Former Nokia executives: WP system should be renamed Lumia OS

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 16:32
Former Nokia Executive lichade·kelisi (Richard Kerris) Cheap Iphone Cases recently accepted the interview of foreign science and technology blog AllThingsD, something Iphone Cases Sale he talked about Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's interest, as well as personal thoughts on WP.
Richard believes that Microsoft buys Nokia does not seem surprising, since Lumia series sold generally are less than expected, IPhone 4 Cases acquisitions will contribute to long-term development WP system. At the same time, if you want to develop better, IPhone 4S Cases in his view, Microsoft should focus on developers, rather than wasted on promotion. For developers, IPhone 5 Cases one of the suggestions is to provide them with free development tools and platforms.
Richard also suggested that Microsoft abandoned the name Windows Phone, because the name is a little soil. Lumia is a good brand, Cheap Iphone 4 Cases WP system can be renamed or Lumia Lumia Phone OS, and even referred to as LOS. Iphone Cases 4 Sale Microsoft didn't call Windows Xbox Game Box, Cheap Iphone 4S Cases their teams inside Microsoft is relatively independent, it succeeded. Microsoft should adopt the same model Iphone 4S Cases Sale on the mobile phone business, they need the same degree of autonomy.
In addition to Nokia, Cheap Iphone 5 Cases Richard has been in many other technology companies, such as Apple, Palm and HP as the high pipe. Iphone 5 Cases Sale