Listen to the rain falling, ever miss

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 16:01
gust of wind, sky, mist, summer rain is always people by surprise, not enough time to prepare, not enough time, alas, it will be in a mournful attitude in the solitude of the heart Yudabajiao open. Dai misty mountains, kept close look green, ink stick inkstone mercury, Raindance over Lanting. Seeing pink rose petals fall silent, a one, and instantly fall garden, suddenly, a lonely heart to give birth to dash pity. rain Qiaochuang, to shake off a crushing sadness that had branches covered with blooming fragrance of my memories and deep expectations, I used to irrigate a heart full of tenderness, never hope to become litter bud. Rain, still flying, a moist warm thoughts in the heart drunk alone, hand twist stray falling, longing for you, but also the tears poured like rain ...... illness rain destroy the flowers, flower weeping rain, sometimes Qing Yin, sometimes shallow sing, like a sentimental and sad piano music, and lonely in this sleepless night the sound of my heart beating. Long night, eye brow is my long-awaited wait, like three thousand drowning, but no deposit Juqi. The wound in the heart of the affair spread in the body, crazy thoughts gather from. Du Yi Xuan window, gazing rain and remembered; whispering wind come rain, thunder Lotus pond outside light, "Suddenly, I miss pour into the warmth of your arms. Vaguely, that the snow white wins, beneath pure elegant man, every move, smiles Should shown signs. Read your fragrance overflowing for the rareness, read your affectionate Song for the graceful charm, as you read the Book of Reeds deep old-fashioned, good for the world to read your son Nalanxingde true Che soul. Tonight, let me drunk text in your smoke waves. Those deep-rooted in the soul of warmth words, those who have not yet issued a written verse, those in the passion of the night heartbreak helpless crying, eleven surfaced ELM Snapbacks in my mind ...... memories sky filled with a deep love I have for you, you and I encounter is not easy, I will use my feelings clinging to cherish, even if I can not reach out and touch your blue sky, but I am still far from perception of your warm breath, put your deep in my heart forever, so Fengyun heart in love in every obsession night solitude dance.

sound of the rain outside the window, bit by bit, pull the heartstrings, that crisp clear voiceless, miss the night in circulation, to arouse too much tenderness and remembrance, as if by lotus whisper, a bit in my mind disperses , a little overgrown, to shake off a charming Acacia rain. Rain poem, if at the moment you are like me qingyin If the Hsi Mu-jung, then I want to tell you that; if love is like, I can never be reproduced. If you wish, in addition to thoughts of you. Dear friends, however, I will immediately make the thoughts wither. If you are willing to put out every one seeds rise to every river is cut off, let dry barren extends to infinity, this life, in addition, because the tears and humid night. " rain lingering, deeply shallow, it washed away the earthly dust, but can not rushed Qiannian I have for you, No matter the distance, and for your long for never ran aground. Because encounter too beautiful, graceful look back drunk three thousand. Love, you can not think about the boundaries of age, do not care about right and wrong and time, only hope that the fate of the sky, accompanied all the way to the heart of the mileage. Grateful to have you accompany me through those happy memorable day, often think, a heart overflowing with sweet solitude. Love you, I have no regrets, even if the flow with bitter tears, guarding the endless thoughts and wait forever be persistent heart sinking as for you, such as Lotus in full bloom. deep darkness, across the sea speechless. Listening to the rain falling on the roof ticking, tonight, do you remember me gently? If like me speechless by the window, quietly listening to the rain hit the windows bier sound? At the moment, Miss Cheng Xu will come, the kind of love does not have the taste, you can understand it? I Famous Stars and Straps am full of tenderness just for you, even if his head low to the dust, that is my true feelings for you by. Yin ever miss a tie, the dream several times deep tenderness species, stand to make a desolate Lek storm windows, monopoly a career Duyi railing. Tears asked the flower without a word, Luanhong fly Chiaki go. Original, like you is a cry of happiness. As long as the distance with you, I would not have the garden rain moonlight. As long as you are safe and happy daily news, I can use the quiet mood for your ink light scanning a Nianhuaweixiao Dan. stormy night, rose pink petals gently fall to the ground, wet eyes, thin Acacia. Honey, tonight, if you see the dream rose open, you know, that was my eye in affectionate tears watered bud, that was my Chaomu Acacia tempting, it is my love for you is like a Four Seasons. Do not seek the highest power, just as you look back once a smile, biting my thoughts, such as blue. have you gazing afar, quietly, to miss in the years to come, the end of time; let hope, in the rain, blooming beautiful!
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