will certainly not on him when

March 20 [Wed], 2013, 15:48
It is in the name of love?Yang Zixuan is a bit can't help laughing. "" why always in the name of love?You can contact me and how much time?What do you like me?Why should I let you fall in love with?So, can I help you to revenge, but please don't in the name of love, I can not afford "Chang Mei surprised at Yang Zixuan, after a while, to gnash the teeth in anger," "you see more than I thoroughly, if I had been to see him in the name of love, to Youhuo me, Jing with my body, paving the way for his future, I will certainly not on him when......""Can't always in after be duped, it sums up the experience of!"Yang Zixuan frowned,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars. "" but, tell me, who is this betrayed his lover's bastard?"Chang Mei some wry smile, a glance at Yang Zixuan, nodding the eyebrows "" should not be difficult to guess in your IQ don't ask me, so let me raise my scars......", "Zhang Wen?"Provincial Party committee and provincial government principal leaders of the name, after Yang Zixuan mind again, just slowly spit out the words!Chang Mei look surprised, face s è some slack nodded his head, eyes inside have no mask plutonium pain, she and Zhang Wen this section of sentiments, giving her harm is very big!, "he was an asshole!Don't look at his usual elder brother the ornamental and the combined plain properties appearance, is actually pose as a person of high morals, for their own future, everything can be betrayed "Chang Mei some rude curses.It is no wonder that a temperature rise can be rapidly, become absolutely to Mr Huang Wenqing, that there is a woman to act as a go-between!Before Yang Zixuan's strange, Zhang Wen why can rapidly get Huang Wenqing trust?Center Director, before Zhang Wen pen, ability level is indeed there, young again, only this year over thirty, has been the provincial government secretary-general, can be said to be promising!Yang Zixuan thought Zhang Wen is relying on its own ability "Xun replaced Luo Zeming secretary-general of the provincial government to become provincial housekeeper, become hot, did not expect that by giving his old lover's body to a Huang Wenqing trial, get Huang Wenqing trust!Often known as the "capital of Mei first beauty though is thirty years old, but the maintenance is water n è n, no wonder Huang Wenqing to her drool with envy, Yang Zixuan is confident of this light cougar, also can not be completely indifferent!, "you want me to help you with your revenge, you hand inside should always some can produce fatal to them?"Yang Zixuan put his hands in front of Xiong, stared at the Chang Mei tearful eyes, voice a bit cold grains.He is not to see women cry "immediately softhearted lord!Often, a little Yang Zixuan's eyes, "a little, but do not know can not produce a lethal effect on them......""About their economic problems of the material?Or between you photos of intimacy?"Yang Zixuan immediately to the rise of "body tilt., "are not, they are home to some artifacts from the data of",Oakley C-Wire Sunglasses; Chang Mei said ",Jordan Big Ups UK;Huang Wenqing" this person is very cautious, will have little economic problems, though a bit greedy Hua s è, but hidden well, nobody can catch him, Zhang Wen is also!But the two men were very like antiques, calligraphy and painting, their home there are antique calligraphy and painting "some calligraphy and painting, is said to be very expensive, such as Huang Wenqing's home, I saw a faint in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty Badashanren painting, heard very valuable, I also is not very clear up......"Yang Zixuan frowned, evidence, does not cause any absolute damage to Huang Wenqing, Huang Wenqing can say his family's paintings are fake, but such information is not useless, or at least know that Huang Wenqing and Zhang Wen are the surface looks so clean and upright after dinner, Yang Zixuan Mo clear. Intention often Mei, taut nerves, also slowly relaxed. "It began to look around the landscape, Chang Mei suggested to bubble hot spring, because the spring, in the province is very famous.
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