN must take a good, otherwise SHEN heart surface will certainly be other ideas and opinions, SHEN followed their own side, not for political interests above. Similarly, he will not be because of their own political interests above any yield, want to leave it until the last step of its own. SHEN is a very useful helper, but xìng qualifications and experience in the comparison of the above defects Li Yu, has been that everyone was caught this, a little ugly for both full use of the disadvantages SHEN on SHEN blasted for pressing, SHEN may know this as they may not know it, anyway it never is not too much above the performance, and now SHEN xìng grid aspects and experiences defect has begun to be filled. Why is everyone on the previous time that attitude SHEN are basically gave SHEN equivalent status and identity, that is to say it nicely respected SHEN talent and knowledge, but the deep-seated reasons for it? Is the use of SHEN, after all, SHEN can bring a lot of benefits, but now it? SHEN already came to their disenchantment over, but you should use what way to treat SHEN it? Whip? You can SHEN to appease has been pretty good, if you really waving his hand above if the whip, I'm afraid SHEN earthshaking at the time it beats no, there will not be a particularly good effect to appease the little waves it also Really give yourself out of a big puzzle, had closed at the time the SHEN hand inside, they are not not thought about this aspect of the same problem, but to their own feelings, SHEN this xìng lattices above shortcomings and lack of experience would not be so fast to be resolved, this will take time to sharpen, but who would have thought this guy could be so SHEN evildoer ah, but now that these questions do not have any usefulness, see SHEN to see what the future requirements it going to the evening, SHEN Yang grandfather also walked inside the office, the two are talking about some of the specific what, no one knows, almost two hours later, SHEN just out of this office, but Liu curtain China has noticed the book Young 〖〗 remember for a long time did not come out. Such a difference, but half an hour before China entered the willow curtain inside an office of her own, but has not yet react when Yang Kee〗 〖books have been the first to speak of the "old willow, you said that we SHEN problems in dealing with the above, when the original is a bit too conservative, so today was a result of this situation? "look out Young 〖〗 record book is not very happy, willow curtain China is also brewing for a while it said "In fact, whether it is that way, the results are basically the same, Chen Langcheng long it is an inevitable thing, and now the result is bound to occur, but that is the length of time only. Moreover Shen waves can grow up so fast, that it is a good thing, after all, he will look at the problem will not be too naive, not because of personal preferences have much to distinguish between "Yang Qinghua also smiled, but the smile some reluctance, some words old Liu was not able to say it to, they would know that such a thing no matter who is in front of his face will not say, If we had was time for another kind of attitude towards SHEN, For example nurture political loyalists such means, give SHEN transfer some experience, what he intends to fill xìng grid above shortcomings, I am afraid everything today will not be like this, after all, SHEN or heavy feelings and friendship . But now that these have been overtaken by events, because everything is difficult to change, and he can now suppress SHEN moment, but can not suppress SHEN I, let alone in the country also SHEN nothing they can suppress something, he can give up Now things, but if that is so, then the SHEN give unseated, then their side could have then some discredited, so SHEN this time in what is now not really on the move. But one thing I myself can be very sure, then it is probably SHEN with their cooperation has come to an end, of course, at this point in time there will not be any SHEN action, but on their own terms, is always there so little regret, was not able to finish the job, not like Li Lao like that, speaking for himself, just like a white paper on the above points are unexpected, like a drop of ink. Meanwhile, Zhong Ziqi is feeling some slight〗 〖Xing Fen, with his seat Zhou Bo same is true, "our chance came, from the current situation, SHEN should not be any problem to start , but because of the Young book〗 〖relationship in mind, I am afraid we still need to wait for some time. "" ah, but I think the problems in the treatment SHEN above, we need to put it another way, in the past, when everyone on the sink Lang's attitude is the use of the use of re-use, do not take into account exactly what SHEN feelings, and even to use other means, copied SHEN home twice, in my opinion this is entirely upside down, and even then some Banded feeling. Admittedly SHEN may not care about the money, but it will certainly do so in his mind what the pimple to stay, even if his mind did not care about anything, but the people around him do? SHEN is not a fool, he is a very smart man, and even to some extent the surface, it is a purely nationalist, and a chivalrous person, if not his heart was hurt too much, I'm afraid it will not be today, this situation "Zhong Ziqi is very hard and nodded," this issue