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May 17 [Fri], 2013, 16:07
> 233: North-South trade license "listen to your words, Yang chūn City temporarily not Bingluan?" Oriental Yong asked. WwW, QunabEN, coM {} browed old man Purple attractions head, said: "should be red Zhong has been hurt, he is the God of sanctions and Black King should be recent, but even he could injured, we can see this tomb is not simple, he should not dare to willingly resorting to force and other sects, even jīng Wu city to the then powerful red Zhong, did not dare to offend light monks of the whole world, so Yang chūn City will not easily revolted chaos! "listened analysis browed old man, the East Yong lot easier! Oriental followed Yong the Heroine to Yang chūn City, Yang E is the fear of harm because of the war, or life-threatening! Now hear the war not come Yang chūn City, Oriental Yong naturally relieved! Oriental Yong asked about another thing, said: "Metro Lord, I trust you will support you up?" Browed old man laughed, and said: "We are the owner, the owner said What is What! "to hear the stance of the the purple King's browed old man, Oriental Yong laugh, very easy smile! Oriental Yong Shou said: "cloud flow and what kind of convenience, you find empty like, I will let the Metro to you, open the door! Black Emperor's tomb, you perform according to the original plan, but To what new progress report to me! "" Yes, master! "browed old man purple King respectfully. Oriental brave words said he will not, in fact, Oriental Yong also want the treasures in the tomb, but the treasure should have life get in front of life, Oriental Yong gave up treasures into the the black imperial tombs tomb looking for work, and told us what progress to report, is the fear of the tomb collapse, sink This positive chūn City, life is more dangerous, the bubble Mature dangerous, it would be too sad reminder! Oriental Yong want to know, know, leave, said: "The older generation you help yourself, we go first!" "Purple King escort the master!" ...... Oriental Yong back to Kimori House, that is, Santo House, Yang E has come back! Outside Eastern Tiger Cao Fei, is with the army to clean up the of Liu Zongbing former Kimori relationship chain, where there will not ring true, are massacred! Four the former Kimori said Yang chūn City business families to leave male chūn city thing is not choreographed, but really there, Yang E master of the house and four family sitting in the front room! Yang E did not verbally keep four white-bearded old man sitting on a lower seat, body shaking from time to time a few obviously heard what happened today! Dong Bang Yong came in, went to Yang E sat down beside her,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, grabbed Yang E cup and took a sip of tea, afforded relief! Took a sip, the body Choutet, fragrant mouthful, just do not know the psychological effects of tea to drink tea or to get people drunk woman! Heroine would have been filled with deep look, see Oriental Yong rogue-like, face traumatic quickly reach out and grab his hands more than tea over! What seems to be afraid of Oriental Yong to retake her I tea mischief, for the situation you want to drink it, did not want to single-handedly Oriental Yong robbed over and said: "Do not drink, my mouth water!" Heroine thought. obscene things, but he single-handedly put more than tea to pour it on a plate! Heroine remembered Oriental Yong is afraid of his disease to him! This trouble to finish, the Oriental Yong to see the four old man, and asked Yang E Road: "They want to talk about what?" Heroine dull: "They want the power of the north-south trade!" North-South trade? Oriental Yong togethers, Southern rebel, the Empire naturally want to cut off dealings with the South, this business is also a four family dare mention this requirement! The original four families is because to see Yang E male chūn City, Metro Main, the city can call the shots, Yang E to open the mouth, they would not be guilty! Originally, even the imperial ban, businessmen smuggling, but too much Yang Ye Shen Jin-four family tree attracts the wind, so it not smuggling, but do not want to give up a piece of fat, so it came up with countermeasures! Today no the mutiny and blood Tu issue, the four families came Heroine on there are emboldened, but now they are afraid to Yang E When Women Current generation! However, they seem to love the main fiscal to life, one final try, why they come to talk about Heroine! Heroine's heart, natural is not possible to agree with them, otherwise this matter reached the the Empire ears, there is a lump, thought it was Heroine With rebel mind! Heroine kindly and they sat together, want to use softer policies, Oriental Yong to see what they did not stand, seems to be hard-hearted,Nike Jordan New School, to win the North-South trade license! Oriental Yong can not leisure to bother and their consumption, brain rolled, the evil from gall side, mouth sè evil smile, eyes between four old man looked at a few turns, and who to start! There are folks, and Heroine own family, let him! Between Oriental Yong idea, it was decided the life and death! Inside who is folks! "Oriental Yong asked. A white-bearded old man got up and stood up, bent replied: "back to the son, decrepit folks, called Yang Hua!" Good attitude, very respectful, and his white beard Rejoice,Jordan Superfly Sale, shiny, Three D! Oriental Yong Shou slightly, motioned for him to sit down, and then the line of sight in leaves, Shen, gold old man who looked, and looked at the two revolutions, Oriental Yong attention to stay in their beards, and a comparison of that old man beard shortest seem young compared to the other two and beard, the beard is not white, but also with few black sè, no figure who trained anti-existence of a Cotyledons Fei Qi! Oriental Yong pointing, and asked: "May I ask your name?" Fei Qi bearded old man got up and said: "The old lady named Kim!" This attitude is not good, Mr Yeung Ka-old man stood up, even the names are reported up He only reported a last name! Surnamed Jin Fei Qi bearded old man young, imposing sharper than the others, but no one optimistic about the situation! Oriental Yong took a two big slap sound, shouted: "come, the home of his predecessor Kimori collusion, with intent to rebel!" Remark, four families were startled old man, the heart is a tight, face pale sè such as dead sè, surnamed Jin Fei Qi bearded old man is indeed the younger, the first to react to a finger pointing to the East Yong, trembling, shouted: "You shameless ..." Oriental Yong naturally not he scolded, shouted: "gold old man dared to assassinate me ......" shoop! ! ! Surnamed Jin Fei Qi bearded old man on his forehead, the sudden appearance of a large hole in the blood, his face a stiff body fell down! In Oriental Yong sound faded, a a black sè shadow from the hands of the old man fox fly out, straight shè named Kim Fei Qi bearded old man! <
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