Tory Burch clutch special design blueprints blue jewel

August 19 [Fri], 2011, 19:04
Tory Burch clutch logo: The Tory Burch clutch logo is a unique font that many counterfeiters duplicate incorrectly. The most notable feature of the font is the letter "R". The left leg in the letter "R," the leg that connects to the loop, should not be a strait line, the way an R would normally look in accordance with most common fonts. Instead the R in Tory Burch clutch should have a tiny squiggle, or curvature, right before it attaches itself to the loop.

Any handbags with a strait legged R in the logo is most likely a phony Tory Burch clutch handbag. This font should also remain consistent throughout the Women Bags, any time the Tory Burch clutch logo is stamped, etched or sewn on the bag.Dustbag: The dustbag is another place to check for the correct R. Any accompanying accessories should also conform to the correct font, from the authenticity card to the dustbag and down the line.

Tory Burch clutch was first established in 1913 by the Italian brothers Mario and Martino Tory Burch clutch. Their shop which was situated in Milan, Italy initially specialized in leather goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags. Since then, Tory Burch clutch has grown to include other luxury items such as ready-to-wear clothes, leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hat. Despite its largely female clientele, the original founder Mario Tory Burch clutch did not believe that women should be involved in running the business.

Hence, he prevented female family members from engaging in business. His son, however, had no interest in taking over the family business. In an ironic twist of fate, Tory Burch clutch was eventually taken over by his daughter, Luisia Tory Burch clutch. After Luisia Tory Burch clutch, her daughter Miuccia Tory Burch clutch took over the business in the 1970s and further established the brand as the status symbol it is today.