Who in this room would believe me if Isaid

July 24 [Wed], 2013, 12:33

"I wouldn't say they were nothing," she said cautiously. "They're small everyday seepages. They're controllable. Butthey're not nothing. We have to watch them.""The sooner we forget these spills, the sooner we can come to grips with the real issue.""What's the real issue?" I said.

  He spoke with his mouth Jordan 3 Retro Sale full of lettuce and cucumber.

  "The real issue is the kind of radiation that surrounds us every day. Your radio, your TV, your microwave oven, yourpower lines just outside the door, your radar speed-trap on Nike Air Max TR 180 the highway. For years they told us these low dosesweren't dangerous.""And now?" Babette said.

  We watched him use his spoon to mold the mashed potatoes on his plate into the shape of a volcanic mountain. Hepoured gravy ever so carefully into the opening at the top. Then he set to work ridding his steak of fat, veins and otherimperfections. It occurred to me that eating is the only form of professionalism most people ever attain.

  "This is the big new worry," he said. "Forget spills, fallouts, leakages. It's the things right around you in your ownhouse that'll get you sooner or later. It's the electrical and magnetic fields. Who in this room would believe me if Isaid that the suicide rate hits an all-time record among people who live near high-voltage power lines? What makesthese people so sad and depressed? Just the sight of ugly wires and utility poles? Or does something happen to theirbrain cells from being exposed to constant rays?"He immersed a piece of steak in the gravy that sat in the volcanic depression, then put it in his mouth. But he did notbegin chewing until he'd scooped some potatoes from the lower slopes and added it to the meat. A tension seemed tobe building around the question of whether he could finish the gravy before the potatoes collapsed.

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