Winter Coat Collocation Little Helpers

January 11 [Mon], 2016, 16:00
The most popular thing in winter must be the coat, because it is certainly necessary warm coat in cold weather. Whether it is a long coat or short jacket, whether it is elegant and sweet style, or retro stylish locomotive style, you need to test your collocation ability to see how to collocate can be the most fashionable look.

The most common winter item must be the silk scarf, it is the first choice for every trendsetter to use the thin and lovely scarf to awaken the silent winter modeling. The whole winter clothing main in dark gray, dark blue color, match with a bright scarf, adds the finishing touch and instantly enhance the attentions for the whole shape. The silk scarf collocating the same color pale green handbag, create a rare relaxed feeling in winter.

When it comes to fur, what’s in your mind must be luxurious and elegant aristocratic style, but never think about what the spark can burst out for the collision of animal fur and brilliant color, the mix of animal pattern and bright colors, such personalized coat let many people distressed in the collocation. In fact, so powerful coat only need a dazzling fashion clutch bag to match and other accessories must follow the simple principles, such as this bright red clutch bag, which texture is soft and smooth, color is gorgeous, absolutely can foil the elegance and luxury of fur coat, create a unique and eye-catching shape for you .

The warmth degree of fur motorcycle style jacket is naturally needless to say, its bold style can definitely become the focus of people's attention, a short type design jacket match of tight jeans, such a simple collocation can also let you show good stature in the cold season. At the same time, such collocation must also can not be ignored in the details, motorcycle gloves and a concise shape tote bag more contrast your casual fashion.