must be considered, and must pay attention, SHEN fact, for the material aspects of the person and there is no requirement, or is simply not required, so many years he actually got, even even the nothingness of things have not been before, but SHEN did not care, he was made out of respect for these contributions, to give him is too trivial, and even there are some unspeakable feeling. Kensington Parka CG55 Sale "" is this problem, SHEN this for many years has done a lot for the country's contribution, although the techniques and methods of the above there are some problems, but this is not for his own sake. problem is that we are able to recognize that this problem, but it should be how to implement specific it? This is a very troublesome problem, I'd have a feeling that the old party handling of this matter above, it is really true coincidence? still have some other reason "This is a moment, then let Zhong Ziqi, then use looked askance at Zhou Bo "how? do you think this thing have a problem, SHEN should not be so much courage, he was among other things the above is true courage relatively large, but for you and I know about him, in fact he the political side of things is not very interested. "" No, I mean not SHEN, but I feel this thing gave me rubber should have a certain relationship with SHEN, but what is out of the hands of either I'm still not clear, after all, standing SHEN behind too many people, they told SHEN relationship is very complex. "Bo Zhong Ziqi and week two people looked at each other, two people's eyes were also flashed a smile, this is a difficult thing, after all, standing SHEN behind too many people, this is a strength and a weakness, how to how to reconcile the contradictions of these people is placed in front of two people problem. "When do SHEN meet with a good to talk about this issue with SHEN, although SHEN expressed on this aspect of our goodwill, but note that he is not a choice on our eyes, if you really We start with the people first, then this would be too harm than good, as if more than one who, to my knowledge, even if their home is not very Father who wait to see SHEN, but his relationship with SHEN been very good. "ZhongZi pondering for a while but it is shaking his head," I do not need to have too many bright touches worry, he opposed speaking with small waves is only between a cooperative relationship, as the basis for cooperation is that Hall , when I did not particularly like the old Young leisurely, but now that Hall has become an indispensable part of the more than, I think between the small waves and Young leisurely other things must have been as a basis, so two people I risked being cleared out the old to the danger of cooperation laid down this thing, when I did not agree with the old, and now you? recognize is your nose. "" I still go to the pleasure of seeing it after all my SHEN identification number to the right, if you went to see SHEN, lest Young 〖〗 remember that aspect of the book will feel somewhat inappropriate. "did not let ZhongZi talk about this side of things, Zhou Bo unilaterally put this thing to the top down, after all the things related to ZhongZi later, and now have to bear this responsibility themselves up, not to mention the old bell now let see SHEN, this identity is not particularly appropriate. SHEN this time, the peace of mind to the Party school, as SDIC side of things, SHEN just hung this identity only, and does not have any interest in the country voted for SHEN attitude over there, but also be able to and disappearing, the Chinese Lunar New Year courtesy xìng to visit it, as usual, I can avoid contact with less contact with the power of the Lord Burongfenshuo, but again, the ability to kill the head is to be unparalleled. For the Uncle Zhou's visit, SHEN did not feel particularly strange in his opinion this is a normal thing, unless they leave the country, otherwise he would never stay idle position above, of course, the immediate The idle may be just a temporary move fills give their free time never too long. But in this time of meetings with the two sides are not talking about any actual xìng things xìng just a courtesy meeting with, at most, that is, they represent this to SHEN outstretched hand of friendship, as SHEN will not accept that that is what happened afterwards, at least from now, SHEN will accept the possible xìng very large. But one thing is required to play attention, that is, in fact, SHEN in politics and not much above ambition, this is the consensus of many people, otherwise SHEN With so many years of accumulation, or his political groups behind these , he wants the rise it is no longer a simple thing, however. When the original of which is only one point of a horse family only, in exchange for the rise of the horse family, you may imagine how about if SHEN really want it, if not now a party to the princes, it must be powers at the corner sè ;. This is Bo and Zhou Zhong Ziqi feel difficult to convince SHEN place, admittedly SHEN do so may be to his brother, but that time is long, or with ZhongZi and Zhou Bo two people have been not too many relationships, they can not see this day are two things said, trying to convince SHEN, while allowing comparison SHEN feel interested in such things out very easy.
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