into a as the old discipline

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 12:06
The greatest pain than itself, some of their own things, but out of reach. (vertex novel hit novel) Yang Zixuan now is. As ever in the party and the state is prominent, still dazzling young family direct descendants, Yang Zixuan is not entitled to any political resources of the family. This large family culture inheritance person, always is rational and be beneath the human character,Air Jordan 10 UK, even if Yang Zixuan is now boarded the throne name of Standing Committee of municipal Party committee, would still can not change the Yang training Yang Siyin and another heir direction in the Louvre, he did not have any leaning, and no enough to deter others background, so he now only with great care,Coach Madison Bags, cope with the opposite face white man -- South of Jiangsu! South of Jiangsu's hand, is always to get two boulder. This custom comes from the province that be at one's last gasp, Luofu is still prominent in the elderly, provincial organization department deputy minister Liu Daoyuan! "This is the result of the survey investigation group into the Tianma Township after, we all look!" Liu Xiao put the findings of the report, optional to table a. South of Jiangsu looked at Liu Xiaozhou frowning, the female secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Yang Zixuan close, this he is know. But obviously, Liu Xiao have a lot of things, do not report to him, this let South of Jiangsu heart very uncomfortable. Fortunately, the discipline inspection system,Oakley Squared clearance, he also has a confidant, deputy secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection into a. This made him a little relieved, into a as the old discipline, the discipline rankings followed behind Liu Xiao, his outstanding ability, in the discipline is a well official campaigner. At the outset of a drive to its side, South of Jiangsu or stare blankly for a long time, but he would like to see. A Li Guang era promoted to first deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Li Guang is mianhexinbuhe, thought in the Li Guang transfer, to gain a better position, or to some other important department as a life, good move, but do not pull, leading city there does not like him, the results should be honest in discipline appoint vice secretary position top ranked first. At the same time, the province South of Jiangsu County Down airborne red as county Party Secretary, immediately gave a hope to wander, he studied in detail South of Jiangsu resume, that he is the Deputy Secretary of provincial organization department secretary, could not help but tread, the county Party Secretary background is hard lever! So in the South of Jiangsu Office of secretary of county Party committee shortly after, into a active visited South of Jiangsu, obscure said his allegiance to the heart, South of Jiangsu immediately in the discipline is also very discourse component figure, draw to themselves under the door. But as the first armor to South of Jiangsu, played is not smooth! In a as head of the investigation team personally led the investigation team in Tianma Township, because Yang Zixuan had from the audit departments to deploy a deputy chief served as deputy leader, also has the investigation group Liu Xiao, caused great obstacles to become a. A while trying to survey group work direction and focus of investigation, moved to the township party committee secretary Wu Xiong's body, but is not successful. Auditors from the township government found in many not evidence in Liu Jian's favour, get a lot of Liu Jian illegal operation.
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