just Mo each routine

January 15 [Tue], 2013, 16:14
This person is who?Hear the word of Pan Jiajun, the other three big little tiny Men's Canada Goose Borden, Mare surprised way: "Pan less, what do you mean?Obviously, this made Chinese supreme is Kang little of his little cousin, and that Shen Zheyu Shen family."Pan Jiajun will be in the hands of the glass down, gently shook his head: "I mean, first should be clear, who is the biggest.You should know that, as long as it is a personal or business cooperation projects, it will take stock, this point obviously.And among them, who is holding a big head, clear this point, then, Mo know this man from the beginning of conception, even conceived the cause, have to be considered."Cannes heard here smiled, gave a ring: "pan with less I thought to go.He meant to make clear, the main control of human psychology, from the initial formation of psychological start, so, in order to further infer the next phase of his plan, and the general direction of his whole philosophy scheme.Since such, can not make the other side alone zhandexianji.After all, this is a new business philosophy, we have no experience, no case, don't start."Pan less smiled: "Cannes right."This time Xu Tengfei Cha said: "this is very simple, just Mo each routine, with our strength, should be able to take advantage of.-- the Chinese supreme idea, is one big f é irou, if can take from each other's mouth, then gain infinite."The presence of a few people, all some heartbeat, Pan Jiajun only faint smile, don't know what to think."Well, Kang little, you are now open 1 ù Men's Tremblant Full Zip Canada Goose; surface, in a way, you this trick play.Did I hear you voice, seems to want to use coercive means, let your little cousin reverse cooperation with you?Tell me, do you think?"Cannes took one sip of the wine, gently shrugged: "the first problem now, is I do not know the dominant power in whose hands, if it is in the hands of Kang Shaojie Women's Canada Goose Constable Parka, so I had better do some.If it is in the hands of Shen Zheyu, just some difficult, at least, have a lot of.""This simple."Mare eyes, smiled, "my little cousin Ma Zhaoxian, the last made a big mistake.This time, I give him a chance, let him again for me to do a thing, or a test, have a look Shen Zheyu and your little cousin Kang Shaojie, who is the lord.That good, I first to throw a stone to clear the road, not important failure, mainly in order to elicit a virtual reality.""Ma Zhaoxian, that little cousin you very good, before it out a what 'Chinese supreme' is?Well, t ng has the potential of its."Cannes smiled road.Ma Lei looked at the Cannes eyes, a mouth left: "dude, don't humiliate me, your little cousin carry you make so big action, you are so late now, too.Okay, we don't each other dirty, drink one first."Four large and small, Cannes and Mari two temper and disposition, is the most talkative, or say, is quite open and bright, so, the two people in love with from time to time, but not hurt the important essentials, so many years of feelings come, who never really annoyed with someone.The four large and small, because the family circumstances are special, so very small time, four people already know each other, almost no separated by many years, later with the University, a few years down, feeling very deep, now university graduates in the circle of H ú n trace three or four years are more skilled, strong at the same time, more profound feelings.A don't know celebrity celebrity said: more than ten years, they can count on is a true friend, because ten years of time, each other very well enough, at least, frank.Say not polite words, the four, is the kind of change life of Jiao.Really.In this reading gold m í and full of reign of terror the capital giants circles, this kind of feelings and relationships, it is very rare.This is their four little capital, why in just a few years, the main reason show so quickly.............The four men drinking, generally will not get drunk, you, too.Of course, they drink, nor a shallow.The wine lead three cruise, four big little some slight blush, enthusiasm to.
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