His father's family is from Siberia, and his ancestors were Asian princess

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He is a collaborator Canaletto when he was in his 40s, and later became very popular running large own studio. He trained Nicolò brother and his son, whose work is well known, who imitated his father's style.This painting is a popular ingredient, especially in the 18th-century Venetian school of painting Oil Painting and Francesco Nova melon produced a 19th-century imitation Giacomo many versions of the same view shows the Piazza San Marco in Venice, littered with people in the background of the cathedral and bell tower on the right-hand side.Painting Starnberg Lake painting Kandinsky in 1908. Kandinsky was one of the pioneers of abstract painting, he is believed to be able to express higher mental and emotional reality.It was in 1908, when he made this painting, he began to gradually peel figurative, from his work , field of use bright colors to stimulate the audience's emotions.
It displays a wide range of Punta della Night sky painting Cathedral salute the mouth of the Grand Canal in Venice on the right, while in the foreground dotted with slender boat is called gondolas.Venice painting Venice Piazza San Marco on blue sky, under Marco, Looking Great Francesco church painting melon in the 19th century. Francesco Guardi (1712-1793) was born in Venice, and specifically in a small city. During this period, the natural landscape and the southern Bavarian folk art provided the inspiration, as well as his frequent subject matter. Lake Starnberg near Munich, Kandinsky had lived in this place since 1896, and gradually established themselves as Cossacks in 1910 by a Kandinsky painted artist.Painting. Kandinsky abstract paintings that convey spiritual and emotional value simply by color and lines.
Cossacks arrangement is in a landscape oil painting period, when he retained some typical elements, such as two tall orange hat with the Russian cavalry the prospect of painting. These images can be registered Kandinsky that point, instead of the real content of painting.Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866, Kandinsky in his body blends Eastern and Western strains. His father's family is from Siberia, and his ancestors were Asian princess. As a child, he was dazzled by the colors of nature. He studied music, law, economics, anthropology, these disciplines only after a thorough grounding he decided to become a painter.