I am a person like you

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 18:14
blossom, marshes, once had, memory plus memory. Thoughts, with the soul floating lifeless forever. Moment, Serve eternity, gathering dust in the depths of memory. Finish at the parting of the landscape that road, fixed in the dark of the evening. Hazy sky, can not see the gap, can not see the commitment, can not see the back of your parting. Yisuoyanyu, episode, interpretation of the story begins and ends. Dim depths belong. memories in my mind, which was so vast and the indifferent, are like yesterday on the edge of the fingertips, but their heart, empty, escape thoughts locked. Amidst Galaxy Snapback season, season spring, life can encounter can he have regrets, just between us, too hasty, not enough time to share lingering perception gentle! ambiguous, thoughts, loneliness, tears, if you leave, I belong. if the end is the beginning, then you will at some intersection waiting for me? Meet again, we do not say goodbye okay?

Our love will henceforth no longer be so shallow, so light. Or pale or light, after all, let my love scars at exposure in the past. Rot, moaning, abjection, and then slowly dying fall dust! turned around is a lifetime. Understandable, I spent a lifetime to forget you. Spend the day without you, I am a person like you, in a daze, a man tired, a man crying, a man thought, a man got drunk, but can they do it? Ultimately, I am a man slowly die, until the last moment, I did not want to miss your chance! life, I hovered at the edge of lonely, wait for reincarnation. Actually, I need not too much, just want to pick up a leaf, and wrote long for this life. We pray for the afterlife is no longer such a death, to get rid of this gripping fate! Yisuoyanyu, belong. Remember, forget, a tear, a touch of hurt, miss you, haggard people, people hurt. three, catechesis and whisper for a long time did not pick up a pen, and felt like dead general, deep as night. friend sent a text message saying that you can not give up the text, can not write. I smiled and replied, text is not my all, my life is just a lubricant. In fact, I knew that I was inseparable from the text,Gangnam Style the text is also inseparable from me. not love writing, I am the more sloppy, and decadence, and in the half-dead drag on the edge among themselves. life into a confused, turbid, procrastination disorder. As years ago, a scar can not heal, can not be split, such as dragging my feet touch ghost is born as death! life, life, life, no matter what, there is always a place to return to, is the fate of the soul. street street Red, fireworks fugitive, a length of spring season worry, a touch of whine, carved with time after years of gentle breakdown of the end of time!
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