Cartier adore bracelet

September 12 [Thu], 2013, 17:46
When initial released back within the late 1970s, the gorgeous Cartier love jewelry Bracelet could only be afforded by the rich and famous. Today that is certainly not the case and also the product has now become mainstream. You can purchase a Cartier bracelet or bange for as little as $35. In the top end from the price range you can spend a lot of a large number of dollars, so suitable for all depending on your budget.
Most of the bracelets are made from 18-carat gold and there's a wide selction of style choice. Of all these styles the original screw look is still the top selling standard and for sure probably the most well-liked. You may effectively ask why this may be the case so I have explained below.
Strange as this may initial seem the Cartier Enjoy Bracelet was developed with a chastity belt in mind. Several years ago during the wars recognized as The Crusades knights went off to fight in foreign lands. That necessitated leaving behind a wife, or a wife to become. She would demonstrate or be told to demonstrate her faithfulness by wearing a chastity belt which would be locked. Inside the Doge's Palace in Venice you can nonetheless view an original metal belt.
Cartier love ring have now modernised this ancient ritual by replacing the chastity belt with a top of the range made bracelet and allowed the bracelet to be locked towards the wrist with a golden screwdriver. The person who has given the bracelet then retains the key. So the principle of being faithful is central for the Cartier Enjoy Bracelet.