The Jersey Filled With Love And Support

August 31 [Wed], 2011, 18:33
This is the story about love and wholesale jerseys. They knew each other when they are in college, they are attract each other by their excellent and then their fall in love with each other. In the eyes of their classmate, they are match with each other. The boy is handsome and sunshine and the girl is gentle and beautiful. Their family is not rich, the boy like to play football, but he didn't have a Jerseys, but this does not affect his technology, once school select to take part in a competition with other schools, the game is important game,so it need everyone have a Jerseys, to the boy, he couldn't afford it. The girl got the news from their NFL Kids Jerseys,S he decided to buy a Jerseys to boy. finally she decided to put her money that used to buy clothes bought a Jerseys for boy.

The race is coming, When boys are worry about jersey the girl give him a surprise, he was moved and determined to win the game.The game boy put on the Jerseys he looks more handsome she looked at the boy running in the playground full of vigor, her eyes full of tears. The boy didn't let her disappeared, he won the championship. They are hug to each other in together happiness. I think everybody can realize this is not just a Jerseys, but deep love, though it is not large things, though it not the big wind, it is just a small shirt, but this small Jerseys contains full of love, they are do all the things they can do for each other. I believe they must be happy when they go together and will last long until they die.

No matter how cheap this Jerseys is, No matter how ordinary things it is. But the mind of their love each other worth us to learn and respect. There are many people choose escape when they come accross with love, some one even choose deceive. Now how many pure love live on this world, people's Basketball jerseysow the love based on money can not last long. What we can do is we should chersh the ture love beside us, and no matter how difficult it is we should not give up. Try our best to get what we want.