Shanghai Triad, never shake less grandmother Bridge

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:09
forever ...... forever ......, the wind is still so big, bird still so called ...... but less that the lithe, she will disappear forever in the vast moonlit night in ...... in there - it is here, in the place where I knelt, built up her grave - her shelter, inscribed early October 2007 four, so fast, 3 years , but I feel that she is still by my side, but she does not speak, silently looking at me. remember in the winter, the sun is always with a gentle warmth. Grandma always like to use it to compact the comb for my hair carefully. Through the dresser mirror, I saw the end of the comb from the hair glide across knot, then they slow down, little by little, eventually slipping off from the hair. ; Combing hair need to be patient, do not upset, do not hurry, ray ray to comb the hair will be smooth, and life will smooth. "I was half-comprehended, just know that my grandmother would be finishing straight silky hair, put it under the nose whisper breath, there are sandalwood elegant fragrance, I remember it, and remember this is only my grandmother's taste. getting bigger, then it suddenly understood grandmother, grandmother never express the love of life, there are Galaxy Snapback always ups and downs and ups and downs, the way of life will not always be smooth sailing, facing challenges, I applied a calm heart to treat, little by little, as my grandmother did for my hair, it will always be a way out. grandmother's grave side there are many wildflowers, my brother took my grandmother cried give defloration, I gently asked:; Jia Lin, do you have the impression grandmother. '; There, ah, a lot of white cloth wrapped around the head of my grandmother. ';

That is because my grandmother was sick, and you must remember, never allowed to forget the way my grandmother, she is the world's best for us people. "...... once, my body is not good, my grandmother took me to his home and resolutely, medicine or get up early every day for me to drink, and sometimes depends on my face, then I went to the park but also to urge exercise, grandmother 1 meter 70 tall in the crowd seems to be particularly strong, I once joked that a pair of Buddha grandmother long ears, will live longer, but who knows, she was suffering from a terminal illness, her mother took her everywhere doctor, a full four years, with a four fight cancer years, culminating in the very dark very cruel night, no stars, no moon, she quietly walked ...... I do not know that she would not blame me, she died, I did not shed a tear, probably tears, also know that it can not carry it full of love. from hilltop overlooking down as small grandmother's grave, and her body was too inconsistent with, but I believe my grandmother forever, forever happy, death is a relief for her, a pleasure. ; go, everything is gone. "Mom cried. Grandfather said softly voice:; let me and the children sit a while, you go first. "My grandfather, nestled in the side, found his eyes with muddy tears:; You know what? Children, once every morning, I have to soak wood is not old array tea, accompanied by a plume of tea, listen to over and over again like your grandmother sing your song, 'Shanghai Triad, Triad ...... \x26amp; rsquo ;, but now ...... " my grandfather's memories, so I want to thank my grandmother, Hall of Fame Snapback so my blood flowing with her funky, let my bones carries her tenacity, grandmother put the grass, just a few inches; perhaps, I did not grow up, but I will take memories with nostalgia, forever leaving tall; grandmother bridge. "
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