Hand of Freedom Back in Wrath

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 12:02
Hand of Freedom Back in Wrath, when ret had access to 1/2 Acts of Sacrifice and Hand of Freedom, we were unsnarable juggernauts. Maybe that fact wasn't totally reflected in PvP (at all), but being able to get out of any sticky situation seen inside buy wow gold a raid instance was quite nice. Well, Blizzard chewed up Acts of Sacrifice and spit Emancipate back out at us, but at least we still have Freedom.

Truly, the "best" use for Hand of Freedom is freeing allies from movement impairing effects, such as that stubborn mage you're chained to on the Stone Guard encounter that forgot where her Blink button was.

Hand of Purity A spell that I'm sure has countless PvP uses, Hand of Purity seems to be primarily a tank cooldown in PvE. Patch 5.2 will see a buff to HoPur in the form of 10% reduced damage in addition to its DoT damage reduction, both solidifying the ability's use as a tank cooldown as well as opening up personal cooldown options.

Devotion Aura Finally, we have a raid cooldown again. Devotion Aura reduces magic damage taken by 20% and provides immunity to silences and interrupts for 6 seconds – that's nothing to shake a stick at. It's probably best to talk to your raid leader to see if you'll want to save it for a particularly crippling salvo, but if you're in a pickle hitting Devo won't do any harm.

Aside from Devotion Aura, you need a target to cast all of these spells. Sure, you could use some of them on yourself, but if you're trying to impress your raid leader or arena partners, you're not going to do it by casting Lay on Hands on yourself when you're at full health.

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